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Saturday, January 31, 2015


In this digital world our youth and young adults are kept out - shunned while some "naive" adults make decisions; create half-baked policies - that adversely impact - generations.

Evil policy makers are tying to circumvent the real issues - putting emphasis on "GREED" and failing to be compassionate.

Hundreds of infants, children, youth, young adults - when they are need of the services they need - are deprived of them - and this one singular factor - adversely impacts hundred - may be thousands for the rest of their lives.

Today's politicians are besides themselves - tunnel vision - and one one politician in San Francisco is "culturally competent" to comprehend the deep issues that affect our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - and even the constituent - the tax payer.

The damage done to that segment of the population that votes - has created an atmosphere - that we have thousands that have stopped voting - and when this happens and has been happening at all level - some one must pay - attention. NOW.

In today's world it is paramount that adults who make decisions that affect the community at large - first and foremost bring in the youth and young adults into the deliberations.

This input is necessary not the re-invent the wheel - to cover the hidden aspects that most adults take for granted. Children or youth cannot truly inform or teach the adults - anything substantial and viable. The fact is that they can - youth and young adults - children and even infants - have taught us to many times - and it is all recorded.

In it critical - that the youth and young adults - involved in the deliberations - should be those that are respected by their peers.

For sure NOT those youth and young adults - who can be bought - thus setting another generation - who take their marching orders - from adults that are corrupt and have no ethics and morals.

Believe me the youth and young adults on the street are not all dumb and stupid.

Many of them made mistakes - and most of them learn from their mistakes - some will go on making mistakes - just like the general population. We must believe and work hard to give human beings a second chance - it is here that the "compassion" kicks in.

Many of the children, youth and young adults - are very intelligent.

However, again and again - more the youth and young adults are denied opportunities - by the Mayor's Office and those that make policies - that adversely affect the community at large.

Thrown some bread crumbs - we have a $9 Billion budget - and failing to have plans that favor Career Jobs and training long before huge projects - are started.

The Sewer System Improvement Project - can employ hundreds of youth and young adults and they should get the training right now.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District should have a monitoring station right at Executive Park - or some where near - so that we do not follow a fail model - getting on information from the Air Monitoring from Potrero Hill and the Airport that is situated in San Mateo. 

We have micro-climates - wind in access of 40 miles and at time 50 miles - that take contamination all over the place.

Recently all those who agreed to go ahead with the "implosion" of Candlestick Park must be investigated. Some one has to go to jail - for a long, long time.

The community fought and there are advocates who have direct communication with Washington DC more with Law Enforcement. Lennar Urban is a known Rogue Developer.

Lennar Urban brought the down fall of Vallejo - forced that City to declare bankruptcy - to this day Vallejo is suffering.

Lennar Urban promised to build 10,000 homes on Mare Island -a and then decided not to do so - then declared bankruptcy. 

Vallejo thought they would get millions from the dense housing, tax increment and so on and so forth - and nothing came of that deal.

Much like the Candlestick Development more the Shopping Mall does not bear well on our community - no one has the money to spend of high priced goods - we already have the best malls - down town - San Francisco.

At the highest levels be it Planning, Housing, Transportation, Education, Safety, Child and Youth Development, Health on all levels, Jobs and our Digital world, Fashion and Music - the youth and young adults are left out. This situation must be remedied on a war footing - and those leaders who do not help the youth and young adults - must get out of the way.

Now and then you will get some clown who comes into the community and pushes for "coding" - "training in some basic bio-sciences" and so on and so forth. Never ever having in mind career jobs. You get the training and then you are left on your own. 

Even in some jails - after such training such as coding - private companies are offering jobs to the incarcerated - the reason is simple - the jailed get some credit - and some one makes a lot of money. As many know those incarcerated - cannot be paid high paying jobs.

It is the same that is happening today - we cannot expect mostly minority just to be laborers, painters, holding signs and guiding people across the road.

