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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


There is a lot of information our there linked to the San Francisco Unified School District and more its Board.

 A lot of charlatans - and when some of these charlatans - make their abode at the San Francisco Unified School Board - we all - San Franciscans - can suffer - and some one must step up and make a drastic change - for the best.

The present Superintendent has just managed to voted himself a $60,000 raise - and given the present situation at the SF Unified School District - the constant harassment of the teachers.

The yearly saga of sending out pink slips - traumatizing the teachers - and then bringing them on board - with money from the "raining day fund" created by Tom Ammiano - and held by the City and County of San Francisco

The Vision 25 linked to the future of the San Francisco Unified Schools - is just that - it is a vague plan - a moving target - that may titillate some but will go and land nowhere with proven bench marks.

In the end - it is about gathering the best information and getting educated first - listening to all - youth and the parents.

The experts, others that have stood by the SFUSD - but more those that have proven experience in sound education.

In past each SFUSD school -  in our different neighborhoods - had a character of their own. The neighborhoods teamed to help the school - repairing and donating a lot - for the good of educations and more the children and youth - going to to the many neighborhood - public schools.

What we must now note - is the lack of leadership - those in management having no sense of history - those of Board - positioning themselves - for political positions.

You see this evidence - at the present SF Board of Supervisors - this way of getting one the political ladder - is becoming - fashionable - time will tell.

What is more - the head of the SFUSD does not have the ability to discern - which the present Superintendent lacks - for sure.

The Superintendent - can talk the talk - but has failed to walk the walk - with proven results - some empirical data that can take us all to a better - place.

He has managed to make a cozy nest - and he has given himself - for lack of leadership - a $60,000 raise. What a shame.

The present Superintendent mostly is fluff - and with fluff - you can fool only so many people. No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

The mess created at O'Connell and Wells - two schools - is a glaring example. This sordid situation was brought to my attention some time ago.

The parents clearly stated at the last SF San Francisco Unified District (SFUSD) - School Board  meeting - that many of the students - do not want to go to the O'Connel school - that co-locating the two schools - does not work.

A new of element of bullies and bullying has come to the co-location model - and has adversely impacted the better students - those that want to learn and contribute their best to San Francisco.

There is bulling going on - and the SF Unified School District Board - at least some of the glaring - charlatans who sit on the Board - just pooh poohed - the many valid concerns of the parents.

This bullying and intimidation must be stopped on a War Footing.

A video was shown and those in the video did not represent the diversity of San Francisco.

Truly speaking no one should create a video that makes no sense - really. Especially when it is suppose to be about a vision and about the better aspects - of education.

Some have the audacity to say that this video - that fails to represent the diversity and less the more salient points - for a Vision for the future - be it the year 2025 - is all good. 

The first thing to note is why California and our Nation is so low on the rating charts - when is comes to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and so on.

The more important subjects - that help the scientists and professionals - do well in this informational and digital world.

All over our Nation the leading inventors - in the majority - hail from other countries India, China, Russia, Korea - we know this but we choose not to know the fundamental reason.

Why many other countries offer practical courses, longer hours when it come to learning, better facilities - most importantly - a safe environment and nurturing.

Leading stellar schools in Sweden, Norway, Denmark - in Germany too.

Seeing is believing - so stop bragging that we can compete with the world - when we are not even in the top 10 - here in the United States.

Stop telling lies - and learn to speak to the Truth.

You do that - for one simple reason - spiritually you are bankrupt. 

Lies and sound education - do not go hand in hand.

The Willie L. Brown Academy is a glaring example - the site where the present Willie L. Brown is being built - was the site of two other schools - same site - different names.

It was also the site of the San Francisco Police Academy.

This school is touted to be the school for the future - right now within the San Francisco Unified School District - what is espoused in the many meetings - is diatribe and hot air.

Enticing students to travel to an area - where right now we have serious problems - school fights, shootings and killings - and we are trying to hoodwink - the public at large.

An area by Silver Street - is hot spot - in other words we have empirical data - about the pollution not only at Silver Street and San Bruno - but right at Silver and Revere Street - where the Willie L. Brown Academy - is being built - and will soon be up and running.

The Board members - open their mouth - and speak in circles.

When the Superintendent turn to the screen and addresses the people at home - and spills more verbosity - the Superintendent has lost his mind - it is true there is violence in our community - he says.  Then makes his own conclusions.

In NO way should that mean - violence will be tolerated in the schools.

More, suggesting  the youth and young adults - will monitor and regulate violence and bullying.

That aspect of violence and violence prevention must be monitored and regulated by adults and this is a mandate - be it Community Policing or any other model - worth the salt. 

What is going on at O'Connell's today is just that - the SF Unified School District and its Board - failed to consult the parents.

Failed to bring all the parties to the table - and have a meaningful - dialog.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

Missing in all the deliberation and Vision 25 is spirituality.

Missing is the lack of empirical data - and the drastic changes in the demographics - all over San Francisco.

