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Thursday, February 5, 2015


The Southeast Sector is where the Main Post Office for all of San Francisco is situated.

The various industrial entities that makes things work - ironworks, welding, car repairs.

All kinds of furniture enterprises, printing presses for T-shirts, restaurants, small business - in short all the industries that cater to most everything.

Over 8 thousands small enterprises in the Bayview - if not more.

The Southeast Sector is also known for high rates of cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, unique tumors - other diseases not found in other parts of San Francisco.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which has been designated as a Superfund Site.

Only the worst contaminated sites - more with high levels of radioactive elements are designated as Superfund Sites.

The SF Hunters Naval Shipyard site has not be abated, mitigated, cleaned to Residential Standards as mandated in Proposition P in the year 2000.

Thus - anyone who lives in the area - works in the area - spends all hours - right now - will be adverse impacted - one health compromised.

The City and County for years has used the empirical data linked to diseases and the poor health of the residents to apply for grants and raked in and continues to rake in - millions of dollars.

Of the millions of dollars that  are received; very little of it comes into the community - that is the Bayview and Hunters Point, Oakdale or Little Hollywood. Double Rock - the areas most affected and where most poorly and disadvantaged folks live.

The entities that receive the millions - dole out stale bread crumbs to the sell outs - I have named them before - and will not tarnish this article - by naming them - unless it is imperative.

Malia Cohen who represent District 10 - is despicable to say the least. 

She has now resorted to make her appearance -trying to impress - God alone know whom - putting on heavy make up to cover the blemishes on her face - making her look like a Lemur - be it a Lemur is much prettier - and she has no clue about it - at all.

Malia Cohen is a sell out - a planted sell out - that is using her position to rake in money. She must be charged under the RICO Act working with the developers - not to much to improve the conditions of the people in District 10 - but to further expedite - GENTRIFICATION.

Yesterday another Samoan was shot and killed - an innocent Latina woman by a stray bullet a days earlier - and Charles Williams a rapper - shot and killed - and NOT a word about this escalating madness - our youth being shot and killed - and the so called District 10 Supervisor - keeps painting her face and grinning like a - jackass.

Sorry ass B****

Lennar Urban is not a good neighbor and it now busy selling EB-5 Visas to the Chinese from China and other entities that are not cognizant of the true facts- related to contamination, pollution, and the worse type of diseases.

Parcel A which is just one of many Parcels - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard that  is contaminated.

Those who want to purchase a unit - sell  it as water front property - painting a nice picture - to live in a "toxic" cesspool. .

In other places and area all over America - the entities offer the EB-5 Visas for $1 million - but at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the going price is $500,000.

The toxic pill - that will slowly kill those that make their abode on Parcel A and with Lennar Urban enticing - innocent people to purchase the units.

Not a single person in authority speaking to the Truth.

Right now - Lennar Urban is mandated to place some monitors - to register the Asbestos Structures -  on Parcel A.

These reading are collected and then sent to the laboratory - you receive the results one day later - after the samples collected are analyzed. 

So if the readings are high - and the workers and working without - any protective gear - on the day the readings are high - the workers are all are putting themselves in harms way.

Local Union 261 - the other UNIONS the carpenters union - are all into placing the workers - but are NOT take any precaution when it comes to SAFETY.

There are some entities in our community who are totally ignorant.

Ignorance is a dangerous element - that takes the community backwards - more, when these entities have a primitive mentality - and will take any jobs failing to abide to Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

One can get more information by visiting: or calling: 1-800-321-6742 and reporting or getting more information about Mesothelioma and the adverse impacts of dust, contamination.

The San Francisco Health Department and the Director Barbara Gracia - has been pandering to the developers.

Helped in the firing of Dr. Rajiv Bhatia - who once head the Environmental Department within the SF Health Department.

Barbara Gracia is working closely with the corrupt developers to cut corners and adversely impact thousands in San Francisco - millions on days when events take place in San Francisco. Bombarded by Asbestos structures and other contaminants.

We have a population of about 820,000 which increases when folks come to work, participate at the large conventions, more when we have the sports events and so on and so forth.

This number of the population increases to - a million and a half and at times - 2 million.

The entire Mission Bay is poor landfill.

The contaminated soil was removed from the higher ground and used as fill - right where the new University of California San Francisco - facilities are - including the three new hospitals.

The land capped and the buildings built - for profit and greed on very contaminated - ground.

Some of us who participated did not want the expansion of the SF General Hospital to move to Mission Bay.

The few who attended those meetings and for sure not the crooks who hold the purses today -  dole out blood money for other uses - and less to address Quality of Life issues - in the Bayview.

We had some buildings burn down and hundreds left homeless.

The SF City and County has nothing is place to cater to hundreds of homeless - innocent people made homeless - because of a fire, an earthquake, any type of scenario where hundreds need - help - in an emergency.

The SF Office of Emergency Services is a JOKE.

The Red Cross bears the burden -  lip service is paid by our Mayor Edwin Lee.

When people are killed - when, there is some large tragedy the man cannot fathom, less create a plan - that caters to the victims.

When as a Mayor of San Francisco not Shanghai - you talk too much, cut ribbons and use diatribe in your State of the City address to people who listen to you - mostly sell outs and by invitation only.

The Gentrification is on going - and with AirBnB, the Academy of Art University, other tech companies such as Twitter getting tax breaks - while the working class now has to work two and three jobs - to make a living.

A one bed room now fetches $3500 - not long ago - these one bed room cost $900.

$1000 at the most in the richer neighborhoods - and less than $800 in the poorer - neighborhoods.

This divide is made all the more horrific - with poor services - the essential services needed to address Quality of Life issues.

In the interim millions of dollars that should come to the Bayview for urgent and needed services - are diverted to aid and abet - suspicious and nefarious projects - it is time to call in Federal Entities and enforce the RICO act.

The evidence and empirical data is there for all the world to see.