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Sunday, August 17, 2014


We like to brag that our youth and our young adults are our future - that is what those who have nothing much to offer - will spew - every opportunity they get. They never speak the truth they lie.

Yet, when we see the real figures -  in the Bayview Hunters Point, Potrero Hill, Visitation Valley, Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley - Excelsior - the Southeast Sector of San Francisco -  linked to CAREER JOBS - we, as the City and County of San Francisco - have FAILED.

We have failed our youth and young adults - promising them something and giving them - nothing. Nothing whatsoever.

The City and County of San Francisco with its $9 billion dollar budget - must be ashamed of itself.

More, because of people like Rhonda Simmons and others like her - who have no clue about - how they have wasted - the talents of our youth and young adults.

Folks who have positions - but are NOT from San Francisco - let San Franciscans manage such curricula - and we will do well - as many of us have a proven - track record.

Rhonda Simmons - has wasted millions and this woman is paid a salary of over $230,000 with benefits. She must go - now. Come across like a bulldog - and has no class - what so ever.

And yet people like Rhonda - have been backed by the Mayors of San Francisco and others who believe her lies.
As audit must be done on all the millions of federal money spent - and other grants that have come to her - and how she diverted millions - and with her Dwayne Jones, Sophie Maxwell and others.

Way back in the year 2002 some of us met at the then Bayview Library and prepared a White Paper - to address training.

Our main objective - training that leads to creating - Career Jobs. 

The City and County at that time - had nothing to offer - but hot air. Nothing much has changed today - when it comes to offering Career Jobs.

Hardly had we created our White Paper - Sophie Maxwell got wind of it - and because we were getting that seed money from the San Francisco County and Transportation Agency (SFCTA) - we had to invite its Director Jose Moskcovich and he invited an aide from Sophie Maxwell's Office - at one of many meetings we held all over San Francisco. The rest is history.

The instructions were " do not give the hard copy to anyone that was not from the inner group".

Some how this White Paper was stolen - and given to Sophie Maxwell by her aide - who was present at this one meeting. 

A week later I was at the Land Use meeting at SF City Hall in Room 263 - chaired by Sophie Maxwell.

I got a shock of my life - most everything incorporated in our White Paper - to create "Career Jobs" - was being read out -  spewed by one Laura Luster a consultant.

The seed money available was $270,000 that others and I had fought for.

The plan discussed at this meeting - was to give Laura Luster for her White Paper - the sum of $150,000 - from the total sum of $270,000. She ended up getting $50,000 too much for nothing at all.

Laura Luster taking most of the salient features from our White Paper - and for those that do not have a good memory - I will throw out one name - Maurice Campbell who worked with me on the White Paper to create Career Jobs.

I spoke up at the Land Use meeting.

I was not going to permit anyone - to first steal our concept - many of  the core concepts - tried and proven to work - over the years with great success.

It is these sell outs - the likes of Sophie Maxwell and Dwayne Jones - who will do what it takes - to get some fake fame - doing anything to deprive those that are sincere, have fortitude from contributing.

In recent years with Dwayne Jones - we have Derf Butler, Angelo King, others from YCD, still others from Girls 2000 and Bayview Hunters Point Family - taking money - doing something - but failed to produce Career Jobs.

More money spent on the staff and less on the students.
Again and again the student come to me - and I have to listen. It is traumatic, painful, and what is more - totally uncalled for - to proved some little information, some training, with little or no follow up - after some drab, shallow, graduation of sorts.

Around the year 2004 we wrote another plan - this one a grant - we detailed - how two organizations - one a non-profit from the Bayview - and the other a Nationally proven institution with results - to again - fully address as the first time we tried in vain - career jobs.

Dwayne Jones stole our plan and gave it to some one else.

We got a one page letter - that our plan was well written but that we did not make the list.

We further pressed to find out more - why our grant did not make the list?

This time - only to be told that our grant was well written and most everything was in place - what was added was that the grant and the way we wrote it - was futuristic.


It is the same now in the Bayview Hunters Point - only this time it is the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Plans are a foot to create a non-profit with the friends of the Southeast Community Facility Commission. Whatever that means! To spend tax payers money. Expand on a Campus that we do not need. We have failed on keeping the Southeast Community Facility Commission in operation - with course that lead to career jobs.

Much as was the the case when the SCFC building was opened for business.

We already have for-profit and non-profit  - 501 (c) 3 and 504 (c) 3 - with proven experience.

One of them is not only a 501(c) 3 but also is a Non-Profit Enterprise - certified by the Contract Monitoring Division (CMD) and the State Attorney General.

The sell outs, the crooks, the corrupt, the likes of Juliet Ellis thinks she can run circle around us.

Well, we shut down Lennar and brought them down - not long ago - we can this Jamaican Black - who is NOT from our community - and what is more - not respected.

It is not impossible to deal with Juliet Ellis, the San Francisco Foundation, and others that already have a rap-sheet - that only has to be exposed.

The Task Force created to deal with the Digesters linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) is a $2.6 Billion project.

18 months have long past - and we have no clue what is happening.

Brown and Caldwell gave SFPUC over a million dollars - to help the community - and we the community have not received a line item on this money .

