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Sunday, March 1, 2015


San Francisco all of it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

The land we now called San Francisco - was pristine - until some strangers came and - contaminated - all that was once - good and clean.

In a span of two hundred years - a concrete jungle has been built.

The Earth is San Francisco - stifled - little open space to breathe - the people live and breathe the filth - and the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee thinks nothing of it.

The Bay polluted - the watershed polluted - and the air is full of particulates and dangerous pollutants - in some places Asbestos particulates - bombard some innocent - constituents- and this City and County of San Francisco - could not care less.

You would think the Mayor, the City Administrator, the Controller, the City Attorney, the District Attorney, the Director Health - others too many to mention - would do the right thing - the fact is they all look the other way - with disdain.

The poor, the indigent, are on the increase and now it is common to see camps - reeking with filth and stench - not only in our neighborhoods - on many once clean - open spaces.

Under the many San Francisco bridges, the bushes - but openly on the streets - all this in our City and County - that has a budget of over $9 Billion dollars.

The City employees and more those in Management have given themselves a 3.4% increase - and some SF Board of Supervisors - are on the take - and it just a matter of them - when these facts will be revealed. The RICO act applied and the awe and shock will be felt - Citywide.

The increase and inordinate units that cater to the filthy rich is simply mind boggling.

Units selling for $2 and $3 million high end - and on an average $1.75 million. On the very high end over $10 million.

At the other end - for the poor those that live pay check to check - a one bed room now fetches $3500 a month. Some twenty years ago - one could rent a one bed room for $300.

In our schools we have young children - who have no sense what is happening - and they are confused and traumatized.

More our immigrant children - who already suffer the scars they endured directly and indirectly - from untold atrocities.

Many of them go to school to have their first meal - breakfast. I know what I am speaking off - because I am close to the children, the youth - and they tell me what they feel - and have no way - to bring about some change.

Their family members - work two and three jobs - temporary jobs - that offer NO health benefit - no other benefits - they work to live - each and every day. 

They work so that their children will go to school and better their lives. Only for most of them to be fooled - when their children are put in classed and designated as students - fit only for " Special Education". 

Special Education - is keeping the children in the class - without teaching them much - herding the children in the classroom - and promoting them - when they have learned, nothing much. 

We are a land of immigrants - who came here to the land of the Ohlone.

What we saw a long time ago - was good - and then just like that - those first strangers - turned their backs and bit the hand that fed them.

We have non-profits - who come each year - and beg for money - to Room 250, which is where the SF Board of Supervisors - deliberate.

The Non-Profits beg for money for rent, money to provide benefits to their employees, money for insurance, and the list goes on and on. It happens each and every years - washing dirty linen in the public.

The SF Board of Supervisors pretend that they comprehend they understand the problems, the hurt feelings - pretend they know - how deep - the concerns of the non-profits are and what they will endure in the future.

They listen and do little. They spew hot air - and the same dog and pony show is repeated - year after year. 

How about booting the folks that are in charge of the budget - and elect others who care? Do not throw pearls before some hogs - dirty, stinking hogs - wallowing in the cesspool of their own - creation.

The bottom line - our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is living in an unreal world.

He wants to rub shoulders with the likes of those that are Billionaires, millionaires, and seeks to do business with them - always receiving benefits for such sordid, deals.

He suffers from what is known at the "Napoleonic  Complex " - such folks are as frail - as the reed - that blows any which way. Pathetic. 

Cliches such as "shared equity' does not exist among those that steal, rob, plunder - more adversely impacting the poor and those that cannot defend themselves.

Crooks who are corrupt and seek opportunities where they can rake in the millions.

Any one who produces something for a dollar and sells it for hundred or two hundreds dollars - is a thief.

Yet this City and County of San Francisco sees nothing wrong in giving TWITTER, SALESFORCE, AIRB&B, others - large tax breaks.

For years we had the opportunity to improve our infrastructure we have not. Today, we just talk.

For years we had the opportunity to own our own Internet - the structure - the cable - the fiber - this Nation is ranked 27th in the world - yes, 27th in the world.

We, in San Francisco could easily have had a first class infrastructure - but we do not.

Our aging clean water and sewer pipes are over 90 years old. Water and Sewer leeching into the ground and adversely impacting our watershed. Fools do not comprehend this - more, when they get  their water from Hetch Hetchy.

The land and the water was stolen from the Miwoks and the Piutes.

For the last 35 years I have monitored the more pertinent elements of our City of San Francisco's - infrastructure, health, safety, education, childcare, environment, economy and progress.

Attending meetings that total in the thousands. I know these scum bags - and the scum bags know me. 

Each and every time the rich get all the support by wheeling and dealing - making deals in Room 200.

Using consultants like Platinum and a former "thug Mayor" Willie L. Brown Jr - to cut deals and offer projects - to them on a platter. Dwayne Jones who is a runner and does the dirty work.

Lennar Urban is not welcome to the City and County of San Francisco. 

he sooner Lennar Urban leaves San Francisco the better.

The future for Lennar Urban - as I predicted many times is one of trials and tribulations.

Lennar Urban will fail - will fall flat on its face - and drown in the cesspool of its own creation.

Much was made about the demolishing of Candlestick Stadium.

The City and County of San Francisco, the District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen, other mostly Blacks and on the take - wanted to "implode" Candlestick Stadium.

I wrote and informed the public - this would never happen.

People defied me that it would - but I learned a lot from the happenings in 2004.

Where Lennar Urban bombarded - a large area -  adversely impacting - thousands of innocent people.

Spreading Asbestos Structures - thousands of Asbestos Structures per cubic meter.

Stop Lennar Action Movement took Lennar Urban to task - and exposed the many Notice of Violations - before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD).

BAAQMD - fined Lennar Urban $500,000 - the people won - but not everyone supported us - now they comprehend at this late hour - because the issue is in their back yard.

Right now - at Candlestick Stadium the work that began has STOPPED is has been over a week - since the work has stopped.

The deconstruction - piece by piece - initiated without a Blue Print to address the containment of the dust - more Asbestos Structures.

When the wind picked up - the 50 and 60 miles per hour wind - the dust spread far and wide.

The Regulatory Agencies were informed - and when they checked on the Plan that had not been in place - there was nothing to found  a Notice of Violation was issues - and Silverdo the company that defied the community - is being monitored, very carefully.

Silverado and the minions that support Silverado are enemies of the constituents - the people that live in and around Candlestick Stadium. Mostly outsiders who heart in not in the right place. You can go make money elsewhere - you all are put on notice.

The Notice of Violation at Candlestick Stadium - has been issued - and Lennar Urban and its proxy the Prime, Silverado who has been challenging the community - were mandated to stop working.

The world realized - not for the first time - that speaking to the "truth" and fighting for the "truth" is a long journey - with trials and tribulation - but in the end - good comes.

Macerice may brag that it will build a Shopping Mall.

Already it has seen the writing on the wall.

The economy worldwide does not favor malls, and wasting money as before.

In China large malls and brand new buildings having a radius of ten miles - sit vacant - with empty units in the thousand - , and fancy shops with fancy names - trying to vie the people - in a ghost City - cities  " Waiting For Godot " .

As I said this is San Francisco and we have always embraced the poor and still do.

You have just to visit Martin de Pores, Saint Anthony's, Glide, and many other smaller and better non-profits that do very good work.

The poor we always will have - and the poor have to be treated like human beings - treated with respect and dignity.

Today, what we see on the streets of San Francisco is unacceptable.

The San Francisco Health Commission and the Director of Health must enforce the laws of the land.

Those now facing the inclement weather - must be give some shelter, a roof, and amenities - to the deserving, more families with children. We must embrace and treat the  poor and indigent with dignity and respect.

We once had the Armory on Mission Street - which this City chose to sell to a person - so that it could be used as a den for all sorts of pornographic videos, S&M, and all sorts of lustful designs - far removed from using the Armory as it was used so many times - to shelter the poor in need.

It is amazing to hear the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee speak from both sides of his mouth.

Notice no one goes to the SF Board meetings to speak at Public Comment time - no one worth the salt.

The present SF Board of Supervisors - fail to work and less represent the people.

AirB&B, the shuttles, the ploys and machinations linked to the Municipal Transportation Agency, the many skyscrapers, the congestion on the roads - all astound those that are law abiding - but not those corrupt politicians - the scum of the earth.

The Non-Profits try to survive; begging for money to stay alive and afloat - but one cannot undo the evil designs of those who do not care - who do not have their heart in the right place.