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Thursday, August 14, 2014


There is so much happening so fast in the Bayview Hunters Point - that the community has come to a standstill. People roaming the streets like zoombies.

There are impending forces - now wanting to study the community at large - prepared to implement some plan - that deems what is best for the community. Trying to control the community, clone the community - MONSANTO style.

There is an impending take over - remote control - funded and ready to go. Beware - you are warned - this is your clarion call to unite and take charge.

Never before has anyone seen such a paralysis - a numbness so deep that those that have lived for decades - cannot believe what is happening to them.

The fact of the matter is - that this rapid transformation - begun a long time ago - some call it gentrification.

Today, those that did not pay attention liken it to the take over - some a coup that has been planted - with outside agents - now poised to take over and make drastic changes.

The Bayview Opera House is one of those places - that those operating the place - have NO history about the Bayview Hunters Point.

The invaders have been brought in an planted under the umbrage that improvements have to be made.

All sorts of unnecessary changes - are made - to keep the Bayview Opera House - once a hub of activity - dormant.

Summer time youth who should have been at the Opera House - are outside whiling their time - falling prey to mayhem, killings, shooting - traumatized.

Every year a segment of the population is vanishing - and no one really cares.

In the mean time the Black on Black violence - is now in your face. With many Blacks - not even attempting to address a cancer - that is of their own making. 

Living with the cancer - breathing in and out - much like the foul, contaminated air - they have taken for granted - is there - but have no clue about dangerous particulates, radioactive elements, asbestos friables - all invisible - but present in the air they breathe.

Many crooked Blacks steeped in utter greed - even today - at this late hour - all they dream and want is a handout.

This mentality is so ingrained in the DNA of many of the crooked Blacks - including pastors - who could have done better - but have chosen a path of destruction - they have failed - and in doing so - cannot leave a legacy.

The shepherd must look after the sheep. No where in the Bible has it been laid down that Pastors and those that must take care of the sheep - should be developers. The Tabernacle Group - what a bunch of idiots.

Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson, Christine Johnson, Veronica Hunnicutt, Tiffany Bohee, Fred Blackwell, Juliet Ellis, Angelo King, Derf Butler, Toye Moses and I could name others - all should be ashamed of themselves.

When some on us in the year 2004 united to face Lennar a Rogue Developer - the above clowns - knew what was happening- but chose to side with Lennar.

They still do - a sign of the times among those we call - "sell outs" - that have NO soul - and serve the - "devil".

Just like the Bayview Opera House that has gone to the dogs.

It is just a matter of time the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale will go to the "dogs".

Dogs infected with "fleas".

It is a shame that the Blacks - who can do something - have chosen with intent - to use their last breath to - nail the coffin - and cast it to the wilderness.

Steeped with sordid distrust, greed, and divisiveness - never, ever - seen before.

Once 60% of those that lived in Sunny Bayview Hunters Point - owned homes - 60% in the rest of the City and County rented.

That was a big difference. The few of us left - remember the sporting activities, the plays and drama, skits and forums at the Bayview Opera House, the many street fairs, the many family gatherings, the many reunions one of a kind - no more.

The corrupt Arts Commission of San Francisco charged on many fronts for illegal activities - has no business - being in charge of a community and historical building the Opera House - built in 1850 - which from time to time - was maintained by the community.

In the year 2000 - I donated 80 cushioned chairs, 30 long tables, a number of couches - so that the Opera House could have some essential and basic things - to operate. I have a letter to prove what I say. 

Many of the clowns that purport to serve the Bayview community today - were not to be seen then - but pretend they are an institution. An institution that is fake and without a foundation.

The City and County at that time could not care less - much as it has today - given the reins to the Zionist - who have no place - in our Opera House.

Mrs Ruth Williams - after whom the Opera House has been named - is turning in her grave. Many in the community the likes of Shirley Jones, Dr Espanola Jackson, Robert Woods - agree that the sell outs are many - the decent members of the community - debarred.

How blind can the community be?

Most of them not educated on issues - kept in the dark. Fed with bread crumb - and used to getting stuff on a platter.

On issues like health, transportation, safety, housing, land use, planning, landmark status and related issues, childcare, stellar and sound education, small business - in short Quality of Life issues - the community has no clue how to deliberate on these issues with - results.

Sophie Maxwell a former District 10 Supervisor, a sell out - and now Malia Cohen - worse than Sophie Maxwell.

Both Blacks - have BLOOD on their hands. They will be remembered as playing an important role - selling out the community - and bring the imminent destruction - of a once budding community.

Toye Moses should not be at the Southeast Community Facility Commission building.

Some from the community - that know the intrinsic community and its long history must stand united and fight - even at this late hour the tables can be turned.

Again and again folks like Shirley Jones and Dr Espanola Jackson - both Black - who were instrumental in creating the Southeast Community Facility Commission building - keep on reminding the crooks - to no avail.

Juliet Ellis who works for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - a Jamaican Black - has no history of the Bayview Hunters Point Community.

Juliet Ellis has joined forces - with crooks - to destroy the little good - that has been left in our community.

Once the institutions are taken over - and they have on many levels - all the childcare facilities and like facilities that cater to the public at large - are now controlled by crooks.

Crooks - who have no history - and have taken control of institutions - where they can control the minds of our children- and make those that have no education - less educated on issues - mostly the many Blacks in the community - pawns of the corrupt system.

You have just to go the YMCA on Lane Street - to see things for yourself. Gina Fromer who used to be the Director - has jumped ship and now works for another organization - she just drove away in her fancy Jaguar. He pocket laden with money.

The Polynesian cannot be left out but they are - kept in the dark - and deprived of good housing, good education, good health services - some fall prey to the stale bread crumbs - thrown their way.

The crime and violence - does not take place in a vacuum.

The many killings and shooting - the Black leaders must be held responsible - for the Black on Black violence.

This one bloody act has adversely impacted the entire community - has tarnished all that could have been holistic.

Black churches some 50 plus in the Bayview - lack attendance.
You have the elderly and the infants - the rest the teenagers, youth and young adults - no where to be found.

The flourishing churches with some spirituality - now zombies walking the streets - taking anything they can get - trying to survive - their souls empty, their minds bare - their willingness to live and let - live. They live for the moment. 

The Blacks elderly - steep with values from the South - the Civil Rights Movement - who are feeble but willing to gather - have Hope but no one has a viable and sustainable - plan for them and the community.

The City and County of San Francisco - has treated the many elderly from the Bayview Hunters Point with disdain. This is plain wrong and no one wants to address this situation. The City talks the talk but has yet to walk the walk. 

Spiritually the Black leaders are bankrupt - spiritually devoid of anything remotely good or wholesome - of understanding and comprehending - matters that must really sustains the - soul.

The "gang injunction" imposed on the Bayview community - as if we have real gangs - that are found in Chicago and Southern California - Lennar and other developers - pooled their resources - to work with "evil forces" - to destroy the community.

Law Enforcement embedded at the Willie Mays, Boys and Girls Club -  up on Kiska Road.

For what - there are no youth left - and the Boys and Girls Club is now forced to bus in youth - from other places - bringing them from miles away to Hunters Point -  to the Boys and Girls Clubs - on Kiska Road. A farce that must be kept alive for some show that will has already - seen its demise - dead on arrival.

Embedded in the middle of Public Housing - Police Stations - with officers who have a para-military mentality - to intimidate young people and put fear.

You see them knocking the doors - intimidating - at other times working with those who take some money - to tell on others - they keep dividing the community - when they must respect - they disrespect - spread misinformation - and create situations that demand justice and fairness - but these words are strange to those that we tax payers pay - our tax payers money.

Law Enforcement - should have been trained to reach out - and teach the young, the youth, the young adults - that leadership is important and so is character.

The value of proven discipline, good manners, etiquette, morals, ethics, and plain decency. Who is teaching - whom?

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Some think going on some drab radio show and spewing diatribe makes a difference.

That is the problem - talking too much - many deals on the side - saying we did this and that before - but what are you doing now.
The blind leading the blind - Blacks are a disgrace when it comes to unity - they have taken the lead to act like crabs - pulling each other down - in that famous  - "crab cage".

Most  BLACK radio shows or programs today are out dated and out of sync with reality.

These program directors do not really know - what is going on in the community - we need a revolution that weeds out the sell outs - and those that think - they can fool all the people - all the time.

Those alive and past 55 years remember the South Bayshore Plan - whatever happened to it in reality - nothing much. 

Others remember the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) - this one agency - destroyed the community. 

Survey areas were declared with sellouts the like of Angelo King,
Veronica Hunnicutt, Bobbrie Brown, Linda Richardson, Toye Moses, Doris Vincent, some dead and gone like Willie B. Kennedy - all Blacks who sold out the community out.

Survey areas became Project Areas - and the rest is history.

Every Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) - was amended so many times - that it is mind boggling - be it on Parcel A - or the other DDA  agreements made with the SFRA - and now Successor Agency to the SFRA - with Tiffany Bohee leading the charge.

In recent days - consultants - paid millions - want to study the Bayview Community to bring about changes. Mind control.

How can you study a Community for better - when with "intent" this City and County of San Francisco - and the past three Mayors - have with "intent" - stifled the community in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Taken millions from the community - but failed to invest in the community? Who is fooling whom?  The last three Mayors of San Francisco have failed - their actions belie their ignorance - backing the developers who adversely impact the local population.

Now we have the filthy rich and the very poor. The  neighborhood characteristics - thrown to the wind - into the garbage can - drowning in the cesspool created by those sordid, evil and truly despicable.

The same in the Mission in San Francisco - our destinies, our aspirations, our hope and fortitude - lies in the leadership, the soul of what made us great communities.

Wave after wave of destruction - the invasion, the spiraling of the economy nation wide and world wide in 2008 - the recent invasion of the "techies".

In the 1970s you could rent a one bed room for $300 and be fully satisfied. Today it is around $3000. In other areas $3500.

That says it all - the plan has always been - to oust the people and make room for the devils.

That is what is happening in the Bayview Hunters Point - it has already happened - in the Mission.

Mission Bay is full of the "soulless" - Pier 70 is contaminated and polluted but some one wants to develop that area - led by Joe Boss - a crook.

The SF Port Authority has failed on 8 Washington - will fail on Pier 70  - failing to abide by the Burton Act - and failing to follow the Public Trust Act.

The height limits should be enforced - and the Ballot Measure to raise the height limits at Pier 70 a site prone to liquefaction and flooding, very contaminate with over one million tons of coal tar - that has to be mitigated, three huge toxic spills - not abated - are signs of the time - and the crooks want to build on a very contaminated - site.

Plans are afoot to link the activities at Mission Bay - some how with the Bayview - change the infrastructure - and remove vast segments of the population - one way or the other.

In the 1980s I could be standing by my office at Third and Palou - and could hardly see - a poodle go by.

Now, I see so many - and a segment of the population invading that care more for their dogs - than for the community - and those that really made the Bayview Hunters Point - are forced to flee.

We have Black leaders who have destroyed the Bayview Hunters Point - and failed to pass the "torch" to other younger black women and men.

Outsiders the likes of Juliet Ellis, Tiffany Bohee, Christine Johnson, Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Derf Butler - none of them originally from the Bayview Hunters Point - dictating and trying to rule the roost.

We are watching you all - like a hawk.