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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


High rises increase the Carbon Footprint

San Francisco was once respected for trying its best to put its best foot forward. San Francisco and San Franciscans had "heart" - not any more.

The recent political shenanigans are well know all over the Nation. We have a system here of " political corruption "  - the facts are now being deliberated - in our Courts - and this is not the first time.

We cannot address the Carbon Footprint - by building thousands of unit for the " filthy rich " and then think nothing about it.

Concrete,aggregate, vehicles spewing dangerous particulates,generators spewing particulates - other sources spewing lead,mercury and other toxic contaminants - are all well know to the "Regulatory Agencies" - but they do not anything much to address the concerns of the public at large.

From 4th and King all the way to Mid-way Public Housing near the Cow Place and Geneva - thousands of tons of methane gas - spews into the air.

The conservative figure is about - 150,000 tons - of Methane gas - from landfills - and the City and County does not want to address this blatant atrocity committed against our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - when will this nonsense - stop.

One ton of Methane gas equal twenty two tons of the Carbon Dioxide - I challenge the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - and Mr Jack Broadbent to look into this fact - and post the real time figures - on any reliable - website.

Let us not kid ourselves with this drought.

Of course Mayor Edwin M. Lee does not care about the Environment - nor does he give a hoot about Quality of Life issues. He does care about making money - and a lot of the nonsense that Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has got into - is right now being adjudicated in our Courts.

While President Barack Hussein Obama may want this Nation to address "Climate Change" - by vague statement - those "energy companies" - Nationwide including here in San Francisco - will take the matter to Court - and stall what needs to be done and should have be done - years ago.

Let us not fool ourselves that we could have address ourselves - having in place a better transportation system - with state of the art - trains. We chose with intent to back the oil companies and went for cars - the SUVs and other large vehicles - that are gas guzzlers - and we thought - nothing of it.

That is until - some one said - the North Poles and the South Pole - is now undoing a dramatic change - large icebergs breaking away - and with the large ice caps melting - we human beings will witness - sea level change - and all this and more - because the ozone is depleting

Once we had Power Plants for over 60 years they polluted the land, the water, and the air - in  San Francisco - the Southeast.

The paradox is for a long time United States Scientists - working for the United States Government - did not believe in Climate Change - many today - do not believe in Climate Change.

At the many forums and conventions - addressing Climate the United States chose not to sign agreements.

More to curtain - Carbon Dioxide - the United States did that in Rio, in South Africa - at other conventions all over the world - without blinking an eye.

Here in San Francisco we stole this land from the Ohlone.

In less than 200 years we have contaminated the watershed.

Ruined the Bay and polluted the air. We talk the talk but we fail to walk the walk.

Our City Department of Environment is a JOKE.

The fail to speak to Climate Changes and the adverse impacts in San Francisco. They only favor projects - where they can make some money - to better their salaries.

We need real time readings of Methane Gas, Asbestos structures being recored at high levels on Parcel A.

We need real time reading of other dangerous elements like mercury, lead, high level readings of radiological elements - at the many hot spots on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Treasure Island - and all over the City and County of San Francisco.

San Francisco has chosen with intent - to abuse Mother Earth.

San Francisco in recent years - has chosen to harm the poor and those that need help most.

San Francisco has chosen to embrace pollution, congestion, rent increase, thousands of families - who lived in San 
Francisco - have left San Francisco.

San Francisco has chosen with intent to harm our infants,our children,our youth,our young adults - seniors - those who cannot defend - themselves - thinking much about the harm they are doing.

We now have a City workforce that has jumped from 28,000 to 30,000 while we pay taxes and pay salaries to 30% of the City employees - average salary with benefit - $185,000 a year.

For every 8 constituents who pay taxes - we have one City Employee.

10% of the  City employees making over $200,000 with benefits.

Some making over $300,000 and failing us San Franciscans - hoodwinking us - and wasting our money,

Many - having no leadership - and following the Mayor and his failed polices - like some lapdogs.

Time for San Francisco to wake up - on Climate Change, Clean Energy, the Congestion on our freeways and streets.

Spewing hot air - talking from both sides of one's mouth - does nothing at all.

Cliches that mean nothing -until one verifies - examines the empirical data - and finds out - who really is pussyfooting - around - and lying.

Right now San Francisco has increased its Carbon Footprint in the last five years - by a whooping 400%.Any takers.