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Sunday, August 23, 2015


San Francisco City Hall has failed us
decent, hardworking, San Franciscans.

The voters who matter most in San Francisco - those who work harder than the "corrupt" - more those who do not pay their due, taxes.

Evil folks - who get "huge tax breaks" - should not be favored - looking upon with disdain - those that cannot afford huge rent hikes - and forced to live in inhumane surroundings.

All this in one of richest cities the world - we have a $9 Billion budget - and our poor are forced to live on the streets of San Francisco. Under bushes, under bridges, in places that are filthy and unhealthy.

Single mother with infants and children, seniors, pushed out from their "rent controlled units" - living on "fixed income" now living in hellish - conditions.

These tall building - do not do our
constituents any good - they cause
congestion, create divisiveness -
further the great - divide in San Francisco.

The new rich - who have just arrived on the scene - have no sense of history and less of "cultural competency".

All this land - stolen from the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco and the neighboring areas. 

Land stolen by thieves, rapists, and folks that lack morals, ethics, any type of standard - worth the salt.

These new so called rich - loaded with "blood money" - drab,cold, spaced out folks, starring at their lap tops.

Clothes that they have been wearing for weeks, some of them stinking to high heaven - deep into their iPhones, other electronic gadgets that they seek solace from.

These sordid folks - mostly White - offering little if nothing at all - to enhance the culture of San Francisco - known the world over. They look at our unique neighborhood - as places - where their need can be met - without giving anything - back.

Each morning the are loaded in bus that take them out of the City - they come back in the evening to do their mundane - things. Most are fed at their work place - when it come to the higher level of contribution - to Society - these one track "morons" - are just that - "one tracked".

These folks that the neighborhoods tolerate - in many cases - " want them out". The "techies" wonder why - but few will spell it out to them - as I am doing. They keep wondering - but not for long.

Our cities leaders are pathetic - and the time has come - to revamp and check these - good for nothing folks - who are a "cancer" to Society and more to the land they purport to live on.

 The people united will not be defeated.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - good for nothing.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee caught with his
hand in the cookie jar - even 
Rose Pak who put him there -
now, feel he is a total - loser.

Rose Pak has come out swinging -
she says " Mayor Edwin M. Lee has
failed us all" especially -
helping the poor and those that
need help most. Can he change -
he can - will he - never, ever.

Folks who throw their artificial gained wealth.

Gobbling up affordable units - that once catered to families, blue collar workers, those that worked in the "hotel industry" - those that kept most things - running in our great City and County of San Francisco.

People power - vote this November -
for mandates - and will keep
affordable housing intact.

The service industries - those who help clean homes, do other mundane jobs that the filthy rich - do not touch - and pay those who help them - with less than minimum, wage.

Yet, those who pay the working poor " folks who are a liability" think nothing of the many impediments and hurdles - put in the way - of many innocent, hardworking, workers - who live pay check to pay check.

This is a crying - shame.

Landlords - hiking rents - and pushing out those that truly created our - "unique neighborhoods".

Most large families tied to the vibrancy of our neighborhoods - it one thing to witness and enjoy - families contributing to a neighborhood.

It is another to see - singles - who are dazed, poorly dressed, no emotions, behave more like zombies - and if you greet them - look at you funny.

What is SF City Hall doing
for those that built this City?
What is our Mayor doing?
What are the SF Board of Supervisors
who are on a month long vacation - doing?
Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zero, Ziltch. 

It is not fair - that just because of money - these sordid folks - who just arrived - who have less compassion and reek with greed - are pushing innocent, hardworking folks - from their own, neighborhoods.

This is happening more in the Mission - but also in the Bayview, in places like the Fillmore, and even the Excelsior - North Beach, the South of Market Area - and more.

Gentrification in places like the Mission and other neighborhoods - because of impediments linked to fiscal constraints - mostly huge rents that lead to - rapid, gentrification.

The City and County of San Francisco has a $9 Billion budget - can help those who make less than $60,000 to live in homes and help innocent people - live like human beings.

On the contrary our City and County of San Francisco and more our - " very corrupt" Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has chosen to build - an excess of Market Rate condominiums. Over 400% and less affordable housing - minus 300% - and he thinks - nothing of this - topsy turvy - situation.

The recent spiraling of the economy in China - the Chinese economy - failing and more the failed "environment standards" - that China has failed to implement.

Mainland Chinese Stocks head South.

Contamination, pollution, contributing to "Climate Change".

The air is foul, the water contaminated, the people suffering from all sort of diseases in China. Those most adversely impacted the Chinese infants, Chinese children, Chinese youth and young adults - who are left in the dark.

Many Chinese who left there villages - now want to go back - but cannot - they were paid little to move - came to the cities - and now live in slums - the world does not see this - but, this is what has become of many Chinese.

On the other hand - there are large cities - containing thousands of housing units - empty. Built as an investment - that equity has been sitting there for years - the economy is now going South - and the investors have lost - faith in the Chinese, economy.

The Chinese government has encouraged over 90 million Chinese - to invest in the Chinese Stock Market - this Market has FAILED - gone South - and millions of innocent Chinese - who were enjoying some artificial - roller coaster ride - now have Stocks that are worth - nothing much.

Much like our junk bonds in the United States that hit us all - in the economic spiraling of our economy in 2008.

What favors the United States is our limited population some 320 million and some 3,717,812.8 square miles.

God has blessed our land - and we have resources that we must take care off - and not waste and more not use more than we - need.

China and many other emerging countries cannot say that - besides our United States Stock Market - has made some favorable progress - even with the over 500 points - recent - dip - which some say is a - "correction".

Our United States - politicians are "greedy" and associate more with the "filthy rich" - who fill their campaign coffers.

Folks like London Breed, Scott Wiener a Zionist, Malia Cohen a political whore.

Scott Wiener who runs his mouth
he talks the talk but failes
to walk the walk.

Julie Christensen anointed, Katy Tang anointed - do not represent - they sell out San Franciscans.

Then you have Mark Farrell - who makes more money on the side as a consultant - over and above the $120,000 with benefits - the salary we tax payers - pay him - for screwing around. 

This coming election - we must vote well - and get rid of the - CHAFF. Aho.