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Monday, February 9, 2015


This is Ohlone land for those that arrived yesterday - and think that building units that are not affordable to the majority is fine by them - but most San Franciscans say - " no way".

This land was once pristine and as I said belongs to the Ohlone - it was stolen. In all the building - the majority must be accommodate - and there must be a plan - and does not target the poor and even the Middle Class - and the crooks feel it is fine - to build and build - without a Blue Print that makes sense.

The last three Housing Elements are in court - each of them has major deficiencies.

The San Francisco Planning Commission - acts as some Project Manager  - on most deliberations at the SF Planning Commission.

Failing to abide by the General Plan, has no clear "blue print" - and has no viable and sustainable Housing Element - prepared every five years - for some guidance and more to address Quality of Life issues.

The Contract Monitoring Division and the Department of Building Inspection - look the other way - as high rises are built - the plans fast tracked - and huge fees given by the developers - plus bribes - received by the panderers.

At City Hall behind close door deals are made and sealed.

Most of the SF Supervisors - salivate  - as their campaign coffers are filled - at arranged breakfast - where for a hundred dollars a seat round a table of ten -  and at times five hundred a seat - evil folks make contributions to the many campaign coffers.

This is City and County of San Francisco is so corrupt - that right now you have to pay to play.

The rents are so expensive that the wise leave the City and County of San Francisco - while the going is good. 

The others who take a risk - fall between the cracks - and land on the street - to face the inclement weather and slowly die.

In recent months entire families - and it is sickening to witness these condition - in one of the richest cities in the world - San Francisco.

San Francisco named after Saint Francis Assisi - once had compassion - no more.

Public Housing is now targeted for deconstruction.

Public Housing divided and given to some Property Management one worse than the others - to mention a few - Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company - Bridge Developers - and the City and County of San Francisco - with intent - is practicing - Gentrification.

Public Housing at Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Oakdale, Sunnydale once built by the Department of Defense - then handed over to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

There is HUD language where those living in Public Housing could buy their units -  by those living in them - but no more.

The City and County of San Francisco - working with the very corrupt San Francisco Housing Authority and very corrupt folks like Amos Brown - with intent - practiced deferred maintenance.

Let Public Housing fall into disrepair. Once these units had large bed rooms - the new units - are so small - that once you place a queen bed - there is no room - to move around.

These new units are built of keep material and the units leak - one has just to go to Huntersview and ask those that live in these units.

Crooks pretending to help the poor and the Public Housing residents - while pocketing thousands and using the money for other mundane - events and projects.

Today in San Francisco we have the "filthy rich" and the ever growing poor. 

The middle class has eroded and it is a shame that our once great City is full of homeless folks.

It is simply deplorable and pathetic - to witness infants, children, seniors - and those physically and mentally challenged - suffering and slowly dying on the streets of San Francisco.

We do not have the infrastructure to accommodate all the high rise units - the clean drinking water, the sewer, the electricity.

Our Fire Department does not have the equipment to deal with high rise fires - the hydrants do not have sufficient pressure to deal with such situation.

In many cases there is no place on the roads built - to accommodate the fire engines with the taller ladders - the SF Planning Department and one John Rahaim thinks - this is a JOKE.

Our roads are congested - and the City Engineers talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

In San Francisco on San Bruno Avenue by Felton Street it has been 10 years plus - we have requested for a street light signal - the matter has come up - again and again - no one cares.

I am asking John McGuire and Ed Reiskin to look into this matter - on an emergency footing.

On San Bruno Avenue a commercial corridor that the City Treasurer receives millions from the businesses and others.
We pay our taxes and get bread crumbs in return.

Without consulting the business - parking meters have been placed to accommodate six wheelers - and less those that shop.

No consideration for the Seniors and those who are Physically Challenged - and all this in our neighborhood.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - has failed in the replacement of sewer and clean drinking water pipes. They have NOT met their goals - and must be taken to task.

When a contract is given to replace the clean drinking water pipes, the sewer pipes - the entity that gets the job - fails to do a good job. 

Brand new pipes - have be to be replaced - when they are found cracked - after a measly six months.

It does not help when you read in the newspaper a San Francisco Public Utilities Planner - taking a "pee" - yes a pee in one of the Reservoirs - that supply clean drinking water to 2.5 million customers.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has a say - and can demand the "slow down" of high rises - if they understand and care.

We have had a long drought - we are still wasting water - yet, at all the so called presentations - the SF Public Utilities Commission meetings - the jackasses look you straight in the eye - and paint a "rosy" - picture.

Crooks and corrupt folks like Juliet Ellis conduct workshops and meetings - to hoodwink the people.

Fliers are sent with wrong MUNI bus numbers - the very simple things that one would known - are out of bounds when it comes to outreach - and those doing outreach are paid in the thousands - as much as $120,000 with benefits.

We never have seen so many homeless people downtown - in our neighborhoods - and now even Chinatown - has seen an increase of the homeless. Making headlines in today newspaper the Examiner.

Who in the City has a conscience - City Officials making in access of $200,000 and responsible for Quality of Life issues - should be ashamed of themselves.

If you cannot deliver - it is time to seek a job some where else.

Do not pander to the current polices - that is practically - taking our City and County of San Francisco - down the drain - and into the "cesspool" our your own creation.

You all keep listening to Olson Lee and to the other corrupt minions - who talk the talk - but have failed to walk the walk.