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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Mayor Edwin M. Lee

The youth and young adults in San Francisco - are angry - and we must pay attention to this growing frustration and tension - linked to lack of Quality of Life Issues - and more "career jobs" with benefits.

It does not help that very corrupt politicians think - they can "bluff their way" - "hoodwink" - "pussyfoot" - and get away with murder - in broad daylight.

It does not help that very corrupt politician - not worthy their salt - the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed - two political whores - who are well documented - very corrupt - politicians.

Followed by Scott Wiener a Zionist - Julie Christensen, Mark Farrell and Katy Tang - one worse than the other.

Scott Wiener - talks the talk
cannot walk the walk.

San Francisco has always been on the frontline - embracing those that need help most - innovative, in bringing "solace" to thousands - here San Francisco - and all over the Nation.

In the last 5 years - over 30,000 families have left San Francisco. We have a population of about 820,000 and a day population that grows to over 1.5 million - many coming into our City - to earn their daily bread.

People are fed up - the
patience of the people is running out.

Our City's infrastructure is crumbling before our eyes - and when we waste millions of gallons of water - as much as 15 million gallons - during this drought - and think, nothing much - something stinks in San Francisco.

In San Francisco - a well known "rogue enterprise department" - has point people - the likes of Juliet Ellis - making excuses.

Time we get rid of Juliet Ellis - one of the most corrupt City employees - with an attitude and arrogance - that defies - common sense and decency.

Our City does not seem to truly
care about the current drought -
judging from their nonchalant attitude -
failing to curb leakages - and continuing
with deferred maintenance - wasting as much 
as 15 million gallons of water - and no sincere - apology for this fact and many other incident of this nature.

Summer is coming to an end - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has stopped talking from both sides of his mouth.

His wheeling and dealing has been exposed - deep in dealings - with dubious characters - and using his "evil conduits" - to channel thousands of dollars - if not millions - in bed with the owner of AirB&B - into the Mayor's - campaign coffers.

We do not have one single program - in San Francisco - offering, our youth a chance - so that they can educate themselves - embrace skills - and have the capacity to work and have "career jobs".

Our youth are thrown "bread crumbs" during Summer - the SF Public Utilities Commission - offering 2 thousands Summer jobs - but after Summer - even, a few years later - very few are hired - and even Summer Jobs.

Crooked politicians think they can fool all the people - all the time. Leading the pack - the Master of "pay to play" - Willie L. Brown Jr. He is alive - and has a part of a bridge named after him - a middle school named after him - the legacy he will leave - and be know as - " thug Mayor of San Francisco.

Former "thug" Mayor, Willie L. Brown Jr.
who hails from Meniola, Texas.

At the Presidio of San Francisco - we offered Summer Jobs every year - over 600 Summer Jobs every year - and within 2 or at the most 3 years - those interested - were enrolled in various internships - that led to sound career jobs.

Over - 20% got a chance - to work at the Presidio of San Francisco - and have a career and a well paid job with benefits.

What is the track record of San Francisco? Millions of dollars spent - mostly by "entities" and individuals - not educated on issues - wasting - millions of dollars.

The career jobs - at the Presidio of San Francisco - helped many to improve their standard of living and brought joy and stability to many a home in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Many of these career jobs - offered to young adults. They continue to thank those of us who helped make this happen- and to this very day - are grateful - 20 years later - 25 years later.

The "Nazi Flag" unfurled at City Hall 
in the early in 1930's San Francisco - which has a history of "discrimination" and blatant corruption.

The City and County of San Francisco - loves fun fare - many private and city departments - offering jobs during Summer - then - just like that - everything ends - and back to the mundane. They youth and young adults - given false - hope.

It is the same with City Build - Rhonda Simmons has gone - but, not much has changed.

The City must hire - our young adults - and offer them "Career Jobs" - with benefits.

Recently the City and County of San Francisco - upped the amount of City employees - who work for our City. It used to be around 28,000 and it is now 30,000.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been busy - hiring his cronies - and the City and County of San Francisco - Human Resources Department - is one of the most - "corrupt" - in San Francisco.

One can pay to play - and this nonsense must stop. This rampant corruption has reached - saturation, point.

We need to invest in our youth and young adults - and stop - underestimating the youth and young adults.

Again and again when we have tried to create programs - to help the youth and young adults - we are stymied - hurdles put in our way.

It our vision, our planning with goals and time lines - and City Departments - just do not want to - think outside the box. Pathetic.

The worst among them all - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - that hires - shallow, inept, and many good for nothing individuals like Ivy Fine, Juliet Ellis, Barbara Hale, Diana Aroche, and a host of others, too - that I will not mention - at this time.

Our youth and young adults - are fed up - and their patience has run out - some one who cares - better step up and do the right thing.

Do not underestimate - the wrath of the youth and young adults. Enough is Enough.