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Thursday, August 20, 2015


Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Justice Response Task Force - deliberating at 1800 Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - in the Bayview.

Make no bones that San Francisco is a racist city - and when entities who prefer to see to their own ends - and fail to hold the City and County of San Francisco - responsible - who "with intent" adversely impact the innocent - more damage is done - when it comes to accountability and transparency.

The City Administrator - Naomi Kelly fully knows and comprehends- about the increase in contamination and pollution all over San Francisco. She has no blue print to address any of the very serious issues. No plan whatsoever to address - the failing standards linked to Quality Life Issues - in San Francisco. 

The over 80 skyscrapers - the increase in traffic, the worst congestion on our streets and freeway.

Aggregate, concrete, dust, particulates of the worst kind - have increased our Carbon Footprint by over 400% in San Francisco.

The over 3500 toxic hot spots - the over 300,000 tons of Methane gas spewing into the air - from the thousands of acres of poor landfill land - prone to liquefaction and flooding - are but the tip of the iceberg.

At Pier 70 we have a site that holds a million tons of " liquified coal tar".

Three large sites - at Pier 70 - where huge Ammonia spills took place - the City is fully aware of these sites - and the abatement, mitigation - cleanup and restoration - that should be mandated with standards and this has not happened.

This land is the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - the thieves may say what they want to say, the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - may think what he wants to think - but, this warning is "fair" - put a stop to the pollution, the contamination, the gentrification which is your doing. You of all the people - should know better - STOP - running your mouth too much.

When the City of San Francisco - find out that it has to abate large area - so some standard mitigation - when money is factored in - the City and County of San Francisco, the "greedy developers" want to take a short cut - and do what is "evil" - do what the devil does.

What one hears in such cases - is that the area will be capped - and the "greedy and egoistic developer" and those that take bribes - facilitate in fast tracking the "permitting process" - these vermin - go laughing to the bank.

Members of the community and others listening to the sordid and half-baked - deliberations.

The City has the Department of Environment - that has chosen to address mundane issues. Has not taken a deep look at pollution, contamination, health issues, in short the failing Quality of Life - issues.

Has not bothered to look at those projects - where the SF Department of Environment can take a stand and bring about mitigation.

It has chosen the easy route - advocate and fill its own coffers - to stay alive - and beat around the bush.

The City also has another entity -  the Environmental Division situated at Fox Plaza - with folks like Amy Brownell and Stephanie Cushing - again under the Directorship of Barbara Gracia - who heads the San Francisco Health Department - which has not taken a stand to address the chronic situation when it comes - to the increase - of chronic heart, respiratory, and other fatal diseases.

These regulatory folks - do not want to address any issue - that will - "rock the boat".

Bite the hand that feeds them - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Barbara Gracia, Tiffany Bohee, the Department of Building Inspection - others are intimidated - to stay away from contamination and pollution issues - as they are happening - right now at Candlestick Point and Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Let the people suffer - look the other way. Shame on our City's leadership.

Recently out of no where an entity was formed - led by Green Action - named the Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Justice Response Task Force.

Marie Harrison purports to represent the Bayview Hunters Point - and the Director of Green Acton - Bradley Angel - and a few others.

The make up of the organization does not reflect the demographics of the contemporary population of the Bayview Hunters Point - the same people, the same Regulatory Agencies - that have stood by and have harmed our community.

I attended the very first meeting and one that as held - yesterday - at 1800 Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - in the Bayview.

The second one held yesterday, Wednesday, August 19, 2015 from 2 pm to 4 pm - by the Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Justice Response Task Force.

More - to address some agenda items - more on feedback, suggestions, and confirming agency contacts linked to complaint responses - linked to issues that were discussed at the very first meeting.

The group plans to gather complaints and post them on a website:

IVAN stands for Identifying Violations Affecting Neighborhoods (IVAN).

The Bayview has been on the forefront to address " Environmental Issues" and more take them to adjudication and win.

We have a sound track record - and a Class Action is what we must - work in unison - being educated on issues - and more on the process that has failed the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - because of sell outs.

Unlike past advocacy movements - this new model - aims at collecting complaints - and does not have a clear path - about "jurisdiction" - less about adjudication - and even less about making the community - whole - which begs the question - accountability.

Some of us advocates and here I would like to give credit to Dr Ahimsa Sumchai - with whom I have worked on several issues - have not only spoken about the adverse impacts, the pollution and contamination, but we have backed it up with "empirical data".

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has again and again - treated the Bayview Hunters Point community like dirt.

Doling money to some groups - and creating - divisiveness.

The person behind this is Juliet Ellis from the SF Public Utilities Commission - who was faulted by the Fair Political Action Commission - the San Francisco Ethics Commission - the SF Sunshine Task Force - and is a disgrace to anything - decent.

Barbara Gracia - the Director of Health Department - has all the documentation on how our infants, children, youth and young adults are dying slowly - but, does nothing about it.

More folks from Bayview for example use to have easy access to Saint Luke's Hospital - no more. No one will take on this blatant and glaring - issue.

The SF General Hospital has a $2 Billion budget - but follow a patient from the Bayview in distress - going to SF General Hospital - and find out the real results.

Again and again the SF General Hospital owes a lot to the Bayview community - including the rebuild of parts of the SF General Hospital - with money given to the hospital by the leaders of the community.

This was long before - FACEBOOK - could dole out some of its "blood money" to the new wing of the SF General Hospital.

Thousands of innocent people from the Southeast Sector - that I represent as the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - for the last 35 years - have died from lack of proper health care, nutrition, adverse impacts the importation of "crack cocaine" - the selling of guns in our community - many actions - backed by sell outs - the end result - that we loosely term - "gentrification" - but fail to hold the "sell outs" responsible. Who is behind this ploy?

Environmental Justice Advocacy
has stood tall and represented
we will not give up - not with the people
on our side - thousands of them.

Some of us are watching the shenanigans, the ploys, and the machinations. Time will tell.

Those that have been working with us - gathering the data - and fine tuning - the "facts that matter" - can stand their ground - and will stand their - ground.

Believe me Mayor Edwin M. Lee knows what he is doing.

Willie L. Brown Jr and his "thugs" know - what is happening today and have learned well how to amass - "blood money". Pay to play.

I keep Mayor Edwin M. Lee abreast of most of what I am stating in this blog. His so called advisors Tony Winniker and Steve Kawa - that has had a long run - he will leave - " no legacy".

Single handedly Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those that do not have the "best interest" of our City and County of San Francisco - have taken our great City of San Francisco - that belongs to the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone that I represent - down the drain - into the "cesspool" of their own creation.

The people united - will not be defeated.

We need a air monitoring station or some equipment - by at Hunters Point - free from all encumbrances.

We need other monitoring equipment - to gather information about Asbestos structures, lead, mercury, and other very harmful elements - that will baffle those that will have to read the results from the various tests - conducted.

In the past we have conducted such tests - paying for it from our own pocket.

The fake surveys - the fake meetings, the vetting at the meetings - are all superficial - we find no real solutions - we expose what we already know. Some of these folks are barking up the wrong tree - misleading - and trying to hoodwink the community.

We have the data and we have the real patients who are suffering - from all the adverse impacts.

Many of those adversely, impacted  will die - the demographics are changing - and those that are suffering and have suffered - many of them - are on the last leg of this journey on this Earth.

Please do not play with the lives of the people - for little bread crumbs thrown your way.

I know the crooks and the crooks know me - if want to bring it on - if that is want you want - bring it on. You are warned.