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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The San Francisco Unified School District for the longest time ever has not delivered on its own.

The State of California sends millions to the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD).

Most of the money is wasted - the scandals are all documented - even today in the year 2014.

The SFUSD has benefited a lot by the "raining day fund" -  given to the SFUSD by the tax payers of San Francisco - because each and every year - for many years - the SFUSD had no money to pay the teachers. Tom Ammiano established this fund - linked to our City's General Fund.

Other benefits from our City and County of San Francisco. And in recent years millions of dollars from the "private sector" go to the coffers to the SFUSD.

You have to watch these SF Unified School District Board members talk - that is nothing that they can articulate in a few words.

Long winded and boring are their very long meetings.

They waste paper - tons of it - printing long convoluted agenda items.

Half of which make no sense what so ever. The main purpose to confuse those who attend their meetings.

Perhaps the only decent person at the SFUSD is Esther Casco - I have observed her for a long time - and know her pretty well - I will be sending this blog.

The SFUSD Board members are not well educated and less smart.

For sure none of them are good leaders and few still can articulate on any topic - worth the salt - because they are NOT educated on issues. Most one track minded.

For years many of these SFUSD board members - could do nothing about the school libraries, the school rest rooms, the lockers, in general most of the areas where the school children gathered.

The paradox is that for years - 40 years plus - many constituents who backed the SFUSD with private donations - kept the SFUSD afloat. Never once mention is made of these noble patrons - parents who sacrificed so much.

That is how ignorant and arrogant most members of the SFUSD are.

Right now they are pandering to Mayor Edwin Lee and some of the SF Board of Supervisors folks like Jane Kim and Norman Lee - that I put in one group.

David Campos and Eric Mar - more astute who as least talk less and deliver.

Then there is Public Comment at the SFUSD and again and again we have heard and more witnessed - the disgust and the lack of trust - the parents have had for the SFUSD board members.

These SFUSD board members are thick skinned - and will brush away those that critic them - because they imagine and think they are pompous and can do as they please. "LOCO" is a good word to describe some of them.

Sales Force and other private entities may give you millions - this means nothing.

What matters are the grades evaluated by well vetted standards.

So far objectively speaking this is not happening - the grades are being declared - but we need a detail audit - for the SFUSD board members and their sordid system - lacks detail and full accountability and transparency.

There are thousands of children who attend the SFUSD who are poor - living in housing conditions - that are pathetic.

Those that can afford - given the opportunity - send their children to private schools.

More to parochial schools - some report must compare the above mentioned schools and institutions - and the Public School in San Francisco - that are pathetic to say the least.

Not all but by far the most. I have visited the schools for a long time and know what I am talking about.

We all know this but not the SFUSD board members - who get most of their funding from the State of California - lack standards, do not deliver - and are constantly pointing fingers at others.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Every year without fail for all the talk - teachers are given "pink slips".

Stressed - then all of a sudden some money appears - and some of the teachers are given a break - and allowed to work.

The caliber of the teachers - and many of them receive training - that cost over $80,000 per teacher.

The retention is fading and poor - and the SFUSD does not bother to evaluate itself and less have any meaningful dialog with the teachers at large.

The violence in our SFUSD year after year has reached saturation point when it comes to Violence and bullying and other nefarious activities.

No mention is made of these facts - and I do not know - who truly is evaluating the many SFUSD board members who are shallow, inept, and for sure not good leaders.

They all must undergo some psychological tests - just watching them spew diatribe - demands some testing - after all we are talking - education. More character and the ability to articulate - and not way that tongue that has no bone for a long, long time - spewing, diatribe.

Just watch them speak - all sorts of other agendas creep into the meetings.

Life style, domestic issues, gander friendly classes that are meant to confuse the children, and none of these issues - the tip of the iceberg - are discussed and made known in detail - to the parents at large.

Parents send the children to be educated not to be brain washed. This for sure does not happen at the parochial school, not at the private schools, the charter schools - these educational institutions will have - none of that - nonsense.

The more educated parents will NOT send their children to be confused and led asunder by some teachers and SFUSD board members.

Most of the above who are there not to espouse sound education, standards, morals, ethics - but pander to sordid philosophies and ways of life - that decent, educated, moral - parents with fortitude and character - follow and maintain in the daily life.

In San Francisco children are an endangered species.

There are more dogs in San Francisco than children. So much so that the National Geographic Magazine - high lighted this pertinent issue.

The education imparted by say the Jesuits in their schools and that by the SFUSD is poles apart - and here lies the crux of the problem.

The ability to teach and educate is not easy - and the ability to be a good teacher - even more difficult.

If you keep rotating teachers - and confuse the children - the end result is pandemonium.

The world knows that - and here in San Francisco the SFUSD is quick to receive donations, and millions of dollars as help - but very, very slow to put the money to good use. Time will tell.

As many of 50,000 parents have left San Francisco in the last five years. Left this City with children - and San Francisco has the least amount of children - than most cities. This was not the case - but do you think - anyone cares. Hell no.

No mention is made about this fact. Given the choice - most parents - making great sacrifices - choose to send their children to private schools, to the charter schools - mostly favoring parochial schools - for right measure. 

The SFUSD board members - will not talk about this - because they think they are the best when they lack the minimum requirements to function - and the daily SFUSD operations - can best be described as - dysfunctional - not worth the salt.

You need standards - you cannot demand that of folks that cannot discern. There is freedom and there is license. Abuse of freedom is license and that is what the SFUSD board practice - most of the time.

Morons petting themselves on the back - lingering for years on the Board - and useless to the core.

Using the SFUSD forum to massage their egos - I have not seen a more pathetic bunch of " good for nothing" jerks in my life.

I keep in touch with the children and listen to them. They tell me everything.

Children are meant to be educated - and you cannot try to teach them one thing - while you all yourselves - practice another.

Do not get me wrong there are a few good teachers left in the SFUSD system - these teachers are there because they are determined to follow their heart. 

And guess what they too cannot take it any more - soon the SFUSD will have to hire - robots.

California they say is last when it comes to rating education Nationwide - that is Public Education.

That was not the case before. In San Francisco - again and again - our nonchalant manner - infusing sordid ideas based on life style and other nefarious conceptual plans - have ruined the foundation of sound education.

Of course you cannot argue with a moron who is chasing her or his tail and thinks that is funny.

You cannot have a meaningful dialog with anyone from the SFUSD board members - not one of them. Each has a hidden agenda - one worse than the other.

Just listen to the SFUSD board deliberate - you can watch them on SFGOV TV - it serves no purpose - and further tarnishes the good name of our City and County of San Francisco.

We have a population of about 805,000 in San Francisco.

We have about 120,000 children in San Francisco. The Southeast Sector has the worst schools - but the most children.

We have over 150,000 dogs in our City and County of San Francisco.

More cats and the feral population of the cats is growing.

San Francisco use to have some what decent politicians - no more - crooks like Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, David Chiu - one worse than the other.  Go figure.