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Saturday, August 22, 2015


Here is a chart that spells it out.
This drought has led to an - inferno.
When will we humans learn - to use little
and save for future - generations.

This land we call "America" was from time immemorial called affectionately - "Turtle Island".

The "turtle" respected by the indigenous people the world - over.

If you study the "turtle" - its ability to roams the world - using currents - and traveling thousands of miles. Every aspect of its mode of travel, its ability to pick the spot to lay eggs - give life - and survive - it is mind - boggling.

Here is California we have had huge fires - so many fires that - those who know some about " raging fires " - say they have not see - a phenomenon such as they are witnessing first hand, today - every before. Inferno.

In Washington State millions of acres burnt - and we have sought assistance from fire fighters - from far away as New Zealand and Australia. We are grateful for any help - more to teach us about respecting - Mother Nature.

Three fire fighters died - caught in a trap - they fell prey to a huge "fire burst" - in Washington State - may their souls rest in peace.

Our firefighters have fought a good fight.
However, this inferno - is one of a type.
Men have died to save lives, property, 
down the fire - lay down their lives -
the ultimate - sacrifice.

Here is San Francisco it is business as usual - tons of vain talk - wait until - we face a flood - in less than five months.

Our local Office of Emergency Services or whatever fancy name they call themselves - are a JOKE.

When Lewis and Clark visited the West some 210 years plus - they saw a "pristine" California - reported back to Jefferson and others - who never expected to hear - all that they revealed. The push to the Wear began and has never - ended.

This is one of many raging fires
that have destroyed millions of acres
of forest and burned hundreds of homes
our brave fire fighters are exhausted. 

The State of Washington, California, the neighboring Western States - have seen so many large, raging fires - high winds  millions of acres torched - they all have reached - saturation point.

For the first time in many, many years - we have called our Army Reservists, we have called laymen that have any experience - to hand a helping, hand. God bless them all.

In short - we have so much to deal with it - lacking human resources - we are begging for any help. Many States have exhausted - most of their resources. They is a lesson to learn - but most folks are looking - the other way.

In the air we have used all possible resources - and have over worked our aircraft - some huge aircraft tankers - that have been be grounded for maintenance - after doing - too much - overtime.

Large aircraft joined in the fight
to save lives, homes, and our
natural resources.

In California we have the Central Valley - the bread basket of the world.

We here in California pride ourselves - to be the 8th largest economy in the world.

California is not a Nation - part of the United States - it is a State.

We have to learn to respect Mother Earth - and be less greedy.

If not our sordid actions will bring - the death of all life as we know it, today.

The Earth is buckling in the Central Valley - caught in satellite photographs - documented - with sound - "empirical data". The land is sinking in parts - five, six, seven - feet.

Food grows where water flows.
Greedy farmers have continued to 
defy Mother Nature - and will
pay a heavy toll - in the near future.

Greedy farmers - have depleted much of the watershed - pumping out "trillions of gallons of water".

Today - from photographs sent from space by "high tech satellites" - we can calculate how much of the land is sinking - where the watershed has been depleted - the land is sinking - more - buckling, cracking, and saying to us - no more.

In some parts over ten feet - 2 to 4 inches a year. In many parts  large areas have - "buckled up" - in many areas - we have had cracks - adversely impacting - old structures and homes.

Charts such as the one above do
not faze those that waste water
millions of gallons of water
in this drought that is - in its 5th year.

This and more are the signs of the times - many who use millions of gallons of water - for their crops - simply do not get it.

Politicians still favor - farmers who use millions of gallons of water - to quench the thirst of "pistachio trees".

Vineyards that bear grapes - where millions are made - and vintage vine - sells for thousands of dollars a bottle. All the while the Earth is parched - dry - and cracking, dry. They make use some water - but not all the water they want - not paying attention to the drought. You do that - and you will perish - by your own - evil, sordid - selfish - deeds.

Seeing is believing - brings tears
to the eyes - but, to the greedy -
they are depleting our watershed.
Once gone - gone forever.

Stupid politicians the likes of Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, other dumber than
dumb - water to send water from Northern
California - south - decisions made
in a vacuum - rich farmers - filling
campaign coffers.

I know of prisoners - women and men - who are paid ten cents an hour  - to pick pistachios.

The greedy farmers - have made millions - using subsidized water - and the sweat and blood of our sisters and brothers.

More in the Chowchilla area of California some 160 miles from San Francisco.

In the year 2015 - the Whites still do not get it - they are playing with fire - I predicted the incineration - but did not spell the details - you have to permit - the stupid to learn the hard way.

In San Francisco we get our stolen water from Hetch Hetchy. The SF Public Utilities Commission - thinks nothing when 150 millions gallons of treated water - all coming from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir are wasted.

Old pipes some are old as 130 years - are still awaiting replacement - the deferred maintenance and upgrade - is taking a heavy toll.

It does not faze the SF Public Utilities Commission - that there stupid is evident - for all the world to see.

For thousands of years  - this land that we know - within Turtle Island - California named after a Black mythical goddess - California - by the strangers who set foot and were looking for gold and other riches.

For thousands of years the Native American - the indigenous people that I respect - took care of this land.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

The deeds of the "strangers" is an open book - sordid and despicable actions - that those who are greedy, immoral, unethical, scum of the earth - wallow in - in a cesspool of their own creation.

The take it all - they want it all - even the little that others have - they will kill, plunder, rape - just to have it all. Greed knows no bounds. They say they are a people who follow laws - but their deeds and mentality - is the worse that has been recorded - by those that have - WISDOM.

Blinded by their own actions - they will not apologize.

Blinded by avarice, greed, anger they seek to rape, plunder, steal - while spewing diatribe and bragging they have laws, regulation, and standards - all of which are shallow, do not manifest, lack spirituality - beg the question.

These are the "idiots" who will not seek wisdom from those that used it for thousands of years.

These are the "vermin" - those that have "fork tongues" and will refute the "Truth".

I see them daily in my work - corrupt politicians and we have many of them in San Francisco - at City Hall and more in Room 200.