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Monday, August 10, 2015


The Bay polluted every day by entities
like the SF Public Utilities Commission
spewing half-treated effluents into the Bay.

San Francisco - the land of the "Ohlone" some two hundred and eight years ago - was pristine - a large bay with water on three sides. The thick fog a given. Lot of rain. Lots of streams and rivers. Even two lakes - Mountain Lake and Lake Merced.

A large watershed that was pristine - from the Presidio of San Francisco - all the way to Lake Merced and beyond.

The Bay allowed anyone to harvest a lot of fish - herring by the tons and Abolone found everywhere.

All sorts of contaminants in the Bay in the name of trading - importing non-native species in our waters and land.

There was "wild fowl" - rabbits - and even animals like the red and grey fox - bear and more like Mountain Lions - and all this has disappeared.

There were sand hills and other hills that numbered in the fifties as many as 58 hills - and few remain today.

There were Shell Mounds - " Sacred Remain of the Ohlone " - acting as acupuncture points - bringing "solace" to a wide area - and the Ohlone lived - in peace.

San Francisco's Concrete Jungle is a disgrace to the human race. Contributing thousands of tons of Carbon Dioxide - depleting the "Ozone" -contributing to Climate Change.

Today the makers of the "concrete jungle" have no conscience. They will look you in the eye and lie. The " Great Spirit " see it all - and those that are "evil" - will get their reward here on Earth.

The Ohlone and the other tribes and those in these "tribes" who value - " spiritual values " - know what I am talking about. No one can "with intent" - cause harm to Mother Earth - and think for a nano second that - they are not responsible - and being responsible - do not have to be fully responsible for their actions.

The "greed entities" have destroyed our rivers and streams. Polluted and contaminated the Lakes and all of the watershed.

The forests and the air - which is contaminated with particulates - mercury - lead - and a host of other contaminates.

The rapid development in San Francisco in the last two hundreds years - is despicable - to say the least. Have a good look at this map.

Once you could hear the "frogs" and the famous " Chorus Frog" the size of one's thumb nail - sing so loud - that you would be amazed - how such a tiny frog - could be so loud.

Today, most of the chorus frogs are history - they tend to be near " Serpentine Rock " - and by the Potrero Hill - you see a hill that has been sliced. On one side - there are some wear houses - and by the sliced hill - a small stream - and if get the permission - you can witness - in season - the "chorus frog" - perform in all of its - majesty.

Indigenous people know to respect - everything that God made. Use only what is necessary.

Always remember - this is the land of the Ohlone - who do not respect those that stole the land and more those that create this "concrete jungle" with "greed" in mind.

The White People - "those that speak with a fork tongue" - are greedy and evil.

They want to make - money - and as much as they can - any which way - even if it means killing, stealing, robbing - and just taking it away.

Every species has a role to play on this Earth. Some may not believe it - but millions of - one of a kind species - have disappeared - and right here in the Bay Area and San Francisco - thousands of species.

One sign that reveals - how health the terrain is - the flora and the fauna - the rivers and the streams - are " frogs ". As a young boy - I always - admired the " frogs" - all kinds of frogs and tadpoles of a kind. 

Today - no one want to listen to the indigenous people.

They come across the Bridge - do their dirty deed while all the time shafting the decent - tax paying constituents of San Francisco.

I want to dedicate this blog to my good friend - " Morning Star " - who has stood up to speak - to the "Truth". Today, August, 10 2015 - is Morning Star's birthday - a good soul that has shed light - where there is abject - darkness.

Stand strong and speak to the "TRUTH".

We must not pander to the "greedy" and those that want to have some little power - and are not educated on issues.

It is unfortunate when the disease of divisiveness enters - some circles. The "greedy" mentality" - is favored by those - who should know - better. In this land - know as " Turtle Island ".

San Francisco and the many so called Environmental Organizations - talk from both sides of their mouth. None of them take a "strong stand" against the "Developers" who do not give a damn - and have created this concrete - jungle.

The many evil Zionists - who pretend they are for the people - but make money - on the backs of the poor and those that need help. The Fishers, folks like Richard Blum, Nancy Pelosi and her brood.

Those others - filthy rich that live in San Francisco - that have amassed great wealth in San Francisco - in other countries - investing little and making tons of money - pumping petroleum and laughing all the way to the banks. 

The Hearst family - with a "sordid history" - they have the money - but have no peace of mind. With the exception on one Hearst lady - who gave succor - for this those that know best - respect her.

It is the same with Hass and the Fishers - families.

Others who want their money - begging - stupid peons - worshiping the money - and putting these sordid folks - who do not respect nor have done anything - on some pedestal.

Most of them have failed to respect the First People of the land - more the Ohlone people - the indigenous people of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Those who use the " tainted blood money " to plundered the land - of the indigenous people and make tons of money - have to pay restitution - if not they will NOT - have peace of mind.

These thieves stole large tracts of land - clear cutting redwood forests - and thinking nothing of it.

Those like the Shorenstein family - that make tons of money in San Francisco and live in a "gated community" outside San Francisco.

Filthy rich - billionaires - but they have no peace of mind. 

The "Great Spirit" sees it all. Aho.