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Saturday, February 21, 2015


The San Francisco Mayor's Office is " all fluff ".

The Mayor's Office and its many Departments  - have NO viable plan that is sustainable - when it comes to the constituents of San Francisco - some 820,000 - with thousands of families with children - leaving the City and County of San Francisco.

No decent City should turn its back on its constituents and that is what is happening today. Droves of innocent San Franciscans - are forced to leave their homes - many owners of homes - others - renters.

The paradox is the Mayor Office of San Francisco has been nonchalant - with press conference full of "fluff" - an increase of homeless folks sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

Most adversely impacted - our infants, our children, our youth and young adults from the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Recently when some announcement was made about giving people some roof over their head - over 10,000 people applied.

Anyone with sense - will tell you - that if this is the case - based on this empirical data - our City and County of San Francisco has failed - has failed miserably.

This one singular fact - should awake the policy makers - from their deep slumber.

The City and County of San Francisco without any meaningful dialog - has given away large tracts of land with housing units - belonging to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to large Property Managers - such as Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company and Bridge Developers - all White and this is Racism of the worst kind.

The majority of the constituents living in Public Housing at Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Sunnydale are people of color.

The property belongs to the Housing and Urban Development a Federal Entity.

There is written legal language where the tenants could own the units - but the SF Housing Authority to whom the properties were turned over to - to operated - with intent - used  "deferred maintenance" - to run down the public housing.

All with the blessing of the Mayors of San Francisco - up to this date. 

In the year 2000 there was a large Heroin Bust in Hayward - the largest drug bust in the Nation at that time.

Over a Billion dollars of Heroin was seized - and the name of some big fish in San Francisco and the name of John Stewart was on the manifest.

An important name that also appeared on that manifest - represent San Francisco in Congress today. This information is available for all to see. I just happen to know - who was involved in the operations - that seized the drugs - and after a while who truly was behind this heist. 

Our City and County of San Francisco with intent has chosen to side with the "devil" and evil Property Mangers and Developers who have no idea - whose land this is - in San Francisco.

The entire San Francisco area belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

The land was pristine - until the strangers came and polluted it.

The Property Managers and the Developers - have no sense about their responsibility to human beings - more San Franciscans - even less about addressing  Quality of Life issues in San Francisco.

Our neighborhoods in San Francisco once had character - these many characteristics have been destroyed - by high rise buildings - and many of them on land prone to liquefaction and flood.

Land that was once the Bay. The time will come when these tall building topple and fall into the Bay. Mother Nature always wins - and persons who think they know some - falls flat on their face.

The Mayor and his minions keep making statements that make no sense.

Enticing others with ploys that make no sense.

So now they are touting one more - Non-Profits will get an opportunity to participate - have control of certain properties that belong to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

All these properties can be controlled by the Non-Profit with some $52 million seed money that the City and County of San Francisco - is setting aside. The details favor those in the pipe-line and those that - " pay to play".

Much before this announcement was made - that were chosen entities having a meeting with the SF Housing Authority - at a tall building on Van Ness.

Webcor and others - all given the scoop - and all part of the on going shenanigans.

We have Non-Profits that can build and control - and have better expertise - than the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers, or Mercy Housing.

None of the projects built buy the "evil developers" are built within the budget provided by the State of California and the City of San Francisco.

Many changed orders are made - and the Mayor's Office of Housing and one Olson Lee - is the chief mischief maker who permits this to happen. 

We know this - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee is fine with this charlatan of sorts.

There are Non-Profits who have on their team decent developers with a heart, construction companies that have built hospitals - that demand a higher standards.

Other small companies that have build all of sorts of facilities - but these companies will not contribute to bribes = "paying to play" no way.

If you bribe the Platinum Consultants thousands of dollars - one can receive - whatever they need on a platter.

Some of us refuse to do this - and that is why the Federal Government must step in and under the RICO Act - send these "thugs" to jail for a long, long time.

Many of them working for the City and County of San Francisco as Department heads are plants of Willie L. Brown a former - "thug mayor".

I am not divulging their names in public - they know who they are - but if forced - will to Law Enforcement -provided they can do something about it.

Who invited the John Stewart Company to Hunters Point - to create a new name and area called Huntersview surrounded by the worst type of contaminants.

Adding fuel to fire and insulting the community by building inferior units that leak when it rains. All sorts to mold - are the units were not built that long ago.

You whisper and you can hear next door. What type of living does this make? The Mayor Edwin M. Lee knows about this - it was in the press for all the world to see - whey do we allow a "corrupt entity like the John Stewart Company in our community".

Not long ago - we had a reading of 840,000 structures per cubic meter - on Parcel A - not far away from Huntersview. Just depends which way the 40 and 60 miles per hours wind blows - for the Asbestos to enter the nostrils of those - that know not what hit them - and how hard.

Not a word from our Mayor or his sordid - minions on this issue.

If this had been the case - where the Pacific Heights Mafia live - there would have been a hue and cry.

EB-5 visas are being marketed in Mainland China and in other places.

Promising the innocent - that for $500,000 they can waterfront properties.

