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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Quality of Life issues - cannot be addressed in a vacuum.
Nor can Violence Prevention and Intervention - to stop the present killings and shootings.

We must think outside the box - this City seems trapped inside the box - with models that are Smithsonian.

In all matters linked to Quality of Life issues - we must have a vision - a vision that leaves a legacy. Judging from what City Hall has in mind - it is simply - mind boggling.

So far millions of dollars have been wasted without any meaningful policy - more a policy that has not be deliberated. Our leaders are pandering - and those that take orders - go on making the same mistakes - again and again.

Violence Prevention and Intervention is tied to a host of other issues - that includes Transportation, Education, Health, Mental issues, poor conditions of living, Safety issues - without sound policies - fully vetted and with the community involved at all levels - NO progress can be made.

Our neighborhoods are changing drastically - all over San Francisco - and the "neighborhood characteristics" that that were planted and grew all these years - are now totally - destroyed by entities and models - that defy logic and lack compassion.

Our City seems to think - this is business as usual - using gimmicks such as cutting ribbons and other fun fare - but what about the lives lost. Too many lives have been lost - and there is no amount - we can put on one single - life lost.

The invasion of new segments of the population - the infusion of EB-5 visas - to mostly the Chinese from Mainland China.

Building homes on contaminated grounds and sites - at Hunters Point Hill recently - there was a registration of over 840,000 Asbestos structures per cubic meter. In recent days - there have been high recordings or readings.

Not a word from the SF Department of Health - not a word from the Department of Environment that comes under the SF Department of Health - Amy Brownell or Cushing.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has failed to do its job.

The Notice  of Violations (NOVs) must be posted on the BAAQMD website - and the BAAQMD has failed in its mission.

These corrupt developers such as Lennar Urban - must be penalized for polluting the air - workers are coming down with serious illnesses - and here our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is not aware or has not been told of the very high Asbestos - recordings. Why?

This article is sent to Mr Jack Broadbent of the BAAQMD - as with other articles - he looks at them and should know what is happening to the Southeast Community.

Mr Jack Broadbent thinks - we, the community will not be back again. We will - much as we did - when Lennar Urban was fined $515,000 and paid it.

At that time Lennar Urban much as it does today - bombarded a huge area - with Asbestos Structures or Friables - our SF City and County of San Francisco is playing with FIRE.

We continue giving Lennar Urban a pass - and this must stop.

In recent months when it comes to education we have seen some superficial progress - made by the SF Unified School District - whose jurisdiction comes under the State Government - the State of California.

Thousands of our youth still have issue with truancy - and we must deal with this issues. Too many families - two three families live in a one or two bed room unit - and this is not the way decent families must live. Worse than Third World countries.

Our immigrant children are still not given equal opportunities - but what is important to note - is the disdain shown to the immigrants - children and their families.

In the last 5 years the latest figures show that we now have a population of 820,000 in San Francisco - and that over 40,000 families have left San Francisco.

The families face too many hurdles - the most important affecting them - housing and education.

While newer MUNI buses will surely emit less particulates into the air.

We need the congestion on the roads to be addressed - so that our buses can be on time - and people get to work and reach to their many other destinations on time.

The recent killings and shootings are addressed by putting more money in places and in the hands of those that are inept - in a manner that defies - logic.

Now, some consultants are been paid over $100,000 to teach those that already are on the front line - how to do their work.

What the front line workers need is a Blue Print and support that has been validated - led by proven leadership - understanding and compassion.

No dictatorial mandates coming from Room 200 - which is far removed and has no clue what is happening at ground zero. You can send all the spies - to see what is happening - none of the are culturally - competent to understand the situation at hand.

The City hires entities that take tours to gather some information - but these entities are not from San Francisco.

These entities cannot learn the problems from those areas and people that face too many hurdles - by osmosis.

This is happening - because the City is forced to gather some data - but the data gathered - is tarnished and shallow. It has become fashionable to collect data from the Bayview and get grants from the State and Federal entities.

With little or no money going directly as services provided to the Seniors, the Mentally Challenged, the Physically Challenged, for Childcare - our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - put in harms way.

We have teams who are tasked to do a job - they attend workshops - they can be give some tools. The most important factor missing in this equation is trust and validation of total - support and sound evaluation.

Way back in 2004 we came out with Community Policing - complete with a document.

Detailing how the various entities can work together.

We gave the document to the then Mayor and to the Chief of Police.

Nothing came of it - we still have it - but will not give it away - we want to sit down with the contemporary entities - so that they can see for themselves - what we did - when it came to providing solutions. We also want to let them know - they let us down.

The present entities addressing Violence Prevention and Intervention - cannot and will not leave a legacy. The are going around in circles - with very poor leadership coming from Room 200 - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee busy cutting ribbons and talking from both sides of his mouth.

This economy is in a flux - you cannot gauge any economy by the sky scrapers built. China is hurting, the Swiss franc is hurting, the dollar is artificially strong - the SF City has a pension plan - that is going to crash - and there is more - and the Mayor thinks - we cannot think outside the box.

I would like to meet Chief Gregory Suhr and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and discuss some of the issues that have NOT been addressed - and how we can address them - linked to Quality of Life issues. Let us share the truth not the bogus lies that are told to you - at the many worthless meetings - where people spew diatribe.

For those following the killings and shootings - you can gauge from the empirical data - the hundreds of killings and shootings - all these years - and the few areas that have been adversely - impacted.

There can be no progress in any area - where innocent people are not give viable and sustainable - opportunities.

Where people cannot interact with those who we call Law Enforcement - who are more para-military and less community sensitive.

The mentality of Law Enforcement must change - and the laymen is forced to listen to what the so called experts on Law Enforcement say. The PERF document is one such document.

No one wants to listen to the community - the mentality is - we say and you jump. That is not going to happen in today's digital world.

We live in a world of information - the best information - makes for the best education.

The ability for anyone to discern - to gather the best information - comes from having a sound education.

In the past - the dictatorial tactics were used - they work a little - no more.

Top Law Enforcement officials - are fully aware of the injustice done - in many areas in San Francisco - I am talking Federal an State.

The lay person - more those who have their loved ones incarcerated - understand the pitfalls of the "justice system" - which is more "an "injustice system". 

Few of us - have the ability to analyze, created a plan, find solutions and bring it to the attention of those entities - who can make a change right way.

And model - any plan - takes ages in San Francisco. That is what the dumb call progress - teams of idiots - are forced to review concepts that they do not comprehend - less understand.

Right now in San Francisco - whether we like it or not - we have spent millions of dollars - on Violence Prevention and Intervention.

We do not have one single entity - one single person - who can take the authorities to task.

The paradox is that more money is found and given to do more pandering.

People who pander are not leaders - they  think they are leaders.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

Does anyone believe today that our Mayor Edwin M. Lee who I have met and told him to his face - that he should help the community - over two years ago - but he has chosen to listen to the panderers.

James Comey the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation - shares some of my thoughts.

I have been monitoring and participating - in the various deliberations - all these many years.

In San Francisco we once had the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice - no more.

We had the Safety Committee - where the San Francisco Police Department who provide some reports - more incident reports - where the community could - comprehend what really is happening. No more.

Today, we have some entities who have a superficial idea about Law Enforcement - Law Enforcement has a history and a very long history - going back - to the days of Slavery.

The layperson who tries to change Law Enforcement superficially - will not succeed.

In fact some folks by addressing some events and some issues - without thinking through - are doing more harm than good.

We have entities - so called laypersons - who want grants to do Community Policing - who themselves - have no clue about how Community Policing works.

Ask them if they have read the PERF report - they look are you with a blank look.

Ask them - if they are a team or a group that has met Law Enforcement or even the local Supervisors - with a Blue Print and Solutions - and they look funny.

Ask them for a line item budget - so that one can get a sense where they come from. They want nothing that reveal Accountability and Transparency.

In the past - we have brought all the SF City entities to one place - had a Summit on Violence and Prevention.

We had the solutions - and we discussed the solutions - we brought about progress - and we made headway.

Only for the politicians to kill the plan - and it was business as usual.

The new comers to the Violence Prevention Models -  have no clue about the real politics and how policies made - linked to gentrification and the removal of - "people of color" - based on income.

So, if you are poor - the sordid entities do not care - how they get rid off - what they deem - unwanted entities.

We have entities at all level in our current SF Administration - who follow such policies. If we are ignorant about this fact - we have only ourselves to blame.

Again and again after the recent killings and shooting I have been contacted and asked - where is Malia Cohen on this issue?

I do not want to be rude - but the fact of the matter is that Malia Cohen who is on Lennar Urban's payroll - and has taken vast sums of money from developers - Malia Cohen will not say anything. Much as Mayor Edwin M. Lee - other Mayor's from other Cities take a stand - our Mayor twitches his moustache and sits on the fence. 

Behind the scene - the entities that favor gentrification - say to themselves - "they are killing one another" - " we better stay at a distance and watch them kill one another".

I can go deep into the issue of Violence Prevention and Intervention - into the models that have been put in place - and have FAILED.

FAILED - again and again - from the days of RAP to what is attempted today.

I have read the reports - and I have fought to bring about change - change must come from within - with those in charge - having their heart in the right place.

The infighting is there today - some entities thrown to the wind just because they are not near those - that can make things happen.

The money is there - but only those who are in bed with the corrupt - get the money.

If over $3 million is spent - directly and indirectly - with Over Time - high salaries for consultants.

Who are those paid to reinvent the wheel.

Why the lack of data where quarterly reports cannot be created.

Why the lack of other types of contemporary models not incorporated - we are just fooling ourselves.

Our City has chosen to out-source - setting aside money for Violence Prevention and Intervention - and then keeping for itself a full 25%.

Then out-sourcing the rest - hoping against hope - some progress will come about.

Missing from this concept - is the lacking of housing, people working two and three jobs to maintain shelter over their head. Paying $3500 for a one bedroom unit.

Contamination and pollution taking a heavy toll - respiratory diseases on the rise. Infants an children suffering - it is the children and infants - who have NO voice that I care about.

The adults can fend for themselves - and if the bark up the wrong tree - for months on end - that is none of my business. Keep wasting your time and energy.

In communities where the indigent live - the stress and the turmoil can be felt in the air. The people are hurting - and killings and shootings - have made them numb.

What is of paramount interest to these poor people is living day to day - putting food on the table is.

There are some entities - pretending to address the Violence Prevention and Intervention - and I am monitoring the situation at hand very, very carefully.

These entities have no clue about the polices being made in Room 200 - and do not have direct access to the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee.

The Controller Ben Rosenfield, the Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr, the Public Defender - Jeff Adachi, the Sheriff Rosss Mirkarimi.

Steve Kawa who whispers sweet nothings into the Mayor's ear.

Naomi Kelly the City Administrator - who keeps her distance - and sits on the fence and watches the circus. 

Tiffany Bohee who is fostering more divisiveness with housing - heading the evil designs of the Office of the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency. Joined by the Mayor's side kick - Olson Lee. 

Here is a report on Violence Prevention - with no clear definition - several agencies doing their own thing - wasting millions of dollars: