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Saturday, February 7, 2015


There are folks who earn thousands of dollars - all paid by the tax payers - who look the other way - when it comes to addressing Quality of Life issues. More by their actions.

Recently, we have had many youth killed - and the other youth - who know them - youth in general are traumatized.

Children, youth, young adults, and others who are young are impressed by things that are good and remember them for a long time.

Equally children, youth, young adults, those physically and mentally challenged are affected - when "bad things happen" and remember them for a long, long time.

In recent days many youth have approached me - and I listen to their deep, concerns. and I keep listening.

I assure the youth - as best I can - that our City and County of San Francisco and those authorities who have the responsibility to address - Violence Prevention and Intervention - are doing their best.

Those charged to provide the means to help our citizens and others traumatized must do their best. The funds have been appropriated - the leadership must step up and do what has not been - done. We have access to the documents, the many grants, and the Full Time Employment (FTEs) - folks being paid - but there is no one to monitor them.

Hence on a war effort - we need mandatory - quarterly reports - from those who are charged - and there are one or two assigned by the Mayor - working in the Mayor's Office in Room 200 - who can expedite - and have these quarterly reports - as soon as possible.

Over 300  millions dollars are set aside to address Violence Prevention and Intervention - and we have " no sound policy" - lot of money spent - but we want to know how?

How much of this money to aid the children, the youth, the young adults - with issues - linked to traumatic circumstances - that have adversely impacted the above.

I have the ability to contact some of the best folks who put their lives on the line - working and address Violence Prevention and Intervention.

More understanding the situation at hand all over our City and County of San Francisco -  they all know about the underlying factors - I can get the information and all that is good.

When I say I can get the information it is not only about the Bayview Hunters Point and the Western Addition. Information from all over the City.

In San Francisco youth are bused all over San Francisco - even if there is a good school - a few block from where they live.

This makes it difficult - more for the girls - who have added issues to deal with - to have peace of mind. When they are affected with the issues - linked to killings and shootings - you can imagine what these young girls - have to endure - going to school and getting back home.

San Francisco Public Transportation is not the best when it comes to Safety.

In recent days - droves of so called Inspectors - invade the MUNI buses our public transportation - seeking those who have not paid their fares.

Truly speaking you do not need 10 to 15 Inspectors - ganging up on someone who may have not paid her or his fare - for a reason that can be acceptable.

It is worse when the Inspectors enter the buses and do not bother to offer the Seniors and those who are Physically Challenged their seats. It may seem ridiculous but those are the facts.

We need to establish Community Policing on the MUNI buses.

This is not difficult - it can start in our schools and colleges, in our neighborhoods.

The MUNI buses belong to the tax payers - more since our City and County of San Francisco - consolidated the private entities that once ran the transportation system.

These videos that we have about the history of our transportation system should be made available to our schools and colleges. To neighborhood organizations - to the churches and to organizations that can spread the word.

The constituents of San Francisco and others - given an understanding - about how our MUNI transportation system is run.

It comes under the Municipal Transportation Agency - and the head of this system is a hard working Ed Reiskin who is understanding and compassionate.

In recent weeks youth, the Seniors, the Physically Challenged, others who are Challenged will be allowed to ride "for free" on our MUNI public transportation system.

Of course one will have contact the MTA and get the necessary forms to ride free.

The forms will be reviewed - and all those who are approved after review - will get a card - be it a Clipper Card - to ride for free on MUNI - our public transportation.

I already have a card and because of my age and being challenged I ride free - that is why I know so much about our Public Transportation System - and I am observant - and know most of the MUNI drivers and have befriended them - all these many years.

Most of our MUNI drivers work hard - and have to deal with our congested roads, crowded buses, many times dirty and stinking - other hazards.

All in all our MUNI drivers work very hard - they execute their work well - and need our thanks and more our respect. I address them as "operators" - " thank you operator " as I exit the MUNI bus - that catches their attention.

I mention the above because many advocates including myself have fought for our youth and Seniors - and free transportation.

We have had some SF Board of Supervisors help us - and some look at the suggestion - to give our youth - free MUNI rides - as if it was detrimental. One of them Scott Wiener.

So, back to the issue of our youth being traumatized - and getting NO help from the SF Health Department and one Barbara Gracia.

You do not want us to march to SF General Hospital - or appear before the SF Health Commission and protest.

Millions of dollars come your way - and I am talking about the SF Health Department - to offer help to our youth.

Especially our youth of color - get very little help - no help and less meaningful information in the recognized languages - from example Spanish, Russian, Chinese, etc is given to the children, the youth, and young adults - to educate them and their parents. This is a fact.

I am requesting the Mayor, Mayor Edwin M. Lee to look into this issue and do something about it - on a war footing.

Much as Mayor Edwin M. Lee has bent backwards to offer millions to some groups - to address Domestic Violence - he has done nothing much for our children, youth, young adults, and those physically and mentally challenged - he has no clue about these segments of the population and what they are going - through.

I am also requesting Chief Gregory Suhr and District Attorney George Gascon - to work as a team - to first collect the empirical data - and secondly to address this issue " our youth being traumatized" - from all the violence and killings - happening around them.

Both of you can visit some of the schools and youth impacted and assure them that something is being done - a telephone number to call for help. This is just the beginning - and there is much more to be done - and we can do it - in San Francisco.

The Public Defender himself - Jeff Addachi will not say NO - nor will the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - they two can partner and do their share.

Law Enforcement must be on the same page - when it comes to our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, the Physically and Mentally challenged - those that need help. The above officials - each of them whom I know - are fully capable to deliver - if they are backed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those minions who are not thinking - outside the box.

Many of the youth - have not met the Chief of Police, the District Attorney, the Public Defender and the Sheriff and this a crying shame.

You do not have to visit all the schools but you can visit some every year.

Each year cover a few schools and organizations - so that - the children, youth, young adults and others feel comfortable - with those who have been sworn to help, protect and aid the constituents of San Francisco.

This is Ohlone land - and once most everything was pristine - the people loved and were loved by all. The time has come to restore San Francisco as a City of Compassion - named after Saint Francis Assisi. 

God Bless You All. Aho.