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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


We the people - should feel strong that this land we call San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone - to be precise the Muwekma Ohlone. 

If you are indigenous, if you are compassionate, if you are NOT a crook - the Ohlone embrace you and invite you to this land of the Ohlone.

We all also know who stole the land.

There is not one, single document that the "thieves" can produce to say they bought the land - that the land was given to them - not one single, document.

18 treaties were signed by the California Tribes - and the United States Government - none of them were ratified.

This one single act cries to heaven for justice.

This history is not taught in the schools, less in our colleges and universities. Those that know of this history - keep it hush, husk, because many know they have blood on their hands.

Up until 1927 you could kill, shoot to death, murder a Native American and fetch $5 dollars for a scalp. This was not too long ago. Read your history and you will know how evil some folks are.

They are the ones that killed the Buffalo for their skins and not for their meat.

Clear cut the Redwood trees that stood tall for thousands of years.

Contaminated and polluted the watershed, the pristine streams, rivers, the lakes and the Bay that surrounds us on three sides.

The air that we breathe - the strangers are strange - and are noted for all the strange things they do.

Immoral, unethical, having no standards - and yet they think they have jurisdiction over the property that is stolen, take by force from those that cared and had real jurisdiction - the Native American.

Let me say to you all that are fighting for your rights - more for sound housing, education, health care, transportation, fair play and justice - in short Quality of Life issues - you have the blessings of the Muwekma Ohlone - more those who are indigenous people.

What is going on at City Hall today in Room 200 is despicable.

Deals are made to keep the poor and the indigent out.

The filthy rich do not pay their taxes - and throw bread crumbs - pretending to do good - acting like hypocrites. 

Thank God we have good leaders in the Mission, in the Western Addition, in the Bayview, in the Avenues - in the Exelsior, South of Market - you get the drift.

Do not think for one single second - your voice, your fortitude and determination does not count.

The Immigrants deserve our support - and our City government has ignored them.

Making vague and general statements - as hundreds nay thousands of poor, the indigent, those that have fallen on bad times - sleep on the streets - facing the inclement - weather.

Our so called Board of Supervisors are a JOKE.

You just have to watch the SF Board of Supervisors every Tuesday - talking from both sides of their mouth - on issues that are mundane - while failing to address the true concerns of those that need help most.

When it comes to public comment those who say things to the SF Board of Supervisors - are insulted - with many of the SF Board of Supervisors - having side bar talks - disrespecting the constituents of San Francisco.

Many step out and come in time - towards the end - when the meeting ends - and they smile and joke - and think that no one is watching these morons.

Time to booth these scum bags - and time to bring in a drastic change - for the best.

People are fed up of political pimps and whores. I could name them but it would not to justice to this - article.

Crime is on the increase - more petty crime.

The congestion on our roads - horrible.

In our schools - immigrant children are treated with disgust.

In many Middle School - children put in rooms - and left there - treated with disdain.

The SF Unified School meetings are full of it - these so called SF Unified School District Board members know that they cannot deliver - but they try to paint a rosy picture.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is busy cutting ribbons - much as if he is in a third world country.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - assumes that astute San Franciscans - have no idea that his policies are NOT working.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has done nothing for low and no income residents.

These are folks who need our help - just because San Francisco is a City of Compassion - that belongs to the Ohlone - who did NOT invite the crooks and the very corrupt to this land.

Did not invite those that are crooks, corrupt, the scum bags that have no compassion.

Things have reached saturation point - and the wrath of the Great Spirit will befall those that think they get away with murder.

Your time in coming - and you will have no where to run. Aho.

Read the history that really counts: