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Friday, August 21, 2015


An attitude that defies logic.

It is amazing how the City and County of San Francisco - has failed miserably - while those in charge - are busy having a good time - right now - taking long vacations - wasting the tax payers - money.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - for the longest time ever - has been pandering to "very corrupt forces" - no one dare needs to believe me - it will all be revealed - in the Courts - within two months.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - corrupt to the core.

We have over 3500 toxic hotspots - all well know to the Environmental Division that comes under Barbara Gracia - head of the Health Department.

Barbara - she is known to talk the talk and fails to walk the walk.

The San Francisco Health Department has several studies done - revealing the adverse impacts to our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, the many others - whose health has been - compromised.

It is a shame that our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed to get a full and complete brief - on the state of affairs - when it comes to the health and many adverse impacts - linked to our beloved - infants,children, youth, and young adults - how much do they have to endure?

San Franciscans love our Seniors.
Why are they NOT respected?
Who give permission to the sordid to behave - in the manner they behave today?

A very high of our Seniors who form over 48% of our population in San Francisco - live on fixed income - and have very serious health problems.

Our City and County of San Francisco - has now decided to treat our seniors - like dirt. When any entity - deals with our seniors - as our City and County of San Francisco is doing - then believe you me - we are in "deep" - trouble.

The people united will not be defeated.

Lennar Urban is a "rogue developer" that has ruined the "economy" of Vallejo.

Lennar Urban has now consolidated its assets - in one last attempt - to hoodwink the constituents of San Francisco.

Using " land banking" and other nefarious models - to rake in millions - and hoodwink - innocent, hardworking - San Franciscans.


San Franciscans are not dumb - and we are about to give the "green signal" - so watch out.

This land is Ohlone land - and I can say with authority - the deeds of the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those that follow his sordid wheeling and dealing - are not welcome here in Ohlone land.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the City Administrator, the Mayor's advisor advisors, those that are in bed with him - fully comprehend what I am saying.

The Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and the Police Chief Gregory Suhr fully understand what I am saying.

Up the stairs - into the dens of
the many Supervisors - wheeling
and dealing - and we have the - "data".

Some one is watching you all the time.

We cannot with intent harm our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - our Elders - those with compromised health - and play games with lives. We simply cannot do that without - consequences.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission in charge of our water - which it pumps all the way from the Yosemite Region - the well known Hetch Hetchy reservoir.

The thieves - have stolen the clean drinking water - from the Miwoks, the Pomos, the Piutes, the many other tribes that consider the water Sacred - more from the confluence - where the waters meet - and where life has been sustained for thousands of years.

The Regulatory agencies be it the Environmental Protection Agency - with Jared Blumenfeld in charge.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District with Jack Broadbent in charge.

The others one worse than the other - the Department of Toxic and Substances Control that has just been revamped.

The local so called "drab and sordid" regulatory agencies - the SF Department of the Environment - the SF Health Department with Barbara Gracia at the helm of affairs - are NOT doing their job.

The State agencies who should be focused on the health and welfare of our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health - are all asleep at the cockpit.

Rose Pak an advocate from San Francisco's Chinatown - has been bold enough to say - that Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed representing the poor - more from Chinatown.

In fact recently - Rose Pak went to say - that Edwin M.Lee has been an utter failure. Some of us have been saying that for a long time - but for Rose Pak to say it - is something - she put the sucker where he is now. Time will tell.

Rose Park some time ago.

Rose Park - even though she is ill -
we wish her the best - quick recovery -
determined to hit that one run -
and win.

Lennar Urban now wants to build a large shopping mall - on land that is prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Right now at Candlestick View - the new fancy name given to the area in and around the former Candlestick Stadium - the air, the land, the watershed, most everything in sight - has been polluted and severely - contaminated.

Who in their right mind with the crashing of the economy - not only in the United States but in places like China, Spain, France, Italy, Russian and other places - have the money to shop. Where will they get the money from?

How about building good schools and paying our teachers well?

Educating our teachers and providing them with good homes - subsidizing the units where the teachers live - to help our children compete in this world - with first class - education?

We are 46th in the Nation - that is California and worse off here in San Francisco - when it comes to stellar, education and more sound educational - facilities.

Our San Francisco Unified School District is a JOKE. Our immigrant children - treated with disdain.

August 19, 2015 I paid a visit to the brand new Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School - located at 2055 Silver Avenue in San Francisco.

I could not meet the Principal - I tried using two telephone numbers one of them: 1.415.642.8910 - no one picks up the telephone. They say "communication" is everything.

So, I took myself to the Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School - since I live in the neighborhood.

I signed myself in - explained the purpose of my visit to the school - there was no way the staff - told me that I could see the Principal that day - August 19, 2015 - there was too much to do - too many fires to put out.

The Principal was over whelmed with problems - most arising from issues linked to dysfunctional models and operations - that the school - was experimenting with.

In all the under lying factors - and I have done my home work - the lack of " cultural competency". Black children are shocked that they cannot cope with the curricula. The Asians take it in stride. Some of the children who take it in stride are happy - those that cannot - are confounded.

Wille L. Brown Jr the "former thug Mayor of San Francisco" has done well having a bridge named after him - he now brags that he has one over Senator Diane Feinstein - having a school named after him.

The former Mayor - could do even well - having some toilets names after him - in and around Market Street - and closer to Saint Regis Hotel - where he makes his abode.

It is a shame that we have such leadership that want to name things after them. Willie L. Brown Jr will always be remembered as a "thug Mayor" - he cannot leave a "legacy" by buying people off - never, ever.

Nor can Mayor Edwin M. Lee who plays second fiddle to Willie L. Brown Jr.

I know how these scum bag work - steal, lie, cheat, deceive, pander, favor, and both Willie L. Brown Jr and Edwin M. Lee - have ruined the lives of many - innocent people.

San Francisco needs sound leadership - we need leaders who understand that our resources are not there to waste.

The clean drinking water was stolen - from the Native American tribes - and today is wasted.

Deferred maintenance - millions of gallons seeping away from failed pipes - old, rusty, with seams leaking - compromising the watershed.

We keep building tall buildings, skyscrapers, costing millions of dollars - a condominium in one of these better buildings - one bed room costing $1.5 million - two bed room $3 million - in locations that are expensive to live - more.

Who are these jerks who are messing with our lives?

Why are we allowing these scum bags to act like this - and giving them a free reign - when they should be locked up in jail - for a long, long time?

Our Regulatory have sold out - much like our Supreme Court.

The Senators, the Congress persons - the State Assembly persons, those at the California Senate.

The SF Board of Supervisors - the worst ones London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Julie Christen, Katy Tang - and the Zionist - Scott Wiener.