SFPUC purports - they are doing good by the community - which is not the fact - really. There are some within the SFPUC who want to do good - but constantly hurdles are put in their way by folks like Ivy Fine and Juliet Ellis.

The Contractors' Center at 5 Thomas Mellon Circle was conceived by us the community - the Blue Print in toto - given by us to the then Assistant General Manager - Harlan Kelly. 

We have the documents the time-line - the objectives - we have had meetings - no viable and sustainable results. Mostly fluff.

What the Contractors' Center has become - is anyone guess - more foul hot air - and less action that bring about any viable and sustainable - results.

There are people connected to the Contractors' Center that want to do good - but you have Ivy Fine, Juliet Ellis, other drab, shallow, and spineless - who have a hidden agenda.

Again the again in recent months - the SFPUC is defying people they promised to do something and failed to do it - defying them to take them to court. Guess what. Some have and won.

Organizations without a proven track record are given money - and those that provide empirical data, a blue print, curricula, whatever the dumb SFPUC wants on a platter - we have to wait of years.

It took us 3 long years to bring the Contractors' Center to fruition - and I was there on the Opening Day - others taking credit - and the public deceived.

The poster Local Business Enterprise - the company name Empire - was promised the world - but today - says he was taken for a ride.

There are good businesses that go through this experience.

In the interim the youth and youth adults are left in the dark. Now, is the time to train our youth - more from those communities that do not have the infrastructure - to educate them so that - they may have a career job.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission the side-kick Director of the facility - Toye Moses - other staff that report directly to Juliet Ellis like Sam Murray - think they are fooling us - the community.

Over $300,000 collected in rent from the near by Nurseries and Green Houses - that deal with exotic plants, and other profitable sales - pay rent.

Each of the three entities - some $10,000 plus per month.

The community is kept in the dark and the Southeast Community Commission Facility building itself - for years was not maintained.

No one read the Memorandum of Understanding - the correct one - until I sent one to Harlan Kelly and another to Dr Espanola Jackson - that was before Harlan Kelly became the General Manager of the SFPUC..

Plans are afoot to spend $30 million plus to build a campus - where now sits the three Green Houses. 

Tear down the Green Houses - and move them - somewhere - drab plans - without any meaningful dialog with the community.

Young Community Developers, Girls 2000, Bayview Hunters Point Family - others organizations that get money.

These drab organizations do not represent the community that matters. If they did - we should get quarterly reports - with line item expenses. We should get reports with fully transparency. We do not.

Our tax payers money is given to entities that do not have a proven "accountability and transparency"  record.

The past audits are available to be seen and reviewed - and do not paint a pretty - picture.

Much like San Francisco Public Utilities Commission that has done NOTHING substantial - for our youth - offering Career Jobs - with the Water System Improvement Project.

Under the guise that is was a Regional Project - the Bayview Community was shafted.

While one Al Williams - raked in millions. He does not live in District 10 - has access to the higher ups - but, does not participate at the community meetings.

With the Sewer System Improvement Project a $7 Billion project - already the San Francisco Arts Commission has got all the money it wants.

Those that applied for grants from the Bayview Hunters Point area - were shafted - but that issue is being addressed by some stellar - lawyers - who are determined to prove - how nasty Juliet Ellis and her minions can be. Time will tell.

Recently Mr Robert Wood who volunteered his time - most of the time - and spent many hours besides -  teaching the workers of an organization - mathematics and some basic skills - was promised remuneration - by SFPUC - and then shafted.

Mr Robert Woods had to go to court - and the matter was adjudicated in his favor.

Of course our Mayor Edwin Lee does not know about this or should he.

Nor does Naomi Kelly our City Administrator.

The ploys and machinations - by Juliet Ellis - who funneled over $200,000 while working for the SFPUC - to Green For All - a non-profit in the East Bay.

Who are these vermin from the East Bay to come to San Francisco and steal, rob, and deceive.

In San Francisco we have rules and regulations - that are NOT adhered to - even right now - Juliet Ellis is - pussyfoot around.

At the Southeast Community Facility Commission building Phase 1 was put to bid - for $1 million - the end result $1.6 million was paid - Juliet Ellis was behind this mess.

Now Phase II - another 30 million plus will be spent - all tax payers money - without the community involved - who is fooling whom.

So - why cannot we spend some quality money on our youth and young adults.

It is our tax payers money - is it not?  The SFPUC on every single front has failed - miserably.

No one pays attention when some idiots from the SFPUC pat their back at the SF Public Utilities Commission meetings. We the public are listening and paying attention, more monitoring - and we know better.

So what truly is happening to Mountain Tunnel - so close to the Hetch Hetchy reservoir and dam?

What is really happening at Calavares and who made money with the excavation, removal, transportation, and storage of over 2 million tons of dirt?

The result of very poor evaluation, inspection, critical detection - of cracks, fissures, crevices that should have been detected - a long time ago.

How many borings were executed on the site?

If there were just a few - why? Why did Julie LaBonte jump ship?

Why is there so much silence on this front? We the public and the tax payers from BASWA and SF want to know?

In the meantime on a War Footing - programs to address Career Jobs  for our youth and young adults - is a must - and we must do - whatever it takes to make this - possible.

Right now buffoonery reigns - supreme!