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Thursday, February 19, 2015


This is San Francisco - and here we embrace all - in recent times the equations and the modalities have been drastically changed - those that need help most are - hurting.

More entire families with children - who contributed so much to the character of our neighborhoods - but now they must leave with heavy hearts - or else perish on the streets of San Francisco as indigents.

We still have many advocates, elders, other new comers that love the way - we do things in San Francisco - that have their heart - in the right place.

Daily we have to deal with politicians - most of them - sell outs.

These  politicians - we deem as "vermin" have no heart.

These politicians - think - because they won some fake elections - that they can say one thing - and do what they want.

We lack politicians who can represent - and when they represent - it is because things have got out of hand and it is evident to all - who know better.

In San Francisco we have astute constituents - many educated in the best colleges and universities from all over the world.

Many of them immigrants - people of color - grateful and ready to contribute and join the revolution.

Well, we are putting the politicians and those that are GREEDY on notice.

The reason is simple - we have reached saturation point - too many hurdles put in the way of the poor and those that need help.

The blatant disdain shown towards the poor and those that have no connections - too much to endure.

I have seen this in person - and when I come on the scene - those that once denied something  - say the will help - because they fully understand if they do not - they will be exposed.

Our San Francisco Unified School District has no clue what is happening at ground zero. The entire system - depends on children.

Thousand of families for the sake of their children are leaving San Francisco. 

State funding depends on the number of students that attend - and the attendance is falling down - the Superintendent has given himself a $60,000 raise - that is added to the thousands he is already receiving - all tax payer - money.

We need to do a needs assessment of all our Public schools.

We also need to find out - if the San Francisco Unified School District has the "capacity" to do a good job - with the present system - where there are no strict - standards.

Special Education is a JOKE - it is here that those who need a little help - are incarcerate - and treated badly - locked up and spoken down to.

Never mind if at the many "drab" San Francisco Unified School District Board meetings - the Board members and the students who supposedly represent - the other students - pat their own bottoms - and praise themselves.

These dog and pony shows can be evaluated by anyone - it is there to be seen - but now we need the empirical data - to compare and make our own - assessment. 

The people united - cannot be defeated.

At ground zero today we have more dogs and cats in San Francisco.

That is not counting the feral cats - and other feral animals.

The above population - get better treatment in San Francisco.

Dogs have "hotels" - and so do cats - and the mindless - care little - about human beings.

This is Ohlone land - every square inch - and some where - some how many of those enjoying the bounty of the land - think the history of San Francisco - started when the restless, the renegades, invaded some few hundreds years ago - in search of gold.

On arriving the Ohlone who were here for thousands of years - Carbon dated to 13,000 - empirical data - that has to be noted and remembered.

This history is not taught in our schools - our San Francisco Planning Department all City Departments - know about this fact - but avoid talking about the realty of this fact.

Most folks are strangers on Ohlone land - and act as if they own the land.

Of course the invaders needed help at one time - after accepting the hospitality of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone - they bit the hand that fed them.

These sorry ass urchins are what we have today - their paper money is not worth the paper.

They deploy tactics that defy decency - there is not one rich person in San Francisco - who has made her or his money - by hard work and standards.

When it comes to the corporations - those attached to them - adversely impact the majority.

These so called Corporate "scum bags" - buy power by offering money - and take huge write offs - the City and County of San Francisco - offers them "tax breaks".

When it comes to the poor, the indigent all sorts of hurdles are put in the way of those that need - help.

When it comes to our teachers in the Public Schools - the Management make and break the rules.

The teachers are at the mercy of wrong decisions made by Management.

The hardworking teachers are given less remuneration for a job well done - and pink slips as a reward - for so many years in a row.

We all know this but few of us speak up - that time in now.

The San Francisco Health Department has $2 Billion dollar budget.

When it comes to our infants, children, youth and young adults - there is no model - that embraces this segment of the population - is a smooth manner. Where all are treated and cared as they should - there is talk - and soon I will be addressing this issue - at the San Francisco Health Commission.

If you are poor - you have to survive -  to survive - one has to work two, three, four jobs.

There is no time for yourself - and those that look at things in a superficial way - do not have a "heart " think all is fine - when it comes to the poor.

It is not fine - and the time has come to invade and protest - and show those that have misused their power - who really is in charge.

We have a plan - we have been having a plan - that time has come - much like you see in the world - there is only so much of abuse one can take.

Then it reaches saturation point - and all hell breaks - loose. 

As things stand today - when it comes to the education and health of our children - the safety of our children - not all is well - as I said - and I can and must repeat this - until it is etched in the minds of those that make polices - and leave out those that need help - most.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is busy cutting ribbons and bragging about mundane stuff.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - e does not have the guts to address the killings and shootings - taking place in our neighborhoods.

Victims are given $5,000 and when pressed a little more. 

Families and loved ones suffer - they do not complain - their hearts are too heavy -  for these families and they are many - they are lost in their sorrow - a suffer a slow - death.

We few who speak up - have to bring it to the attention of the deaf - those who heart is so cold - not in the right place - those that  look the other way.

This nonsense must stop  - on we need to address the current Violence and Killings on a War Footing.

Not in a nonchalant manner - but in a manner - with a proven Blue Print that has been vetted - that does NOT exist.

We want to know who makes the policies and can stand by the standards. 

We want to know who evaluates those that receive millions to address Violence Prevention and Intervention - agencies such as DCYF and Maria Su - and the SF Health Department and Barbara Gracia - and how are the millions of grants - are spread out - and evaluated with transparency and accountability.

We want to see a viable and sustainable plan.

We want to to study the plan and the capacity building.

We would like to check the evaluations and audits - posted for all to see on the Internet.

We want to see what steps are taken to embrace all - we want to see if some changes can be made - for the better.

We want to know - what steps are taken to go to a better place.

We are fed up of "fluff" - drab statements - verbosity - and sordid - diatribe.

We want to know - and time is running out.

You all are put on notice. Now.