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Friday, February 6, 2015


It is very true the crooks are busy tearing down Candlestick Stadium - there is no monitoring - of any kind that makes - sense.

The neighbors in the vicinity have not had one single, meaningful meeting regarding the monitoring of pollution and contamination - that occurs - monitors and where they have been placed - more -when such dubious deconstruction takes place- and the Developer is Lennar Urban a notorious developer - more a rogue, developer.

Bring in MACERICH that has no plans to help the community - building a large shopping mall - in an areas prone to liquefaction and flooding. If the Big One strikes - the prime target to take a hit will be MACERICH and his ploys to strike it rich - in a neighborhood that he has NOT been invited to.

We are not into fancy clothing and mundane stuff - good career jobs have been kept away from us - providing us no opportunities.
The SF City has with intent - pushed for GENTRIFICATION. Your day is coming and it will not be very - pretty.

Of course the main media is busy - pussyfooting with the politicians - we have NO investigative reporting nor reporters in our City and County of San Francisco- reporting about Candle Stick Stadium, less about Candlestick Point and even less about the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the many parcels that the United States Navy still - controls.

The two San Francisco local newspapers and not worth covering the base of the bird cages - where the would serve some purpose - as the birds merrily keep hit the base with their droppings.

The City and County of San Francisco - was on the verge of using "implosion" to bring down Candlestick Stadium - this was halted by the protests of the community at large.

Plans were afoot with Lennar Urban - the minions linked to Silverado and those linked with others on Lennar Urban's payroll - ready to rake in the millions - trying to take short cuts.

Lennar Urban has hired other "thugs" some jail birds to act as - brokers - the middle men - they dole out the contracts and they rake in the money.

Pretending to have workshops that mean nothing - controlling who gets the job - while all the time shafting the local community. As usual most of those conducting themselves as "thugs" - happen to be Black.

In the past they have not been kind to the community - they have wasted millions of dollars - that the former SF Redevelopment gave them.

They are the scumbags who behind the scene - brag they are from Bayview Hunters Point - when in fact they are from the Western Addition and have their roots there.

Working against the community - serving their own self interests - and continuing to adversely impact the community.

At the last meeting held by the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure - one sellout was complaining that the Primes were not paying the sub contractors on time - linked to jobs in this area.

We do have the Contract Monitoring Division - (CMD) but they have no clout,

The CMD is a front for corruption - they should have a policy making body - and a Commission before whom the CMD reports. Now the Mayor, the City Administrator, and some crooks - can all sit down and cut a deal.

The constituents of San Francisco have been taken for a ride - and those heading they Departments - failing the tax payers - and conducting themselves deeply in illegal activities - linked to many fronts.

The CMD  barks a lot - and mostly at the wrong tree. 

The City Administrator has no clue what is happening - with the major projects - some 80 plus - all over San Francisco - mostly Market Rate Housing - that the Mayor Edwin Lee brags - brings in millions and that our City is the leading City with a booming - economy.

Our City may have all these projects - but for all the wrong reasons. 

Those that work hardest are forced to work two and three jobs - there is no Middle Class - it is eroding rapidly - that segment has left San Francisco - families with children - in the thousands.

The congestion on our roads is horrible - and even the MUNI drivers are fed up - try riding on MUNI - more during peak hours. I do as I take Public Transportation and keep in touch with Ed Reiskin - from the Municipal Transportation Agency.

We have an increase of "techies" in San Francisco - much like robots - focused on making money - interested in things and projects - that do not contribute to the culture of this City and County of San Francisco.

Nerds who live on this Earth but belong on another planet - have not sense of the history of this City of San Francisco - and lack cultural competency.

Rapidly the neighborhood characteristics are changing for the worse - and our SF Planning Department - continue to deliberate - speaking in circles - with NO sound - leadership. 

The majority of the "techies"  take a bus or some mode of transportation to work outside San Francisco.

The techies only come back to San Francisco to crash on their pads - like robots - they are mechanical - think funny and act like morons.

Our City could have taken a stand against those actions linked to transportation that do not  accommodate the Seniors and those Mentally and Physically Challenged - in San Francisco.

Our City and County of San Francisco has chosen to war against the Seniors, the Mentally and Physically challenged.

Throwing some bread crumbs - when million are receive from the State and Federal government - and our local authorities - to help those that most need help.

The City has chosen with poor leadership to waste millions on projects and mundane policies - without transparency and accountability.

Now it has become fashionable to invite only those idiots who do as they are told - the sell outs - to the meetings - the Mayor has chosen to address - mundane subject - spewing diatribe - and thinking he can fool all the people - all the time. Get real - you are surrounded by the wrong people.

Again and again - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee has chosen not to invite the public at large.

The Mayor is afraid - some one may question him - linked to the on going nonsense at all levels.

A lot of what Mayor Edwin Lee is doing - does not please the public at large. More on issues of Quality of Life - he will not leave any legacy - accept that of a - "panderer".

Again and again the community at large is kept in the dark - on issues linked to Quality of Life.

Entities come into the community and make drastic changes - like the changes made on San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco - linked to parking meters on the street - adversely impacting - small businesses.

The City receives millions in taxes - and comes in and changes the parking - without consulting the small businesses - adversely impacting them.

The Mayor has no clue - about such issues - whoever, has made the changes favors six wheelers -  adversely impacting customers with cars - many Seniors and Physically Challenged -  who cannot park - and are forced to shop - in other areas - not in their neighborhood.

As Candlestick Stadium is being torn - constituents living at the near by Executive Park are kept in the dark.

The local Supervisor - Malia Cohen - Ms Lemur - is busy covering her face blemishes - putting so much make up that she looks like a - "lemur" - only the lemur look much prettier. 

The area around Candlestick Point - a fancy name given - is prone to liquefaction and flooding. 

Methane gas spews into the air. The near by State Park is a former - garbage dump - with methane vents - that few know about.

Thousands of tons of methane spews in the air - in this area - one ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

A large Shopping Mall is planned to be built - no one is their right sense - will shop there. We have the best the shopping stores - down town San Francisco.

Thousands of rigs visit the near by Baylands Soil Processing site - going in and coming out - the wear and tear of our SF City roads is impacted and no one is looking at this problem.

Hundreds of rigs from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point do the same - the wear and tear of the streets - the spewing of dangerous particulates - is a given.

I am asking Mr. Jack Broadbent from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to visit the areas and take a look for himself. Those monitoring this area - are doing a poor job.

Amy Brownell and Stephanie Cushing should also step up their monitoring and nip the on going nonsense in the bud. 

Issue the Notice of Violations (NOVs) and post them on the Internet - so that all of us know what the fuck is happening.