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Monday, February 16, 2015


Very little is known about "Charity Care" - more so when the hospitals in the Bay Area - rake in millions in profits - and fail miserably to provide - mandated - "Charity Care".

You just have to learn how the hospitals charge the Federal and State government for a room at a hospital - over $1200 a day.

An Aspirin can be given to you and you charged $30 if not $50.
Studying the line items and the charges linked to various medications - in some cases over 500%. Something stinks in Denmark.

Charity Care is mandated to be given to our constituents - in our great City - that at one time had more hospitals and clinics - many of them now shut forever.

The Charity Care given in years gone by - was quality care no more.

In recent years - crooked hospital entities - have chosen to manipulate the system - preferring to donate money to clinics away from hospitals in the neighborhoods - Wellness Centers - and clinics run with a hidden agenda - like the one on San Bruno Avenue and Burrows.

$4 million was given to the Wellness Center that operates in one of the most toxic sites in San Francisco - 3450 Third Street by one Nadine Burks. With the blessing of Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Barbara Gracia - who heads the San Francisco Health Department - the side kick - Malia Cohen grinning while filling her campaign coffers.

$ 4 million from California Pacific Medical Center, $300,000 from the 49ers, and millions from FaceBook - just centers do more harm than good - this one built in an area that is "toxic hotspot" - 3450 Third Street by Cargo Way.

Infants and children are treated at this Wellness Center - and no one cares to test the air, the soil, the water - in this area by Islais Creek - Cargo Way.

In this precise case we are putting our infants and children in harm way - with intent. Some one has BLOOD on their hands.

Thousands of infants and children used to go to Saint Luke's Hospital - no more.

More so when this once noble operation - who taken over by California Pacific Medical Center - that belongs to the Sutter Group of Hospitals.

The first thing that happened after the take over - was the entire section catering to the Mentally Challenged - was shut down. Now, people are admitted and in a short time put in an ambulance and transferred to California Pacific Medical Center on California Street. A long trip from the Mission and Valencia - all the way to California Street - more with the congestion on our streets - and more dangerous particulates to breathe on the way.

For all the talk - in our great City we have more dogs and cats - and less children.

 Most of the children are found in the Southeast Sector of our City - where the contamination and pollution - is the highest - are treated with disdain. The mothers complain to me and other advocates - when it comes to health of our infants, our children our youth in the Southeast Sector - the City just looks away. More with poor representation - Malia Cohen is a JOKE.

It does not bother the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee, Barbara Gracia, the head of the SF Board of Supervisors, London Breed - to understand the relation between toxicity, dangerous particulates, Abestos Structures, fumes of all kinds - and the many inherent diseases - respiratory diseases, heart diseases, liver, lung, it goes on and on.

The City Administrator - Naomi Kelly - has NOT taken the time to study the empirical data - the dangerous particulates, the high level of radio active elements and their high levels of readings, Asbestos reading at the Hunters Point Hill - the wind - at time in access of 60 miles - carry the Asbestos Structures - far beyond one can imagine.

As a Black and more as a Mother - she can sit won with the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and explain to me a thing or two. The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is afraid to sit down with me - he has once - but I want to explain to him - what exactly is happening - one on one. He may be accompanied by Chief Gregory Suhr - who can be a witness to our dialogue about the community at large.

There is an on going Federal Bureau of Investigation investigation that is on going -  the EB-5 Visa have been sold to unsavory Mainland Chinese - linked to Parcel A at Hunters Point.

Many of those desiring to come to the United States and more San Francisco have criminal records - for $500,000. Those responsible in the Bay Area - heading these sordid EB-5 visas - are being investigated.

A STOP has to be put to this madness  and those found to break the laws sent to jail - for a long, long time.

Follow the money - so - if you follow the activities of Lennar Urban, AECOM which just bought URS, Webcore, Nibbi and Cahill, Tutor, the John Stewart Company - you will find a few crooks deeply - involved in all these companies.

You pay to play - and one cannot fool all the people - all the time. 

One of the most corrupt entities in San Francisco - is the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - which is an Enterprise Department. It generates its own money and funding - and does not dip into the General Fund of the City and County of San Francisco.

 A hornet nest - where the most corrupt - have made their nest and continue to fleece the constituents of San Francisco.

Leading the pack Juliet Ellis - who now has hired here folks - to control the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building in the Bayview.

A Building built for the community - not to glorify the sordid deeds of the crooks - who make their abode at the SF Public Utilities Commission - and want to control the activities of the building - remote, control.

The entities that have to help our infants and children - are treating our children with disdain. When it comes to the Black children - they get - "nothing at all" and this is a crying - shame.

It will be interesting to see - how many of our Black Children are admitted to the brand new Children Hospital at Mission Bay.

The same with our Black women - plagued by Crack Cocaine, prostitution, AIDS, all sorts of respiratory diseases - at the brand new Women's Hospital at Mission Bay - next to the Children's Hospital - you must visit the hospitals - State of the Art.

Some of these young women were healthy - and I knew them contributing good things to society.

Now, at the age of 40 and less - they look aged - and tears come down their eyes - for they know what I am thinking about. The same with the men - they have lost respect for themselves - stone drugged - they watch the world go by them - and care nothing about anything that matters - and take them to a - better place.

We watch some of them sitting from early morning to late evening - making small talk - wheeling and dealing - and this they do day in and day out - for years. All of them Black.

We have to call upon our so called Representatives both on the local and State level - who have NO clue - about the suffering of our constituents - more our infants and children - our youth and young adults.

The San Francisco Health Commission is fully aware that contamination and pollution plays havoc with anyone health - more infants and children - who are put in harms way - and are vulnerable.

Barbara Gracia comprehends that contamination and pollution - are some of the key factors that trigger other symptoms - hypertension - stress - anger - frustration - you see this more evident in young children - who you know are mentally, psychologically, physically - totally - traumatized.

The mostly single mothers - already burdened - do not know how to address the affects of those infants and children - who are hyper - cry and scream, cannot be controlled - throw tantrums - we all see this - but most to not know - where it comes from?

The San Francisco Health Department uses the statistics from the Bayview and other areas - to get huge  grants - and thinks that we do not know what is happening. Over $500 million in shape or the other.

Violence and what comes with Violence is a serious Health Problem. Many of of the most traumatic cases that are Emergency Room - are from gun and stab wounds. Sometimes 30 to 40 shots - embedded in the body.

These surgeries cost a lot of money - and it is time to make a video and show it to those that can change their ways. More the Black on Black violence - that makes no sense.

Over $500 million is received from various grants - and given to the San Francisco Health Department. Very little of this money is spent - for Prevention and sound Education.

The SF Health Department -  itself has a more than $1 Billion budget - nearing $2 Billion - but what trickles down to the Bayview Hunters Point is but a tiny drop.

This attitude and mentality of the SF Health Commission and the Director Barbara Gracia - must change - drastically.

There is money kept aside to upgrade and expand the Southeast Sector Clinic - nothing much is happening.

The clinic serves the indigent and those that most need help -  the clinic does not get the funding to serve the constituents as best they can.

The Corner's Office has a backlog when it comes to finding out the cause of death.

Yes the cause of death.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Mayor Edwin M Lee and his minions and the SF Board of Supervisors - have no clue about this fact.

When is this City and County of San Francisco going to hire a Toxicologist - who can provide us with the right reports - on all the contamination and pollution - more going on in Room 200 in City Hall?