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Sunday, August 9, 2015


San Francisco City Hall stairs often lead to the rooms of the den of thieves.

Human beings have been studied long enough to analyze any situation and actions - more evil in content.

Especially, those incidents and incidences - linked to "blatant corruption" - as in what is happening, today - in San Francisco - with Mayor Edwin M. Lee in charge.

Nothing happens in a vacuum - you do not wake up one morning - and find oneself - surrounded by corruption of the worse kind.

It is like the worst fungi - and it takes time to grow - and it will spread - within a certain environment - in this case corruption of the worst kind. Pay to play - and who do you think is the Master behind the ploys?

Who do you think is the Master behind the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans?

This pay to play - and how it works - has been written by me and others - to warn the present administration. The pay no deed - the "corruption" is so prevalent - that no one cares. And some have he audacity to laugh and pass it off - as a JOKE.

Most of the head of departments - the San Francisco Planning, all the department under the Mayor Office, in the City Administrator's Office, the Contracting office, the SF Health Department with a $2 Billion dollar budget, the Department of Building Inspection - the Assessors Office, the Treasurer's Office - others - that wheel and deal.

For them and others -  and others NOT mentioned - it is business as usual.

This on going corruption and its "evil foundation" was laid down by former Mayor - Willie L. Brown - the master weasel - if ever there was a crook - he is the one - who is responsible for this on going - mess.

Then came Gavin Newsom - who followed the "evil plan" complete by inheriting - Steve Kawa who had served and fine tuned - the ploys, machinations and shenanigans - while working for Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.

Gavin Newsom failed to enter the State of California's Governor's race.

Few know that some San Franciscans - followed him - all over the State of California - and watched him lie, lie, lie. We exposed him for his "evil deeds" - his lies - and backing Lennar who poisoned our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors and those with compromised - health.

Gavin Newson got out of the race.

Governor Jerry Brown - won the race for Governor of California. He shares most of the values I do - both of us trained by the Jesuits - on a higher - level.

Gavin Newsom was educated by the Jesuits - but the idiot - did not learn much - in other words he is "not educated" - he is "wrongly informed" - and a wacko mind that is all over the place.

Gavin Newsom is a loser and will remain a loser.

Caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

Today, we have Mayor Edwin M. Lee who was anointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom. We all know - how Gavin Newsom - did that. The role of David Chiu - the role of the other sell outs.

Carmen Chu, Katy Tang, Julie Christensen all anointed - and each of them is a sell out.

If have to have the ability of read between the lines - and San Franciscans - one can get the true picture.

Not those who are NOT educated on issues - get their information from gossip - those who have no sound education - believe the Main Media - get carried away - with all the nonsense that has been put in our way.

Tall buildings that will come toppling down.
Right now causing congestion on our streets.
Sometimes it takes one full hour to cross three blocks - and sometimes on and a half .

The congestion on our roads, the wheeling and dealing, the increase in rents, the poor service given our infants, children, youth, young adults, senior - tons of vain talk but no concrete action.

Notice how the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee has become timid, suddenly - in recent days. He cannot sleep - he is now waiting for the adjudication - and it will not be - pretty.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - does not know what will hit him next. He has been caught numerous times, before - with his hand - in the cookie jar.

Edwin M. Lee still has on going cases - from the time he was worked at head of Contracting.

Some from the days - he was the City Administrator. He hands are soiled and more he has blood on his hands - with what has come to pass - recently.

This wheeling and deal - people involved in procuring assault weapons, head of Municipal Transportation Agency drab security on MUNI - these jokers with their jackets - are a bunch of good for nothing - jerks.

Waste of tax payers money - want to find them - they are always - at some Cafe, some fast eating joint - they are making hay while the sunshine - all at tax payers - account.

Pay to play - Nancy Pelosi does not well -
on all levels - and is a disgrace to San Francisco. She talks the talk but has failed to walk the walk - and will not admit it.

This pay to play - with Platinum Consultants among others in the cockpit - is something - that has been going on for a long, long time. One head of Platinum was fined in New York.