At first the vision is not called a plan - then suddenly it is a plan - the many suggestions - have no foundation to build upon. Concepts are good - ideas help understand more - the Blue Print is what is needed - for any Vision - to be viable and sustainable.

Missing in the deliberation the lack of Quality of Life issues - poor housing, lack of career jobs, poor transportation, lack of safety, lack of childcare, lack of good hospitals for our children, youth and young adult and there is more.

Right now we have immigrant children - looked upon with disdain.

We have truants that need help - thousands of them - crashing here and there.

We must address this singular issue - on a war footing.

So what are we saying - having a vision 25 plan in the making - when those in charge are blind and more dysfunctional.

The blind leading the blind.

The video shown - makes no sense at all - does not have one key element - that points to sound education - for the future.

The San Francisco Unified School District - have no sound goals right now - that can be measured with proven standards - more lacks - accountability and transparency.

Again and again if you listen to the immigrant parents, the parents of the schools under the SF Unified School District - clearly the parents want a better education for their children.

The parents are concerned about the poor delivery at the many schools -  they want a real a stake in the education of their children.

The future of our City and County of San Francisco depends on sound housing, transportation, hospitals, recreational facilities, career jobs, safety, childcare, good schools - in short addressing Quality of Life issues.

Given the opportunity - parents prefer to send their children to Private Schools, Parochial Schools - you say Saint Ignatius, Sacred Heart - parents light up they want to send their children to such schools.

Lowell shines for the San Francisco Unified School District - it is because of tradition and a staunch Alumni that care about sound - education.

Much like what use to be O'Connell before the present SF Unified School District - messed it up - co-locating another school - without consulting the parents.

80% of the SF Unified School District School have very poor infrastructure. Some school have toilets without doors - other amenities like lockers - falling apart.

The paradox the SF Unified School District comes under the jurisdiction of the State of California - that has NOT stepped up - and worked with our SF Unified School District.

On the other hand the SF Unified School District will talk about Vision 25 and not mention at all - all these years - the past 15 years - where teachers - have been doled out pink slips.

Only for the City and County of San Francisco - to use the "rainy day funds" initiated by Tom Ammiano - who once worked for the SF Unified School District and had the best interests of the students - to rescue the teachers.

No organization can suddenly arise from the slumber - and declare - that is has a vision - when at this very moment - it is dysfunctional and lacks the empirical data - to study, evaluate, and use for future models.

Sound education cannot be implement in a flux - there is nothing "fluffy" about sound education.

Again and again those watching the SF Unified School District Board meetings - can gauge who is really doing a good job - and who is wasting the time of the teachers and the students.

Again and again millions have been spent all these years on consultants - complete with Power Point Presentations - fake data - trying to create a rosy picture.

Over 60% of the students attending the SF Unified School District are suffering.

It is time the Superintendent - take MUNI and see what is happening to the students.

Try to reach out to those children - that live in despicable conditions - two and three families - living in a one bed room unit.

They lack food - and we fully understand that the one meal - many of the children get - is at school.

It is the one meal many children and the youth took forward to.

Are we a Third World country - seems like that in San Francisco?

It is even harder on the girls - young women - they have to go through hell - and the SF Unified School District may talk the talk - but cannot walk the walk.

I have had to contact some entities to deal with the bullies.

Over a hundred times on MUNI which I take - I will have to go to the back of the MUNI bus and stop - fights.

The so called Community Ambassador Program (CAP) is a Joke - often time when some fight breaks on the MUNI bus - they exit the MUNI bus - and the paradox until recently - the MUNI drivers could not call 911.

Again and again we must revisit the many hurdles our youth have to endure daily - fights on the MUNI bus.

Bullying in the schools, lack of books, amenities, more importantly nurturing.

I remember well  Principal Green - she comes to mind from Balboa High School - how the students love her and more respected her.

There was a time as a San Francisco School Volunteer - I had access to all the SF Unified School District schools - giving me a first hand understanding of the dysfunction - prevailing in the many schools.

I still have my card - but have not had the time to visit the school - but encourage youth and young adults - to contact me.

I can accommodate at my office at Executive Park - small groups - meet me on many issues facing them.

I have great respect for your Secretary Ms Ester Casco - I have known her for many years - doing what she does best. God bless her and all that she has done - she knows truly what is going on.

I have seen too many Superintendents who headed the SFUSD come and go.

Some of them not worth the salt.

Time is of essence - and this Vision 25 should be re-evaluated - and other point of views emulated and studies - to better serve our children, youth, and young adults.

More - with the present, changing elements - and the ever changing, demographics.

Our City and County of San Francisco is not paying attention and has failed to address -  Quality of Life issues. 

Here is the Vision 2025 - in some instances they say it is not a plan - then they boldly announce it is indeed a plan.

What is it then?  What elements in it are highlighted - so that we can follow it?

Some guidance, some route - after all this Vision 2015 is about education - which today - is an effort - a strong effort to keep the ship - floating:

Read this document on salaries and other pertinent issues - the ordinary teachers have bargaining rights - but their salaries are not as high as the those in Management - especially the Superintendent: