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Saturday, February 28, 2015


Some years ago - I chanced and saw this Utube on Algebra and the author of Khan Academy.

I followed some of the lessons - brushed upon my algebra - and forwarded the lessons to a few youth - who loved it very much.

I kept in touch with some - and found that the Khan Academy had done well for itself. Now, famous all over the world and back by Bill Gates and Bank of America and other well know entities and Corporations.

Each one of us have had our education - and those that do best in their education - higher learning - mostly when it pertains to the sciences - have had a good understanding of Algebra.

One of many elements that enlightens the brain - and brings one to love critical thinking and organizing among other critical factors in life. Helps bring about progress in our education and life in general.

Recently, the San Francisco Unified School District - that is mostly all over the place - decided to make major changes - and relegate Algebra to the dumps.

The SF Unified School District Board - they talk too much - and most of them have no sound and through education in the Sciences and Superior Education.

Coming to the Board and sitting on the Board with some drab education - that does not permit anyone to think well.

Formulate solutions, be articulate - it easily betrays where these SF Unified School Board members - come from.

Reveals to us the tax payers of San Francisco - the constituents of San Francisco - given us a better sense of their poor education - empty barrels who ramble about.

Consequently these morons can represent - and are afraid when astute tax payers, teachers, union members, parents, others - tell them to their face - that they are let them - down.

I heard the parents alarmed that their children in middle school - were told that they would not be allowed to take Algebra.

This action taken by the SF Unified School Board - without consulting the parents.

Some changes have been made to this stupid decision - but, how did this action arise in the first place - and why is it the parents are last to know about - what is happen in the classroom more with important - curricula.

At the end of this discussion the Superintendent says not a word about the concerns of the parents.

The Superintendent who has given himself a $60,000 raise - comments on the "yellow tie" of a fellow presenter - who just happened to wear the same tie color - as the Superintendent.

Algebra is key to understanding many issues - and the gateway to sound Mathematics and Science.

It helps one in Physics, Chemistry, the higher sciences and for sure Engineering, Bio-Medical and Computer Sciences - in today's - digital world.

What is on interest to me is encouraging our young girls, young women, young boys, young men, youth, and young adults - to understand the value of Mathematics, Engineering, the Sciences linked to the Digital World. That is the future - our gradual jump from the Information World to the Digital World.

We in San Francisco are close to the place where the Computer was born - even though the Department of Defense had their own technology  - that was not available to the lay person.

I was with the Department of Defense and so had the opportunity to move up - using the tool available - and I am glad I have the best tools today - because of the many years I spent understanding computers.

The old IBM computers with punch cards - to today's computers tied to Main Frames and Servers - external hard drives and so on and so forth.

The old Macs to the IMac of today that allow you to attain so much in editing films, music, spread sheets and what have you - you all get - where I am going to.

The Silicon Valley produced the computers - may be glorified type writers to begin with - but all the same allowing other companies - to better the earlier computers.

Until  - what we have today in Powerful Computers, Main Frames, Servers, and small computers that can fit in our pockets.

The conduits that have copper wires and one of a kind fiber - T3 and what have you - Comcast competing with AT&T - and wireless communication, powerful satellites, space hubs - and cable running for thousands of miles - on our Ocean beds. 

I have a IPhone 6 Plus - had a difficult time crossing over from my Black Berry that performed well.

Now I enjoy my IPhone 6 Plus a lot.

Can send messages, and print documents remote control, measure certain aspects of my health, monitor the miles I walk, the number of steps I climb - and calculate the many algorithms - and it is here that Algebra - says hello to me.

The larger screen and typing is easy with large letters - and easy on the eyes, with better focus, and simply - great and I am so appreciative of these tools and others that I have access to - to deal with the digital world.

With a built is calculator and Aps that can program other sophisticated models - I can do things in my privacy - and if things get complicated - call in the experts and they can take the process to a higher level.

Now, you just have to watch the SF Unified School Board -  and observe their Smithsonian  ways - and when it come to Public Comment - the folks are given one minute.

The chair has an attitude and this will come to haunt her sooner not later - this City is creating a division - a divisiveness when it come to parents and children - and straight families. Poor families and immigrant families - and we are watching you all like a hawk.

That says it all - these folks are afraid of "sunshine" - they are afraid of light.

We need people to shine light where there is abject darkness.

We need to expose the many ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

Children, youth, young adults - especially girls and young women must be encouraged to enter the digital world with the right tools the right support - and qualified teachers.

Morons cannot some out with solutions - especially those that are afraid to hear from those those that pay their salaries - those who say they want to represent - but are busy massaging their - "egos". 

Seeking opportunities to get into politics - and try to mess our lives - take another course - and get lost - fade into oblivion.

When it comes  to Algebra - it is all there - and even now - I venture to the Khan Academy - on the Internet and enjoy myself.

Even as I do - I do back fifty years plus - thinking to myself what if we had such tools.

That is not to say we did not have good teachers - but the contemporary tools are mind boggling.

The San Francisco Unified School Board is aging - in its thoughts, its actions, but more how they think and articulate - so out of sync with the contemporary world.

Always seeking money from Corporations who take a write off - and who really do not comprehend what Public Education is all about - less they Corporations must consult more the parents and students and less those that pocket the money.

In the past many parents - preferred sending their children to Public Schools no more.

Private schools, charter schools, parochial schools, today provide a better environment - have better teachers - and thus the divide is wider - those who have money and can spend a fortune - and those who are poor and have to opt to send their children to Public Schools - that offer less and cannot offer a sound education.

The teachers treated with disdain, lacking good tools and books - and at the end of the year - pink slips given - only for the "Rainy Day Fund" - that the City and County doles out.

The San Francisco Unified School District come under the jurisdiction of the State of California.

When the SF Unified School Board thinks and believes they know it all - that is the first sign - that they are going down the drain - into the cesspool of their own - creation.

Our Immigrant children, those children that need help.

We must give our needy children the best education to excel.

These are the children, grateful who contribute the best to our Nations - I have seen it happen again and again.

STOP enrolling poor children into so called "Special Education" where little is taught and precious life is wasted. And there is more.

Wake up or face the wrath of the teachers who are paid less - and the parents of the children - who are ignored most of the time.

The Khan Academy: