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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


The role of the indigenous people has always been one - welcoming the strangers to their land. All embracing - and more caring and nurturing. Only to find out - different.

The strangers - always have had it their way - and "bit the hand that fed them". Sordid to core- the have had sufficient time - to think about restitution - that day is a far cry - from reality. Bottom line - they will NOT - apologize.

In places like Hawaii - Whites despicable to the core - stole not only what did not belong to them - but disrespected the monarchy of the Kingdom of Hawaii. They continue to do so - to this day - polluting Hawaii and more with - commercialization and contaminate - whatever, little is left - that is pristine.

The United States must acknowledge the indigenous people of Hawaii - who by the way were " dark skinned - most with fuzzy hair - and not the mix-breeds we have today - who claim - the know the true meaning of "Aloha".

I witnessed this quickly when in the late 1980s - some folks approached me - saying they were true Hawaiians - the more I prodded them with questions - the less information I got.

It was not until I visited Maui - years later  - in the late 1990s - that, I got the true picture - which I hold dear to my heart - since I had the opportunity - to meet a few Hawaiians - true blooded - or as near as you could call them - true blooded.

Their heart was in the right place - and for a strange reason - they confided in me - facts that were difficult to relate - and these words and those thoughts - remain with me to this day.

True Hawaiian - who did not want to have anything - with those - who did not follow the true customs - of the original inhabitants.

Proud to have been exposed to true ideals and customs of the original Hawaiian people - who lived in Hawaii - spread over the many islands that were habitable.

The volcanoes made the isalnds over thousands of years - and some the newer ones over hundreds of years. More following the spirit that made its abode in these unique Hawaiians - " true Hawaiians" - few are left - strewn among the "greedy" and those that pretend to be - true Hawaiians. Time will tell.

Here is California the White men has created a law - that permits certain tribes to be on the Federal Register. Only those tribes - receive Federal benefits that the United States government - deems so.

The rest of the California tribes - over 60% - are left to fend for themselves. All this in the year 2015. For all our talk - this Nation cannot walk the walk.

Only in the United States we have some chosen tribes who are recognized and more that are not. All these decision made by the White men - who thinks - that what he say and does matter. The matter of fact - it does not - and he is getting it up his ass - even as I speak and write about - his injustice all over the world.

The White men is a devil - and will go to great length - to create - divisiveness. That is why those that knew better - utter the words - " do not trust the White man - for he speaks with a fork tongue".

In the year 2015 - we as a people in the United States - have removed ourselves - from all those rights and regulations that were created by men - our Founding Fathers - to take our Nation - the United States to a better place.

The paradox is that the Founding Father and the Constitution is heavily influenced by the Six Nations - the Iroquois - most "ignorant" folks - not educated on issues - know little and so that go with the flow.

The Founding Fathers took time to read and incorporated large tracts of language from the revelations of the longest running Democracy - before the Whites stepped on the land of the Six Nations:

The Native American always respect the host of the land - not so the White man - he is ignorant, more arrogant - and even more divisive and greedy

Today, we are so far off - from anything holistic - that even the U.S. Supreme Court has declared war - on ordinary citizens.

Political Action Committees (PACs) - can contribute as much as they can to candidates - and today those Representatives - who are suppose to serve the people - serve the - "devil"

There is little difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party - in fact when any meaningful survey is done - those that are in the majority - say they are Independent. What does this say? 

It is time - with the little time left - that those that know better - rally to the rescue of the Native American - who has been shafted for over 300 years. Aho.