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Saturday, August 15, 2015


Taylor Swift is in Town 
her two shows "1998 Tour"
"sold out" fans craving for more.

I have been a Taylor Swift fan for a long time. I love all music - favor classical music - indigenous music - the "Nairobi" sound, Billie Holliday, Bob Marley - what strikes a cord with me and Taylor Swift's music - are her lyrics.

Guess what she writes them - herself - and this is what "sells" because she can connect - there is nothing fake - about what she sings.

The two concerts are held at the brand new 49er Football Stadium that holds about 98,000 people. Taylor Swift chose a great venue - the Super Bowl is slated to be held at the 49er Stadium - the 50th one. Here is how the stadium looks for those that have not seen it:

The 49er Stadium holds about 98,000 fans.

Taylor Swift is fortunate to have parents that appreciate her talents - and her father who is banker can contribute his experience and her mother - acts as her manager and more.

On my Facebook - I have Taylor Swift as my number one music artist.

AS I said I listen to a variety of music - but somehow love Taylor Swift's lyrics - in sync and in keeping with today's happenings.

Teens today - want to keep it real - so the politicians who are corrupt to the core - and get poor ratings - wonder why - people give them poor scores.

The reason is simple - most politicians are corrupt - more selfish - and very divisive. There is nothing "spiritual" - nothing "holistic" - "nothing worth the salt" - that most of today's politicians can offer.

Taylor Swift has her own style - has chosen who she wants to record for - that itself says a lot.

At a very young age - has gone through all the teen - motions and notions.

Including, dating several young men - and bidding them adieu. Now that is what I call - " my girl ". She holds the "strings" - she makes her own decisions - and I can imagine she is determined - not out of control - stubborn - I hope.

Recently APPLE - the APPLE we associate with the late Steve Job - had to paid heed to a "text" that Taylor Swift sent out - on the Internet.

Urging APPLE to be fair to those that pay to hear what they listen too. I do not know the details.

What impressed me - it was not about the legalese - that some thing could "trump" - it was about pure " girl power" - and the millions who adore her and will listen to Taylor Swift.

APPLE who products I use - and have been using more in recent years - "understood" and said "yes" to Taylor Swift.

Apple is a  large corporation - whose Stock and Shares are doing well.

APPLE - could not afford to have Taylor Swift - creating an uproar - the blemishing - the nearly immaculate marketing strategy - that APPLE is so proud off.

I thought a lot about that one "text" - it said a lot about Taylor Swift - but most importantly it was about - timing.

This world tour 1998 - says so much about Taylor Swift - and how she wants to connect with her fans.

Often times - she goes out of her way to meet her fans - and it is this immediate connection with the "feelings" and aspirations of her fans - that makes all the difference.

When you work for those that control you in toto - much as the "failing music industry" has controlled so many - "music artists" - we know what can happen.

I wish Billie Holliday could have at her disposal some freedom. I listen to her music a lot - could have the opportunities - and be in a "position" - Taylor Swift is in now.

I wish Michael Jackson - had those opportunities too - and that those that preyed over him - did not have the opportunity - to destroy his creativity.

I could go on - and fill a hundred pages - I must  move on - I hope I have made my - point.

Taylor Swift is a complete package - she writes her music, composes her lyrics, markets her shows, picks what she thinks works best - and you can see it all - if you have the opportunity - to follow her and her escapades - giving her fans - what they like and more.

I have not met Taylor Swift - all I do - sometimes is listen to her music - which makes me feel - good.

Good things take you to a better place - the best creativity - can spur one to do one's work better - have a positive attitude - deal with the trials and tribulation of life - and stand tall.

I love listening to Taylor Swift  - the stories she narrates - about love, falling in love and out of love, appreciation as human beings, hard work,sacrifice and other pertinent issues.

Most of us who are into "creativity" - experience the many facets of life, face life, live through the good, the bad and the ugly - we make every effort to face this - world.

We use our "creativity" to paint the murals of our life - and at a very young age - Taylor Swift - has "mastered" the fine things - that take one to a better - place. You go girl.