These menial jobs that offer you opportunities - for short periods of time - three months, six month, even a year - and then the person trained has to fend for themselves.

We see before our very eyes what is happening with Twitter, FaceBook, Google, Airb&b and so on and so forth - mostly Whites who have taken opportunities on all levels, funded by the Government, and to top it all they get large tax breaks from local governments.

Right on Third Street now - Whites are given opportunities - grants not loans - a loan you have to pay back.

Opening stores and one can see things for themselves.

You open a store - in a neighborhood that you do not understand - the City and County of San Francisco - favors outsiders.

A store run for sometime by Blacks on Third Street and Palou facing North - has closed down.

It was run by some Blacks - they tried their best - but failed to follow the latest marketing practices - failing to set-up the store - to attract customers in and not sending them out - in a jiffy.

Our City and County of San Francisco , the Small Business Commission, the Department of Building Inspection, the San Francisco Planning Department, the Mayor Office of Empowerment, and there are hundreds others - all working on our City and County of San Francisco - and all making high salaries and screwing around.

We have a population of about 820,000 and over 28,000 working for the City and County of San Francisco. Over 15% making over 200,000 with benefits. This situation is a like a train come at you at very high speed - waiting to crash against a wall in its path.

The Pension situation today is at risk - with contribution invested in "hedge funds" - other double dipping - the Mayor and other know about this - but they keep the young adults and the general population - in the dark.

We are fortunate to have a Youth Commission - that has some clout - a former Supervisor Angela Alioto had the vision to form the Youth Commission.

The Youth Commission has to do the heavy lifting and have done so for a long time.

Now, it is time to bring the Youth Commission into the Community - have joint meetings in the community with the SF Police Commission and other Commission - so that the community fully comprehends - what our future holds for us.

The youth and young adults - those that have graduated are fed up with how our City and County of San Francisco is treating them.

The youth and young adults come to me for help - so I know what I am talking about.

I know first hand - what is happening at City College - and the role Shannel Williams who I mentored is playing.

Now some developer wants to build thousands of units by City College - on a needed Parking Lot - all in the name of GREED. The public is kept in the dark - and this is simply wrong - more in San Francisco - which has a astute population in the Mission, in the Western Addition, in the Exelsior, in the Bayview, in the Portola Distict, at Potrero Hill, in the Avenue, in the Tenderloin - all over San Francisco.

Recently we had the shooting and killings of four youth - in the Fillmore and then one shooting and killing in the Bayview on Third and Quesada. We must look at these incidents - and come out with solutions that matter.

Our Representatives Malia Cohen and London Breed for example think they know - because they listen to people who know less - and no one is truly interested in having a Town Hall meeting just with the youth and young adults. No interference with the so called adults - be they Pastor or so called experts - keep them out.

These killings and shooting will continue to happen.

More - if those in charge do not win the trust of those that are impacted most.

We have others - looking for opportunities - looking at Violence Prevention and Intervention to make money.

This is what has been happening all these years - all those who were mandated to focus on Violence Prevention and Intervention -  pocketed millions.

Adversely impacting our youth and young adults.

Community Based Organizations - who were close to the former Mayors - who were mandated to do their work and did not do it.

They all - must be investigated - and there are people who will come forward and tell you the - truth. 

In the past over $10 million use to flow down Third Street - Community Based Organization - taking the money to do Violence Prevention and Intervention - and doing the minimum.

Today is is about $30 million - flowing down Third Street.

The SF Health Department and Barbara Gracia - getting more millions - and spending it elsewhere - and not in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Law Enforcement using Over Time and spending millions on tracking down the small fish - while the "big fish" and real "bad guys" causing havoc in the community.

The community is hurting and what is important to note very angry.

Now, when you are angry you cannot think nor act - in a manner that favors progress and brings about harmony.

This is exactly what some entities want - they with intent are perpetuating divisiveness.

No one can fool all the people - all the time.