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Sunday, February 8, 2015


The many sells out that Dwayne Jones and Angelo King bused the residents of Alice Griffith Public Housing to City Hall to back Lennar Urban - and its future plans - forcing them to say things - providing them with pointers - that made no sense.

Fed the residents bused with cold pizza and some soft drinks - gave them some talk points to speak at the time of public comment  and continued to bluffed the residents of Alice Griffith.

There was money both Private and the Federal government - to build new homes - for those that now live at Alice Griffith. Lennar promised millions - but, now has second thoughts.

The truth be told half of the residents have left Alice Griffith - the promises made to help the residents - have been so slow coming - that those who once back Lennar Urban - cannot trust them anymore.

Many are very angry with Lennar Urban.

The residents from Alice Griffith also known as Double Rock - are angry with those who once promised them the world - folks like Dwayne Jones - who has raked in thousands - and does not - and never had the best interest of any community.

The Succor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - other agencies formed to rake in millions - the Mayor's Office of Housing with Olson Lee - saying one thing and doing another.

Recently Lennar Urban went to Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his side kick Olson Lee and made a deal - the money that Lennar Urban was suppose to fork up - Lennar Urban says he will give the money in installments - to build Alice Griffith.

Well, if Lennar Urban is bragging it can do this and that - why is it - that it can never, ever keep one single promise.

It spent $10 million plus to deceive the constituents of San Francisco - putting Proposition G on the Ballot - and none of the things it promised - has come to fruition.

The Community Benefits, the rental units, the Center for Training - and many promises made - employees have sued Lennar and have left Lennar such as the former Public Relations person - Cheryl Smith.

Now we have a new one - who is sell out. She is not educated on issues and speaks from both sides of her mouth.

Lennar Urban screwed over the City of Vallejo - promising to build 10,000 homes and delivered nothing.

 Lennar Urban itself declared bankruptcy - leading the City of Vallejo to follow suit - and to declare bankruptcy.

The millions promised by Lennar to Vallejo never materialized - the tax increment and the high rise buildings on Mare Island - never, ever came to be. Vallejo is right here - we can go to the City of Vallejo and check the facts.

Lennar Urban is a rogue developer - never, ever to be trusted.

It is the same at Parcel A - at Hunters Point that Lennar has jurisdiction over - land that it got for FREE.

Already some workers are sick - day in and day out - exposed to high levels of Asbestos Structures, contamination, toxic dirt - flying all over the place.

The workers not given - "safety gear" - not even a simple mask - to ward off the floating Asbestos Structures - too small to see with a naked eye.

It is just a matter of time -before hundreds will come down with chronic illnesses.

Many right now suffer from - "chronic respiratory diseases". It takes years - 10 to 15 years to come down with Mesothelioma -  after being exposed to Asbestos Structures.

When inhaled, these tiny Asbestos structures  - lodge into one's lungs - and like spikes cause agonizing pain - God forbid anyone who has to deal with Mesothelioma.

Alice Griffith has not been abated - it is contaminated. It is poor landfill - prone to liquefaction and flooding.

 If some work takes place at Alice Griffith - the best way to conduct any operation or project - holistically - is to move the residents - far away to a clean, healthy location.

The sell outs who spoke is favor of Lennar Urban - at this late date - are realizing they are taken for a ride. All of them swallowed the toxic pill - and now - do not know - what to do.

All sorts of hurdles will be put in the way of the residents - who live in Public Housing at Alice Griffith.

None of them have a worthy credit report - a Credit Score of say 700.

All of them are struggling - the killings and shootings - have forced some of the residents - to be moved to Treasure Island on an emergency basis - from the frying pan to the fire.

Treasure Island is a another toxic cesspool.

A lot has been written and said about it - but our City and County of San Francisco - our Director of Health - Barbara Gracia, our City Administrator, Naomi Kelly, our other City officials - love to the talk the talk - but have failed to walk the walk.

The two representatives from District 6 and District 10 - know about the facts - but do not have the guts to address the despicable way the poor, the indigent, and those residents are treated - one day they have a home - and the next moment they are thrown to live anywhere - many land on the streets.

Others in filthy shelters - where there are NO beds - you get a chair - and you must learn to sleep on that chair. Where is the humanity and where is the compassion?

All of public housing has now been handed over to the vultures - all Property Managers - all White - and all of them - very corrupt.

Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, the John Stewart Company - lack cultural competency.

There is no compassion is accommodating the poor, the indigent, and those who for years have lived in Public Housing - many of them pay check to pay check.

The residents from Public Housing - all of them - have been taken for a ride before - and now they will be left hanging, high and dry - they have no clue what lies ahead.

Already, many of those that once lived in Public Housing - at Potrero Hill, the Hunters Point Public Housing, the Oakdale Public Housing, the Sunnydale Public Housing to name a few - make their abode on the streets - under bushes - anywhere where the fend off the inclement weather.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee term will end - and Lennar Urban will till be promising this and that.

Like Lennar Urban tried to hoodwink the pubic at large.

Tried to "implode" the Candlestick Stadium - that is laden with very high content of Asbestos.

Built poorly - and Recreation and Park - used deferred maintenance - to rake in millions and spend little - when it had jurisdiction of Candlestick Stadium.

Quick to grab the rent from the 49ers a football team that left San Francisco and now has a brand new stadium at Santa Clara - far away from liquefaction, flooding, contamination - more radio active elements from the near by Superfund Site - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Recreation and Park director Phil Gingsburg and Mayor Edwin M. Lee have plans for Candlestick Stadium and the surrounding area.

Not so much the land that Macerich and others will develop - but the eyes on the - the nearby - Bayview Hill.

Few know that the Bayview Hill was preserved by advocates - when it was found it had he remains of the Ohlone.

If this did not happen that Bayview Hill - the other side of Executive Park - would be developed a long time ago.

The vultures are waiting for a time - to grade Bayview Hill and develop it.

In the interim all sorts of ploys and machinations - to drive people out - bombard them with Asbestos Structures - contaminated dirt - with no " standard monitoring " - whatsoever.

We all know what happened and happens to at Parcel A.

Well we all know what is happening at Alice Griffith - just go and talk the the people.

Macerice is a developer that builds malls - malls for those that have money.

The plan really is to - gentrify. Anyone that remotely does not have money - will be forced to move out of the way - and make way - for the crooks.

In the year 2008 the spiraling economy helped us fight Lennar Urban.

Lennar's stock took a dive that it has NOT recovered from yet.

It ploys at "land banking" are not working - Lennar is not paying for the land - it has got it for "free" - the land is contaminated - prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Go to Candlestick Stadium right now - and see the pools of water - much like a swimming pool.

The whole area is a mess - pot holes - and the road are bad - very bad - and the accidents many.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission other City Department must demand money for infrastructure and other amenities - before providing any infrastructure to the rogue developer - Lennar Urban.

That includes hydrants and other amenities for the high rise buildings planned - but no "blue print" given to our San Francisco Fire Department.

No blue print vetted given to our San Francisco Police Department.

No one can hook wink all the people all the time.

Here is one of of many articles that reveals more about Lennar Urban and the crooks who work for our City and County of San Francisco - who do not represent the constituents that need help: