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Sunday, August 2, 2015


The lawyers who are really "liars" came up with this "notion" - Political Action Committees (PACs).

There are four members that oversee PACs - if you look at their history - they seem to favor what goes on in the "devil's" workshop.

In the current race for President  - 19 candidates have got $1 million checks from dubious PACs - and one candidate  - who will go unnamed - got $15 million - from one single PAC.

Now, this nonsense has been going on for some time. However when the Supreme Court declared that Corporations are people too - most everything decent - that went with contributing to any political campaign - went out the door.

Many checks and balances were built into our Democracy - but as I said - the wheeling and dealing is so obnoxious - that it makes any decent person - who understands - "ethics" - morals - standards - PUKE.

The ordinary American citizen finds it difficult how the filthy rich - the very corrupt corporations - many of them - do not pay a dime in taxes - how can these "sordid" entities - destroy the foundation of our Nation.

Our Founding Fathers with all their bias - would squirm and call all the actions we see today - disgusting, pathetic and simply " not acceptable".

Today it is no secret money can buy anything.

Judges can be bought, politicians can be bought for certain - this group are the scum of the Earth.

Corporation with large reserves of money overseas -  the underground market - has billions stashed - there is an "economy" - one so called legal and working  - and another in the underground world - working - better and quicker - without leaving any trace of the illegal deals.

Congress endorses corrupt Political Action Committees the scourge of our Nation.

Millions of dollars spent on horses - much like a race horse - only in this case - these horses have no known breed - shallow and spineless - they are the scum of this Earth.

They say the represent but they do not. What is most disgusting - they are corrupt "politicians" - who have no character, no decency, no morals, less ethics - and for sure no standards.

On the part of the ordinary citizen - they have no time to read the many laws, the ordinances, the many policies be they on health, education, transportation, safety in short all the laws and regulations that are linked with Quality of Life issues.

Housing, immigration, childcare, small business, incarceration, our failing courts.

 Shallow representation of clients in our court system, entitlements of any kind on land and facilities, the many permits needed for small and large businesses that want to do good.

Lawyers and very corrupt attorneys - large corporations who hire hundreds of lawyers - handle such matters - the more you pay - the better the service you get.

As for the Corporations here the game is the same - you pay you play.

Closer to home corrupt corporations the likes of AirBnB, Salesforce, Google, Facebook, Twitter - Construction, Primes such as URS, Jacobs, AECOM, Belfour - smaller construction firms such as Webcor, Nibbi, Obiyashi - they all pay to play.

On the other hand - the ordinary tax payer - forks out taxes - as much as 40% on all of one's earnings.

One pays taxes to the State of California and to the Federal Government - to the Local government - all sorts of taxes small business tax, property taxes, and taxes that this City fabricates to make money - without any accountability.

 More on Sales Tax and no one cares - if you as a San Franciscan survive - pay check to pay check - and cannot manage to pay your rent and have a roof over your head.

Buy food, have money to send your children to school, have money to buy clothes - have any money for other things like entertainment or may be contribute to your place of worship. 

No one cares - if Quality of Life issues are compromised.

If you do not pay your Utilities - watch out - the could be cut off - and you have have pay more - to get them restored.

Those that live pay check to pay check - do not have the ability to ' device methods nefarious for  write offs" - Nancy Pelosi does that, so does Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Richard Blum the husband of Diane Feinstein - you get the picture - the scum of the - Earth.

Why are we afraid to take on these scumbags?

Malia Cohen who is a political whore - receives contributions to represent District 10 - from as far as Southern California.

We know she works for Lennar Urban. Never mind Lennar Urban poisoned our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - never mind Malia Cohen is as evil as they come - shallow, inept, and very evil and ugly.

In San Francisco we have many PACs - and if one visits the website linked to the Ethics Commission - you can tally all the contributions made to Scott Wiener, Carmen Chu, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Julie Christensen, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell

Find out for yourselves - the type of  " corrupt people - so called representatives that are voted in".
They say they represent - but all they do is "pussyfoot" and rake in millions to fill their campaign, coffers.

Wheeling and dealing at San Francisco's City Hall

This November, 2015 we must vote our conscience - and not what other say - without checking - if what they say is the - TRUTH.

Educated voters  must to do the right thing - and send a strong message - to all concerned.

If we act as we have been acting in past years - we the constituents of San Francisco - will bring about our  own - demise.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

Thousands of decent families - fathers, mothers, children and their loved ones have already left San Francisco. This land that belongs to the Ohlone:

The people united will never, ever be defeated.