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Monday, August 3, 2015


How many innocent - handcuffed - and treated with disdain - their only crime - they cannot make bail.

There is a God who watches everything - everything that was created for a purpose - and nothing is in vain.

Scales of Justice - those in jail -
bidding their time - for fair play.

Much before some one decided to write down and say - this is right and that is wrong - there was a "conscience" that ruled supreme.

Thousands of years ago - just women and men - in history - spoke to the "truth" not because they went to law school - but, because they had a "conscience".

Justice was served and those who were penalized understood the crimes they committed - most of the adjudication done in the open - for all the world to see.

The laws of today - anyway, you look at them - are corrupt - and cry to heaven for justice.

There is nothing that humans make - with little knowledge - that is finite and not prone to mistakes.

There lies the flaw - those that must adjudicate - make some attempt to judge - clouded by processes - that are convoluted - and more tainted by the worse type of bias - laden with "false truths".

We have had the audacity to carry our failed system to other countries - where we waged war - and today by mistreating some - have spread a cancer - that has come to bite us in the butt.

We surely can talk the talk but we cannot walk the walk.

Those that purport to hold the law - "with intent" allow their racists bias trends - to foster injustice.

Once this trend in put into gear - and goes unchecked - the rest is history. We have seen what is happening all over the Nation - mostly "people of color" - pawns of the judicial system.

In San Francisco I have seen this play before my eyes.

A report on Quality of Life issues and those incarcerated - hundreds lingering in the jails - just because they are mentally challenged. Kept for weeks and then discharged:

Environmental Justice Advocacy
Speaking with empirical data
Speaking and standing for the TRUTH

More understanding "incident reports" - other reports that have to be sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation - and other agencies - that review and adjudicate - these reports are there - laying on shelves - gathering -dust - years past by - and no one has the guts to look at them - and speak to the truth.

One such report is the PERF report - that I have mentioned again and again and again - and still no practical results - in fact the corruption and the bias actions of those that must uphold the law - getting from bad to worse.

The implications of being fair and reporting the "truth".

Blatant "fabrication" and "sugar coating" that has led to a system plagued with cancer - the worse type of corruption - and a foundation - that cannot hold up to "the truth". Simply because it is built on LIES.

I see the flaws - and wonder how some folks - can provide statistics - knowing well - they do not have the ability to "adjudicate" - because they are not - "full educated on issues" and look at fabricated data rather than deal with " empirical data ".

Once exposed to the lies they tend to get angry, have excuses - and that is what the "devil" and "evil" is all about. Leading innocent people - astray.

Besides not too long ago in San Francisco the "Records Division" - the Division dealing with "Incident Reports" - did not have the software - to query any crime - over a long period of time.

They do today - but it still needs some tweaking. Much better than when the incident reports - that had to be tabulated - manually.

The reports of the past are flawed - Hispanics classified as Whites - the Blacks classified in two or three categories of crimes - that they were falsely - charged for.

There was no room for "discerning" and trumped up charges and garbage was encouraged - to incarcerate more.

These blatant lies, utter nonsense must STOP - before it all blows in the face of those that think they are doing good - when the opposite is true.

It is not uncommon for a Black to commit one crime - and charged for 10.

In our 'justice system" this one act - of falsifying what is total "unjust" - is an on going problem - that not once - has been discussed in the open.

We need to have a Congressional hearing right here in San Francisco - which is many respect is worse than the atrocities - committed in many other areas on the East Coast.

It is the same with the Hispanics. But not so for the Whites.

Why are the Blacks in San Francisco - who are but 3% of the population - incarcerated, in such large numbers - as high as 54% in our jails?

Why are so many innocent people lingering in the jails - because they cannot make "bail"?

Who are those profiteering from such ploys - and why should they not be jailed?

It seems if you are indigent, poor, have no connections - you are doomed.

Who are the many lawyers that encourage those who commit petty crimes - to plead "guilty".

More to the crime committed but also to the many others tagged to the petty crime - encouraging that if one pleads guilty to all the crimes - they will be set free.

When in fact he or she is charged and sent to jail for years on end?

Who is encouraging such a system and where is the justice?

Our legal system of a failed and soiled justice system stinks to high heaven.

It is time our politicians are sent to jail - the ones like Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, David Chu, Mark Farrell that were charged for crimes committed - and are now Scott Free.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee who has six or seven cases pending in the courts - and yet talks from both sides of his mouth.

Our Senator and Congress people - among them Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - who are operatives and serve the causes of the Zionists.

I have know personally the last seven Chiefs of Police - so I know what I am talking about - when it comes to various characters - holding high positions - and openly taking bribes and having power to make or break someone that is innocent.

This City and County of San Francisco is corrupt - with pay to play operatives making millions illegally.

Yet having access to their freedom - when they should be sitting in some jail - reviewing their sordid life - licking their wounds.

Half of our City Attorneys lie and fabricate - use legalese so that they can sugar coat some dubious law - and help carry out - actions that will harm the constituents of San Francisco.

The crime stats are all fabricated - mostly because the "data" is tainted - and silly descriptions are given to mislead and divert attention to what is really happening.

Tainted information introduced making it difficult to find that needle in a hay stack - which bear " truth" - that is needed to mend and bring about - fair play and justice.

The tools used are biased and many times primitive - as was the time when Window 95 was used some years ago - to gather some stats together - much like one could 25 years ago on a glorified - IBM typewriter.

I hear these so called "experts" talk at forums - and one day - a "riot" will erupt - as the tainted lies, the tone of these forums that do more harm than good - more play with fire.

Human beings and society should take us to a better place - and this can be done with a "moral compass" that speaks and stands for what is right.

Actions and adjudication that has an element of proven - compassion - and is not tainted with lies, fabricated crimes meant to harm.

A tainted system that condones some who have the ability to pay up front - or help hire highly paid - so called lawyers - who can lie - have connections and set one free.

Our justice system has failed Society on every level - local, state, and federal.

We build more jails and less schools - spend more on incarceration and less on education.

Slavery is prevalent today in a worse way - then it was when we had plantations.

If only the truth could be revealed - of what is happening at the Angola jail, other higher profile jails - where the inmates are treated worse than animals.

There is a God watching us all - and I am not saying - those that commit serious crimes should not be punished.

Why should the innocent be punished unjustly and spend 10 years, 15 years, and as much as 30 years - just because of the color of their skin?

Why should they innocent be incarcerated is such great numbers - those in authority know about this - but do NOT have the guts to do something about the situation at hand. Aho.