LIES - the land is polluted so polluted that a waiver must be signed - that you cannot plant anything in the soil by your unit.

You many go near the beach - but not on the beach - that is contaminated with high level of radioactive elements.

Lennar Urban is a " rogue developer " and nothing good will come from what it has in mind or touches.

It is simply wrong to entice - innocent people - to buy housing units on very contaminated land - the EB-5 Visas linked to Parcel A.

The United States Navy has controlled of the other parcels B,C,D. E, F which is the Bay - other Divisions within the Divisions G, UC1, UC2 known as Utility Corridors - and so forth and so on.

All contaminated with high levels of radioactive elements.

Recently an investigative reporting revealed - TV Station NBC Investigates -  that radioactive elements at high levels - determined as Class I dirt - that should have gone to precise sites that accept such dirt.

On the contrary very contaminated dirt laden with high levels of radioactive elements  - were sent to local landfills - as Class II dirt. 

What a  crying shame. Not a word from Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who should be ashamed of himself. Not a word from those in charge of such sordid action - the City's Environment Department - linked to Cushing and Amy Brownell.

As things stand today with the over 80 cranes all over of City and County of San Francisco.

Pandemonium on the streets of San Francisco - with congestion - and every one preparing to rake in the millions - as we approach the Super Bowl.

That will be played in Santa Clara - but the wheeling and dealing done in San Francisco. 

While all of the above is being manifested - the movers and shakers " all devils "- are focused on making money - as much as they can - and all this will come to naught - God sees it all.

We have empirical data that our women and young girls - especially those in poor neighborhoods are suffering.

Details in these reports - explain their health and all the adverse impacts they endure.

Our City and County of San Francisco and our Director of Health and the Health Commission - knows this but they look the other way.

I will be address this issue at the next San Francisco Health Commission.

The Polynesian Community has been kept in the dark.

The Polynesian Community deserves more - they come under the Asians - who swallow the majority of the funds, the grants, and think they can get away with murder in broad - daylight.

It is time for the Polynesian community to take charge of their destiny.

Shun away from those pretending to represent the Polynesians and NOT having the ability to provide the necessary services and information - required to be educated on issues and make - progress.

The Blacks in San Francisco have been kept in the dark - and are worse off today - than every before.

Too many sell outs on the payroll of Lennar Urban or evil entities - for money they will sell their community. We are watching you all - like a hawk.

Once Blacks maked up 25% of the population of San Francisco - now they are down to 4%.

Blacks leaving our City in droves - left to fend for themselves on the streets of San Francisco - facing the inclement  - weather.

I have been reporting about these facts - but now the situation has reached - saturation point. People are angry - the are desperate - and when you mix these two facts - things are ripe - for an explosion - and no one knows - in which direction - the people will go and how they will react.

The people united - have the power - and there is only so much one can endure - sooner not later the patient runs - out. This is your clarion call - to fix the problems and do something - holistic.

Latinos who one pooled their money and bought homes - were caught up with the sub-prime, derivatives, other ploys and machinations and are facing the many adverse impacts - forcing them to work two, three, and four jobs.

The Asians mostly Chinese - are buying up properties - but failing to contribute to the character of the neighborhood.

Filling the public trash cans with trash from their homes - it is a joke to see them carry these piles early in the morning to commit their dirty deed.

The neighborhood is ours and we all must keep it clean.

Once you are in the United States - make an effort to learn English - and stop the noise on the MUNI buses - shoving and failing to utter the words "excuse me ".

For sure we are a melting pot - but give me a break - let us at least make an effort to learn the necessary words in English - to get by.

Much as we learn a few words in Mandarin or Cantonese - to get by - showing our Chinese Sisters and Brothers - we are making an attempt - in the one melting pot - or a potpourri of salad.

The Mayor's Office must stop the "open markets" that are sprouting here, there, and every where - donated food sold in the open.

Often the products have expiry dates a day of two - after they are sold.

Some goods sold that have dates that have long - expired.

Recently I had to tell the person that the baby food the person was trying to sell - some Gaber Product - had expired dates - and this could come to haunt the person.

When I could not get across the language barrier - I had to find  someone to explain the fact in Chinese.

People are forced to take all sorts of measures to make a living.

When they cannot - they steal, break in your home, break into cars, commit all sorts of petty crime - and violate others.

This is not fair on those that make a good living and abide by the laws of the land - and more have the character from going to church and bringing brought up right - father, mother, the extended family - children and all - contributing their best - to the Nation - the First People call Turtle Island.

It is time the Mayor Office of Housing focus on housing - allowing home grown Non-Profits to participate.

Stop giving the crooks the inside scoop - while pretending that you all are trying to do good. 

You just cannot when your heart in not in the right place. When you are so used to receive money first and then delver the products - some of them get delivered - and others come about - with "change orders and amendments".

The worst of them all the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - now try to entice some developers to build homes on its 28 acres parcel by City College - without any meaningful deliberation.

Much like its sordid operation linked to the $ 7 Billion - Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) that has failed to reveal and more discuss - the empirical data and facts - to the public at large.

Time will tell.