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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


San Francisco is fast becoming the land of the "corrupt and crooks".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is leading the pack - and he thinks that he can fool - all the people all the time. His rich friends will fall - one by one - one the way side - it is just a matter of time.

Developers like Lennar Urban are trying to make inroads - taking money that they should spend in one place and buying property in other places - leveraging.

Getting land for free at Parcel A and Candlestick Point - using land banking - to rake in millions - and then coming into our neighborhoods - to adversely impact the culture and the nature of of our unique - neighborhoods.

Trying their best to change the characteristics of our long formed unique neighborhoods that only we understand - this is our painting and we are the creators.

Lennar Urban cannot fool us - and Lennar Urban cannot play the "trick" they played in Vallejo on us in San Francisco. We are watching them - like a hawk.

Huge parcels in an around South Van Ness are changing hands - the building where the Goodwill is by 11th Street, the building that sells HONDA cars on Market and Van Ness, the building which is now used as storage and more - in the South Van Ness area.

At San Francisco Planning Department - priority is given to Lennar Urban - with John Rahaim a transplant - expediting - plans and permits.

More with the cooperation of the Department of Building Inspection - looking the other way - and the constituents of San Francisco - kept in the dark.

The Land Use Committee and all those on that Committee - raking in the money for their campaign coffers - and rubber stamping - the issues that come before the Land Use and Economic Development Committee - which is a disgrace and does not represent the best interests of San Franciscans.

We are watching these "sordid" and very "evil" so called developers - without a heart - lacking compassion - and thinking they can pull a fast one in broad daylight.

Our sisters and brothers are vigilant - and in areas like the Mission - as was in the Bayview - we can and will take Lennar Urban down - with or without the help of Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

If Lennar Urban wants to build anything - it has to be 100% affordable - and we will set the caps on the units - as and when they are permitted to be built - only for those who can buy them as affordable homes - catering to those who should stay in San Francisco - to contribute to San Francisco as loyal San Franciscans.

The land belongs to the Muweka Ohlone and was stolen from them. There is not a single document that the City and County of San Francisco can provide - stating that they bought the land.

Lennar Urban is a "rogue developer" that thinks - we the people - the name "Muwekma" means - "people".

If we the people are not present at the table - to listen and deliberate - offer our plans and solutions - and have them implemented in toto - " we will shut down Lennar Urban".

Kofi Bonner ain't seen anything yet.

Bronson Johnson and the lackeys who pander to these vermin - from the Mayor's Office of Housing like Olson Lee - the folks that head HOPESF - and Tiffany Bohee who a few years ago - was a peon working for San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - ain't seen anything - yet.

The Commission on Infrastructure and Economic Development is a JOKE - the Successor Agency to the erstwhile SF Redevelopment Agency - just rubber stamps.

No one is paying attention to the low and no income population - that is on the brink of extinction -  which is completely left out - and has endured untold suffering for over 30 years.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - and we the "people" and Muwekma means people - do not and will not embrace the "greedy developers" and more those that have secret meetings with them - in Room 200.

Panderers like Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell - who are in bed with the developers.

These SF Supervisors who have failed to represent San Franciscans.

The rogue developers - whose main aim is to build - one million dollar plus condominiums. Some condominiums going for $5 million and $10 million. Seeing is believing.

The Mainland Chinese economy is faltering - and trillions of dollars are available for investments of any kind.

This has been going on in Australia, New Zealand, in Canada, all over South America, in the continent of Africa - and in the United States and elsewhere.

The Schlage Lock Company property was bought by a crook from Taiwan who stole $800 million dollars and he now taking refuge in Mainland China.

The property by Bayshore and Arleta is contaminated and needs a through clean up - abatment.

 Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Malia Cohen wants to build 1700 units - next to the Caltran Station - with trains zooming by, millions of vehicles spewing dangerous particulates - all sorts of adverse impacts - and most people are kept in the dark.

The many high rises that we see are for the "rich".

Hundreds of these expensive units are "summer homes" - a second home for those that are using these condominiums - to rake in millions - rent them or have Airbnb manage these assets. 

In the interim the Academy of Art University has bought hundreds of rental units and converted them to dormitories to accommodate mostly foreign students - who pay a lot and get little in return.

Just like that the Academy of Art University converted - thousands of former "rental units" - these rental units - vanished from the market - at one time they all came under - "rent control". No more - gone, gone, gone forever.

Some of us fought, spoke, and still are impressing upon the SF Planning Commission to adjudicate this one issue. These bastards are dragging their weak legs.

In the interim - thousands of decent families who contributed so much to San Francisco have left San Francisco. Families with children - families that contributed to our City heritage.

Who is there  in this City that understands Cultural Competency - the attributes and the fortitude that comes with time - and cannot be bought by sordid deeds and tainted money.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks he can say one thing and do another.

We are watching him and Olson Lee - the other panderers like SPUR - and those San Francisco Board of Supervisors - who speak from both sides of their mouth - Scott Wiener, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell.

Those San Franciscans that have worked hard - those that have contributed to all of San Francisco - must have shelter and the amenities we call Quality of Life issues given to them - and rightly so - as laid down in our United States of America - Constitution.

We smell the political "pimps" and "whores" and the MACHINE from miles away in San Francisco.

We know who Lennar Urban is - a rogue developer that we have given notice - to stay away from San Francisco.

President Barack Hussein Obama is visiting San Francisco and will be reading this article. He can then discuss the issues with the liar - who will meet him - and impress him to deliver favors - that they do not deserve at all.

Lennar Urban is busy raking in millions from EB-5 visas - they are offering units for $500,000.

All over the United States the EB-5 visas  are offered for $1 million. 

The rich Mainland Chinese mostly will grab anything - to come to the United States - and then buy another home in the Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, in places that they really want to live - they have a lot of money - and do not mind spending it on assets that will serve them - in many ways.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a toxic dump - declared a Superfund Site - only the worst of the worst - toxic dumps more laden with high levels of radioactive elements - are declared - Superfund Sites.

Candlestick Point - is prone to liquefaction and flooding - and is next to a former "garbage dump" - now known as a State Park -  Candlestick State Park.

Daily tons of methane gas - spew from this area - a poor landfill.

One ton of Methane gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. So much for our fake calculation regarding reducing our Carbon Footprint - in San Francisco.

The millions of tons of concrete poured in building the "concrete jungle" - contribute millions of tons of Carbon Dioxide.

 Mayor Edwin M. Lee is aware of this fact - but grins and lies that - our economy is booming. 

Booming for the worse - with congestion on our roads - and very high level of contamination in the air. He cannot and will not leave a sound - legacy.

Respiratory diseases are on the increase - and Barbara Gracia - the Director of the SF Health Department - is now wasting her time - standing in attention and attending - fake speeches that have NO practical consequences - that have no concrete goals - that are not viable and sustainable.

We human beings must have clean drinking water, the land should not be contaminated, the air pristine as possible - all of which Mayor Edwin M. Lee understands but fails to comprehend.

These gimmicks will come to an end - the Great Spirit - watches all these shenanigans - ploys and machinations - no one - can fool all the people - all the time. Aho.

Muweka means "people" - we the people - and we are in control - these filthy rich greed vermin - better get out of the way - now.