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Thursday, February 26, 2015


It is simply mind boggling how a group of so called Commissioners - have dedicated their time - to rubber stamp issues - and they do not know.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission (SCFC) - has NO idea how to conduct themselves - whether it pertains to addressing pertain issues - or just following the legal - process.
Even in the presence of the City Attorney - present.

Yesterday, February 25,2015  at the 1800 Oakdale - better known at the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building.

After the City Attorney had just given the Commissioners -
 an orientation on how Boards and Commission should conduct themselves - they failed five times.

Dr Espanola Jackson who was in the audience - had to point out to the Southeast Community Facility Commission - how to conduct themselves.

Each time Dr Espanola Jackson pointed the miscued Southeast Community Commission - the City Attorney sitting next to the Chair - agreed with Dr Espanola Jackson - each and every time.

Dr Espanola Jackson is 82 years old - recently was admitted to the hospital - and must rest - that is why I accompanied her yesterday - to hear, see, and watch for myself - the shenanigans of the day.

Most ignorant Commissioners - having no idea what they are supposed to do - concerned with FLUFF - with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - using the Commissioners like a dirty rag - nothing less and nothing more.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission has no clue about Robert's Rules, less about the Brown Act - even less how to contact any meeting - as Commissioners - in a Committee - in general these anointed folks are there just to - rubber stamp anything the are ordered to do.

The Southeast Sector has failed to capture all the benefits with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) - totalling some $4.6 Billion - of which $2.6 billion - was the share of the City and County of San Francisco.

Under the pretext that the WSIP was a Regional Program - and no one bothered to cater to the pressing needs of the constituents of San Francisco.

More so those of the Bayview Hunters Point Area. The Southeast Sector of San Francisco is where some of the key Reservoirs are - one for sure that supplies a lot of water to the sites and areas - that we deem important - the Financial District. 

We are now at the end of the  WSIP and we have serious issues at Mountain Tunnel - very near the Hetch Hetchy Resevoir. $50 million is in the pipe line to build a new tunnel and fix the issues linked with Mountain Tunnel. The public has been kept in the dark. 

The additional $50 million - which I say $80 million all told - over and above the $4.6 million that has been expanded. The blind leading the blind.

Irvington Tunnel is another major project where the steel pipes have crumbled - due to the force of water - under ground. The SFPUC nonchalant - says it will fix the problem without any added costs - this is a lie - and no one can fix these problems without spending - millions more.

We have very serious issues at Calavares Reservoir - prone to some severe damage - since the project engineers at the Calavares Reservoir - have technically ignored the fault on which it lies - and the dam or reservoir will - fail - if we have a major Earthquake on the Hayward fault.

If this happen the entire Fremount Area - will be adversely, impacted. The SFPUC looks at this project - as something that it can deal with and fix -  that is far from the TRUTH. The money spent - all tax payers - money.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is a very corrupt and has wasted millions of dollars  all tax payers, money. You have to know something about the various projects, follow the money.

It is pathetic to see how the better companies or especially sub-contractors are treated. The companies do their work - follow the bid requirements - and are made to sweat for their payments - often receiving their payments - 9 months after the work is complete.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - is famous for initiating projects and programs - with little or no accountability and transparency.

At the many SFPUC meetings I have attended - too many to count - is it amazing how vast sums of money are discussed - as if this City and County of San Francisco had money to waste. Again and again millions of dollars are wasted - on some project - the change orders and amendments made - are mind boggling.

URS and AECOM - recently AECOM bought URS - both big firms or Primes - that have made millions on change orders. If we ask for an audit - people feel hurt - others started weeping at the SF Public Utilities Commission meeting - steeped in corruption, egoism of the wrong order - they love to pat their behinds - and when questioned on some facts - more projects and programs they have failed - these few SFPUC management - feel violated.

The jobs paid by the tax payers is not your fiefdom - you work for the public - and if you do not want to work hard and be accountable - get the fuck out of the way. You may not like what I say - but I am fed up with your ploys, machinations and shenanigans. Believe me I am fed up. I have all the patience and more - the SFPUC today is a JOKE.

In recent months its poster Local Business Enterprise candidate - that goes by the name of Empire - has failed. A slap on the face of SFPUC and what it deemed was a good choice - show casing a up and coming company - but the opposite is true.

 The fault lies with the SFPUC and those "liars" who put this Black Brother on the podium - and failed to support him. When it came to guiding him - and providing him assistance - nipping some of the irregularities in the bud.

The result all the talk and hot air at the opening of the Contractors Center that is in operation at Executive Park, 5 Thomas Mellon Circle in San Francisco.

We had the Blue Print not the SFPUC - it took us three long years to have the Contractors Center in place - then more and even more hurdles - after five long years - something is happening.

In the interim nothing is done to train individuals for career job - something that should have been is place two years ago. It is all about fluff - having workshops, internships that are created and showcased with the Mayor and others smiling around - nothing concrete that matters - nothing positive that makes the community feel proud.

At that opening that was held at the "Atrium" - with mayor Edwin M. Lee present - all that talk and praise for the Brother - was just hot air -  soon the details - of this failed venture - will have to be released - for all the world to see.

Fingers will be pointed at others - but not at those like Juliet Ellis, other who get salaries as the Assistant General Managers - who are steep with and wallow in their own muck - or egoism.

Bottom line - the SFPUC with intent has chosen to show case certain ventures and projects - and again and again - put hurdles, obstacles, deep trenches - in the way of those attempting - to make a living. The worst hurt the sub-contractor - the better - the more hard working ones.

All of these smaller sub-contractors - have to be overcome - but with no support - facing these hurdles for those handling more than they can chew is over bearing - more when those given the opportunities - are People of Color - in this case a Black.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has not be abated, mitigated, cleaned for those that do not understand what abated and mitigated means. More to residential standard as mandated in the year 2000 -  Proposition P - more to residential standards.

98% of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is landfill - it was all once a part of the Bay.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is on the Superfund List. Only the worst contaminated sites - are placed on the Superfund List.

Depleted Uranium was first tested on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

There is tons of empirical data that the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and that includes Parcel A  - which is the only parcel conveyed - to the City and County of San Francisco.

Which in turn was turned over to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - who is turn hand it on a platter - to Lennar Urban - a rogue developer. 

The City paid a dollar for this property - Lennar Urban polluted the area in 2004 - bombarding the area with Asbestos Structures. Recently - we had reading of 84,000 Asbestor Strucutures per cubic meter recently - Lennar Urban in the past was fined $515,000 and has not learned its lesson.

The SFPUC early on eagerly help in laying and facilitating the infrastructure - the pipelines and man holes - in a haphazard manner - in charge of these project was Julie LaBonte who has since jumped shipped.

Serpentine Rock was crushed and the area laden with Asbestos Structures - the workers not wearing face masks - and hundreds of them in the years to come - with come down with Mesothelioma. No one has looked into this crime - where knowing what was going to happen - hundreds of workers - were put in harms way.

We have had reading of 84,000 Structures per cubic meter on Parcel A - where even now at this late date - the workers are not wearing safety masks and gowns. This scandal is in the making - and no one worth the salt - is paying attention.

Not the Mayor, not the City Administrator, not the head of our City Health Department, the City Attorney, the District Attorney, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Environmental Division within the Health Department - not even the Federal Bureau of Investigation that has an Environmental Division.

Lennar Urban was fined $515,000 and recently issued a Notice of Violation to stop work - nothing much has changed - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee, our City Administrator Naomi Kelly, our other so called law enforcement - have not put their best foot forward.

Recently at Candlestick Point Lennar Urban - as I mentioned earlier - was given a Notice of Violation - the de-construction at Candlestick Stadium - has been stopped - until the contamination more contaminating the environment - has been - properly, addressed. In the meantime the 40,50,60 miles per hour wind - are spreading the Asbestos far and wide. Seeing is believing.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission has failed to serve the community - Dr Espanola Jackson constantly reminds the Commission that is primary objective must be to serve the community.

