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Sunday, February 15, 2015


Today in San Francisco no one in his or her mind - respects what comes out from Room 200 at City Hall.

For a long time - many advocates gave the present Mayor Edwin M. Lee a chance - not any more. More talk - even more fluff - and very little actions - that benefits the community at large - all over San Francisco. The City names after Saint Francis Assisi.

Now, Mayor Edwin M. Lee can huff and puff - bark up the wrong tree - and release press statements that are not his genuine views - but diatribe that says something but mean nothing - statement given to him by corrupt - pundits.

The reality of the fact is now many people truly have NO access to Quality of Life factors.

This one fact has not been analyzed - because no one - wants to speak to the TRUTH - to reveal the real facts.

Recently at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard we had a reading of over 840,000 Asbestos Structures per cubic meter.

Not a word from Barbara Gracia who is the head of the SF Health Department.

Not a word from Stephanie Cushing and Amy Brownell.

If this incident had happened in the Pacific Heights area - there would have been - a hue and cry.

When it comes to the health of or San Francisco - the City and County has failed miserably.

For starters we do not have a Toxicologist on our City's payroll.

If the City and County of San Francisco - needs a Toxicologist - they hire someone from University of California - San Francisco.

Some consultant where thousands are paid - mostly to cover up the issues at hand.

We in San Francisco pride ourselves that we are into our Environment.

Yet we have NO transparency - we have the technology to monitor - real time - particulates, toxicity of all kinds, real time calculations linked to the Carbon Footprint.

We have hot spots all over the City - even in the Avenues - where respiratory diseases are on the increase - all along Lombard Street, 19th Avenue, Silver Avenue, Third Street, Folsom Street - and the Mayor and his advisers stay away from the hard issues - and love to pussyfoot around.

It does not help that we have the SF Board of Supervisors who cannot take a stand - cannot think outside the box - and recently failed miserably when it came to a series of killings and shooting . The simply have no clue - what is happening at ground zero.

Millions of dollars are spent on curtailing violence and address violence in ways that can prevent the shootings and killings - the method though is primitive - and this must change - radically.

Our youth and young adults are left out when it comes to any meaningful discussion - the youth and young adults are promised the world - and given bread crumbs.

This is the digital world and the youth young adults - can get their information from blogs and other digital forums - that Mayor Edwim M. Lee has no clue - where his ideas, his pandering to Twitter and AirBnB, and other entities that have failed to pay their taxes.

We have some Supervisors who pander to the developers - leading the pack Malia Cohen - useless, inept, shallow, and having no spine. She represent District 10 and has been an utter failure.

London Breed is conducting business as usual thinking she is still on the SF Redevelopment Agency - where she failed to represent the infants, the youth, the young adults, seniors, and all those that were adversely impacted by Lennar Urban and its on going ploys and machinations.

Once London Breed had the audacity to leave her seat and come to me and try to order me not to take any photographs of this obese heifer - at one of the SF Redevelopment meetings. I told her that I had every right to do so.

The glaring problem that most cannot see through is that London Breed has NO foundation. She is from hood and will remain in the hood - her mentality has not changed a bit - and she cannot face the bad guys - because she knows inherently - where to draw the line.

District 5 is a mess - Yoshi's, all that the former SF Redevelopment built - up for grabs. The restaurants that once were backed by - the former SF Redevelopment Agency - are not worthless - and all this has created - is pandemonium. 

Where is Leroy King - this is a six million dollar question?
Where is Keith Jackson who used to be Leroy King's good pal?
What really is happening with all the Real Estate - the tax increment - in District 5 - well London Breed knows it is a mess - but she cannot do anything.

Public Comment has become a JOKE on Tuesday at City Hall. The advocates are fed up - the voice of the people - the ones that seem the crooks - honest.

Public comment use to be three minutes - it is now two minutes.

The nuts who once stole the show - have faded away Abdulla and likes of him - rambling and the SF Board of Supervisors - saw this as part of the process - a process that has led the proceeding on Tuesday, in Room 250 - down the drain and into the cesspool of their own creation.

We had a building burn down and 54 people without a roof - it has been weeks and each and every one of these victims are still awaiting for the City and County of San Francisco to step up and do something.

Some $200,000 has been raised - on the Internet - but the SF City and County cannot step up and less those that talk from both sides of their mouth.

The burden has been put on the Red Cross - we all give to the Red Cross because we trust the Red Cross. Wait a minute - we have a $9 Billion budget - and we have the resources to talk and travel to area that have encountered disasters - but when something - like what happened to the victims in the Mission happens - it is all hot air.

There are too many meetings held behind close door - leading some to implement more transparency and accountability - you would not see that coming from the crooks - that would blow their cover - time to enforce the RICO Act.

There is so much fluff going on - that even those who we thought knew better and caught in the power game. Some have minted thousands and some few millions - and their time is coming.

At ground zero be it a Alice Griffith, the Hill more the folks living around Kiska Road, those living at the Oakdale Public Housing and Sunnydale Public Housing, those living in and around the Potrero Public Housing - are: "Waiting for Godot".

Vermin and suckers - the Property Managers and Developers are waiting like leeches - the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing.

All sorts of forms and models are put in place - to keep the poor out - there is no chance those seeking a better life - are are in the low income and no income category - that will be accommodated.

So, many people of the streets of San Francisco - in the bushes and in places that defy decency - looking at the conditions of these people - you would think - we are a Third World country.

Even the dogs and cats - live better and are given better accommodation.

We have the Academy of Art University - this one single corrupt entity - the Academy of Art University - has bought hundreds of Rent Control Units - and converted them to "dormitories" for the many foreign students - who are fleeced - and cannot even receive a decent education - and a even less recognized - Diploma or Certificate.

In the interim even today - the shootings and killings are on going - and it will get worse.

Over 300 million has been set aside. A full 25% of this amount controlled by the Mayor Office and the minions that see that they receive good salaries and benefits.

The rest out-sourced and millions wasted by entities - where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

The poor and the indigent in the Districts that need more help - with services going directly to them - millions are circumvented - and I know this to be the - truth - and have the empirical data.