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Saturday, August 29, 2015


Rose Park who put the Mayor in the cockpit -
now says that it was the biggest mistake
she ever made - and she is right on!

The very person instrumental in putting Mayor Edwin M. Lee in the position he holds - now, openly has stated  - many times - she regrets - having worked behind the scenes to put Mayor Edwin M. Lee where he is now - as the Mayor of San Francisco.

The Mayor has failed to help those most in need not only in China Town - but all over San Francisco. If you are poor, if you are an indigent, if you do not have the clout, if you cannot pay to play - forget it - you are left to fend for yourself. San Franciscans are fed up of what they see - and the time has come - to topple the apple cart.

In all the time the Mayor has been in Room 200 he has been busy making deals with filthy rich developers and Primes - Webcor, Nibbi, Cahill, Obayasi, URS, AECOM - other greedy developers - who have destroyed San Francisco.

The Mayor's failed policy has
adversely impact thousands of
decent, hard working, tax paying
San Franciscans.

Our San Francisco Planning Department has failed - and the present SF Planning Commission has been busy - talking in circles - and paying no attention to the 2014 Housing Element - that spells the details - but no one wants serve and less represent - the constituents of San Francisco.

The entire skyline of San Francisco has changed for the worse. You learn this first hand when visitors come - and say " what has become of this City - are you all imitating - New York and other such cities - famous from their concrete jungles? ".

Well, what can San Franciscans say - when big money and more sordid developers are having a hay day - raking in millions - and pushing and forcing thousands of decent San Franciscans to leave San Francisco.

The skyline has changed and right 
now there are over 60 large projects
can will impact the city's skyline.

So far in the last 5 years over 30,000 families have left - according to latest estimates - and some experts - say more.

Those who represent this City and County of San Francisco - a city of "compassion" named after Saint Francis Assisi - folks like our 11 Supervisors - who represent each of the 11 Districts - have been spewing "hot air " but doing less - when it comes to building "affordable housing" for those making under $80,000.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been boasting about building 30,000 units - most of them in the Hunters Point and Candlestick View area - all areas prone to liquefaction and severe, flooding.

The coming rains will prove what I say - hundreds of tons of dirt - now being heaped - will be swept away - causing tremendous damage to an area - that already has poor infrastructure - and will disrupt all - traffic.

In and around Candlestick View - tons
of loosing packed dirt - with be 
adversely impacted by the impending
heavy rains - the dumb, stupid, idiots -
who care not to read - will say no one
informed them - about is glaring fact.

The area in and around 
Candlestick View - right
now thousands of tons of loose
dirt is being piled - much of
it contaminated soil that the
Regulatory Agencies must test.

Right now - no consideration is given to the wear and tear of the roads in and around Harney Way. The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is fast asleep in the cockpit - so I am awakening him - months before the fiasco takes place.

Right now the land is contaminated with the loose soil laden with Asbestos, contaminated soil that has been imported from the project - linked to the Central Subway. More large rigs - plying on the streets - on weekends - where the monitoring is non existent. 

The Bay Area Air Monitoring Management District - knows about this - but has done nothing, much.

The entities that represent Lennar Urban are responsible - and I am requesting the Director Jack Broadbent to do something - now. Notice of Violations should be issued and more enforced.

One of the signs by Candlestick Stadium
the little that stands - will
contaminated soil and dust- floating around

Another sign - that no one reads -
and the few that read and complain
about the dust and trucks moving dirt
without any covers - complaints are heard -
but no one does anything about them.

The City Attorney Dennis Herrera knows about the many NOVs and has done nothing - much.

The Director of Public Health - Barbara Gracia listens but does nothing.

The City - Department of Environment, the City Environmental Division - has been aiding and abetting - Lennar Urban.

The corrupt Mayor of San Francisco - has failed San Franciscans - this is a crying, shame.

The same with the Department of Building Inspection - that has done nothing.

The Department of Building Inspection - has money set aside for inspection - but has looked the other way.

The Department of Building Inspection must be served under the RICO ACT - it has "with intent" being adversely impacting - the constituents and hard working - tax paying citizens of San Francisco.

Lennar Urban has circumvented each and every Disposition and Development Agreement. Our Mayor is a JOKE - busy cutting ribbons, and selling out San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been busy
behaving like a clown
talking from both sides of his mouth.

The paradox - this is Ohlone land - that was stolen - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee should know better - but, he is now - known - as the worst Mayor ever to be a Mayor of San Francisco.

This is Ohlone land - that was stolen
by the strangers - and folks like
Mayor Edwin M. Lee has little knowledge
of Mother Earth - he is "greedy"
and greed will land him on his face.

Steeped - with greed, and with his hand in the cookie jar - caught red handed - again, and again, and again. Shame on him.

What is becoming of San Francisco - with congestion on our roads.

The increase in the carbon footprint by over 400% - all over our City of San Francisco.

Homeless on our streets - for the first time entire families - have slept on the streets - some for over two years.

We advocates can ask for help - those that truly get help - are those who have connections. The Zionist help those that do not need help - but get it anyway.

The people united - will not be defeated.

We are not about to beg on our knees - so remember when your time comes - and you see numbers - do not say we never, ever sent you the clarion call.

We the people - who pay you taxes - who work hard - and are NOT represented - we will take charge of the situation at hand - fix it within the law - and do what it really takes to remedy the issues at hand.

The people united - will never, ever be defeated. Good leaders show the way, know the way and go the way. 

If you are NOT educated on issues, have the empirical data - study and apply - you cannot take anyone to a better place. We have the means and the ability to shine - lets us shine light - where today - there is abject, darkness. Aho.

The above video speaks to evictions in the North Beach area in San Francisco.