More to focus on education and opportunities that better the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point area - that has been under served.

In recent years - environmental concerns that the Southeast Community Facility Commission - has failed to address - not educated on issues - more environmental issues in this day and age - sends a wrong signal - we cannot have individual rubber stamping - more because they are NOT educated on issues.

Why are you on the Commission if you cannot represent - holistically - the community? Some of you are there for the money - but that is not what you all are suppose to focus on.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission is busy pandering to so called organizations that are not respected.

We know what is happening - and it has becomes difficult - to expose organizations that brag that they are doing good work - when most of them are on the dole and faking it - and doing nothing at all.

Conflict of interest is not looked by the Commission seriously - and I could initiate an investigation - but, again it would not serve the purpose.

At this stage - when the community is bleeding - and in hemorrhage.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission should not encourage having or going to any meetings on or near Parcel A.

Not any where on the other Parcels B,C,D,E, E2, G, UC I, UC2  - and other recently designated areas - that all come under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission is not the Project Area Committee (PAC).

The PAC has been dissolved - when the Governor of California - Jerry Brown - abolished the former Redevelopment Agency - in San Francisco - the SF Redevelopment Agency.  

The Commission of Infrastructure and Investment - which is part of the Office of the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency - has rubber stamped and anointed the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) - to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

That CAC - does the bidding of Lennar Urban and nefarious and very corrupt - politicians.

Recently against the wishes of the people - the Southeast Community Facility Commission - signed a Memorandum of Understanding - that Brigette R. LeBlanc announced yesterday, February 25, 2015 - and thinks that the community agrees with this - sordid, action.

We do not not - and we made it clear - but some on the Southeast Community Facility Commission - want to defy us. We the advocates who have been in the trenches of years - much before these good for nothing panders - came on the scene - not to serve the community - but to seek favors and make money.

I noticed the statement - about the recently fake Memorandum that was signed by the Southeast Community Facility Commission and the SFPUC - was not made by the Chair - but always Brigette R LeBlanc thinking she represent the SF Public Utilities Commission - and is the voice on the Southeast Community Facility Commission - she is NOT.

As I said with empirical data and with facts Dr Espanola Jackson and a number of us - tried to convince the Southeast Community Facility Commission - to stop rushing with a Memorandum of Understanding with the SF Public Utilities Commission - a memorandum - that is full of loop holes.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale is the Community's Building.

The Department of Public Works before 1996 was mandated to maintain the building.

The Department of Public Works (DPW) - maintained the building - more when Roger Boas was the City and County of San Francisco's - City Administrator.

In 1996 Willie L. Brown Jr created the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department - that since its inception the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has been a place - to place favorites of the MACHINE.

In 1996 the upkeep of the building at 1800 Oakdale was turned over to the SFPUC - but there was NOT one single meeting - where the community had a say - things were done in a nonchalant manner.

The near by nurseries are charged over $10,000 a month - there are three main entities paying this rent. For a large area - there is but one toilet - no shower rooms - something that some agency - the City's Department of Building Inspection - must inspect this situation and remedy the situation.

The dirt roads leading to the three main nurseries have not been maintained - $30,000 plus is receiving from the nurseries - little put into the Green House as they are popularly called - no one want to address this issues - but that is the sorry, state of affairs.

The present General Manger was the former Assistant General Manager of Infrastructure with a salary of over $300,000. He is now the General Manager - with a even higher salary. All tax payers money.

The present Assistant General Manager of Infrastructure has a special contract and is paid a handsome salary.

Behind these positions - the former Mayor - Willie L. Brown Jr - the entire San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - on the upper Management level is corrupt - and leading the pack one Juliet Ellis - the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs.

Not long ago Juliet Ellis was charged - diverting over $200,000 to a Non-Profit in the East Bay - named Green For All.