We have yet to see Platinum taken to task in San Francisco - its connection with URS and AECOM - with JACOBS and a host of other so called Primes - that pay to play - all illegal deals - that we tax payers foot.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - where crooks are given shelter - to carry on their - nefarious, activities.

The on going scandal where Lennar Urban - given free reign to do as they please.

When Candlestick Stadium was been torn down - the area surround Candlestick Point - was contaminated.

The tear down and contamination inflicted on homes in and around Candlestick Stadium.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) issued Lennar Urban several Notice of Violations.

On several occasion Tiffany Bohee - another City Employee - anointed by Michael Cohen - went beyond her call of duty to cover up the misdeeds - of Lennar Urban.

The same Lennar that promised the City of Vallejo 10,000 housing units - and then declared - bankruptcy.

Leaving the City of Vallejo holding an empty bag - fake promises - and Vallejo had to declare bankruptcy - and suffers to this day.

Lennar Urban has been given Parcel A for a dollar. Handed over Treasure Island - a man made island that is contaminated.

All sorts of standards are compromised - on Treasure Island. The tenants at Treasure Island today - treated with disdain. Used like a dirty rag - what has Mayor Edwin M. Lee to say - nothing.

Much like Public Housing at Hunters Point - by the John Stewart Company - who is also at Treasure Island.

We the people united - cannot be defeated.

The crooks at City Hall - in Room 200 and in most of the offices occupied by the SF Supervisors - London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Julie Christensen, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell - these key ones - wheel and deal - and must be investigated.

Unless some one goes to jail - nothing will stop.

We the people shut down City Hall - several times - we did what the people ought to do - but these "scum bags" - are beyond control - they must be removed from office - booted out at the coming - elections.

They have no "compassion" for the poor and those suffering.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority - constantly talking about "conceptual plans" that leaving the constituents out - and they got a mouthful at one of the SFCTA meetings - recently - discussing about Treasure Island.

San Franciscans are fed up - and while the crooks are in recess and will come back in September, 2015 - we the people have to work hard to survive - pay check to pay check.

We have homeless people dying on the streets of San Francisco. The suicide rate has gone up - and no one wants - to tell us - how many poor people - because of lack of help - have died on the streets of San Francisco.

The Mayor, Edwim M. Lee - fatten with all the illegal wealth - off shore accounts - condominiums in the name of his cat, dog, and burro - he thought he had it good - but his days are numbered.

AirB&B, Twitter, Webcor, Nibbi, Obiyashi, the Zionists, and more - all Prime Crooks - that are filling his campaign coffers - much the same way - as has been described - in our drab local papers.

We do not have one single investigative reporter - who has has resources - to reveal more and give San Franciscans a clear -picture.

The tentacles of the crooks are all over the place - once the Italians controlled the Parking at the Fisherman's Wharf - now it is the Zionists - how did that come about?

What good has Senator Diane Feinstein, her daughter who is a corrupt judge, her husband Richard Blum who sold URS - done for our City and County of San Francisco?

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi the scourge of the Democratic Party - what has she done for San Francisco?

Except - milk this City  - her son Paul Jr and husband - Paul Sr. - use her influence to rake in millions - they spend more time in Napa then they do in San Francisco.

Good, decent, hardworking, honest San Franciscans cannot take the on going nonsense - anymore.

The character of our neighborhoods - destroyed. Over 30,000 families - have left San Francisco in the last 5 years - never to return. Most of them disgusted - how this City used them and did nothing for them.

We now have a $9 Billion dollars budget. The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee bragging - having sold our assets to the highest bidder. Wheeling and dealing - EB-5 Visas and more - and many think - that this if fine - wait, until they are sent to jail - for a long, long time.

The people united cannot be defeated - time to boot these corrupt - so called representatives.

All this in the land of Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - we surely - do not approve " scum bags" and corrupt folks - who speak with - "fork tongues".

Folks who stole this land, raped the women, killed innocent children, contaminated all that was pristine - and think that what they are building is good! Aho.