The matter was settled by having the money being returned - and on other charges - Juliet Ellis paying a fine - including the double dipping - while receiving a salary from SFPUC - getting remuneration from Green For All - where she served on the Green For All Board before joining the SFPUC as a Commissioner and then as the Assistant General Manager.

Juliet Ellis  with intent appointed personnel to manage the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale, recently - all newcomers who are at the back and call of Juliet Ellis.

Toye Moses who was managing the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - is a "figure head".

He has been kept - I suppose until he - retires. At yesterday's meeting he called the new Building Manager - to say a few words that no one understood.

Today we have two more employees from SFPUC aiding Toye Moses - and no one knows - why, do we need so many employees - to do some work - that can be done - by one person.

A few years after 1996 the SFPUC failed to maintain the 1800 Oakdale Building - know as the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - until two years ago - some attention was paid to this issue.

Only in the last two years - some maintenance worth the salt have been done.

Two years ago - a Phase one rehab was done - the bid was for $1 million. The work was completed with change orders - and the final total was $1.6 million. This one singular project - speaks for itself.

In conclusion the Southeast Community Facility Commission has failed to sincerely represent the community at large.

Has no diverse representation - the Latino community, the Samoan community - fresh faces must be on the Commission.

Do not bring back the "sell outs" from the past.

Today thank God we have Dr Espanola Jackson and Shirley Jones - who helped formed the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - and were the Founding Commissioners.

As I mentioned before the main purpose - that the building at 1880 Oakdale - known as the Southeast Community Facility Commission building - was to conduct classes to better offer opportunities to further one's education - to uplift the community. This is not happening - other nefarious entities - have invaded the 1800 Oakdale complex - and changed the order of the day.

We once boasted a School for Catering, a School for Nurses, a course in tailoring and other such crafts, General Education Diploma, Computer Repairs, and the list goes on and on.

All of the above has been dismantled over the years - the good that was established with hard work - undone - to make way for the crooks and corrupt entities to control the entire Facility.

An investigation must be done on Veronica Hunnicutt who rented space at 1800 Oakdale and pocketed the money. If this is not disgusting - immoral, unethical - I do not know what is.

Now, Veronica Hunnicutt is the head of the Citizen Advisory Committee at the Shipyard - she does not live in District 10 - comes to District 10 to conduct her nefarious activities - and is always back Lennar Urban - on whose payroll she has been for years.

Now plans are afoot to build a Campus at 1800 Oakdale - what campus - we do not know?

The plans are a foot with Phase II - to spend as much as $30 million dollars. Where is this money coming from? Who is in charge of the project? Who will build this Campus? Why no meaningful dialog with the community?

Other entities have been brought in more with the recently signed Memorandum - used as a "crux" - these ploys and machinations will fail.

You who are backing these so called Non-Profits that are not respecting by the community - these corrupt entities are used by SFPUC to further - their own agenda and  shenanigans.

Unfortunately those who are behind these nefarious activities are Black - they would NOT be ashamed - if their names were revealed.

They have no reason to reform themselves - they have sold their - souls to the devil. They should be ashamed of themselves.

No Commission can function without being educated on issues.

No Commission can function without having sound leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

This Southeast Community Facility Commission will be remembered for all its times in operation - more in recent times - as having conducted itself as a Commission that rubber stamps - more, what the dubious management at SFPUC and other corrupt politicians - tells them to do.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission does not give a rat's ass - for the community.

You are all put on notice. Believe me you are - I did not want to attend yesterday's Commission meeting and the Open House which was a charade.

Offering the public some cheap finger licking snacks - while the Commissioners who must serve the people - are offered a superior more expensive - dinner of sorts.

You serve the people and you must serve the people with the best information and education - at this time you are ignorant - and simply cannot attain the goals.

More, serve the best interests of the community at large - the Latinos, the Samoans, the Asians that matter, the Blacks that matter and are dwindling.

The long time residential Whites, the even longer Native Americans  - others who have NO clue what is happening at the Southeast Community Facility Commission meetings and sub committee meetings held at 1800 Oakdale. Aho.