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Monday, August 18, 2014


Talk is cheap - and it is easier to spew diatribe - especially, when some entities that have to be responsible - carry out their duties in a nonchalant manner - and must be removed from office.

Recently the Mercury News stated about our Regional wide problem with billions of gallons of water leaking from old pipes and being wasted.

We have a severe drought and recently legislation has been passed to look at our water and its resources - California wide. We need regulation and an audit system - that reveals real time leaks and penalties for those that are fast asleep at the cockpit - failing to adhere to standards and principles - failing to represent the people of California.

Every drop of water belongs to all Californians. These corrupt and crooked water agencies - some 350 plus have been hoodwinking us all - and the time has come to take them to task.

Now, this is an on going problem - because there is no Regulatory Agency as I said - no entity that can audit the over 350 small and big entities that provide clean drinking water to all of California.

In the case of San Francisco - we get our drinking water from Hetch Hetchy.

A reservoir closer to Yosimite - and we could do that through legislation only - known as the Raker Act of 1913. Powerful politicians persuaded Congress to take control of these lands belonging to Piutes and the Miwoks - the local Native American Tribes.

The National Park was not created at this time - the National Park came into being in 1916. For those that think the National Park Service was there forever.

In San Francisco there was the Water Department not as we know it today. And for sure NO SF Public Utilities Commission - that came to being in 1996. We must know our history - and we must know to detect those that think they can bluff and hoodwink us - San Franciscans.

Here is San Francisco - San Franciscans conserve water well - but we cannot say that about San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and more the External Affair Department and one Juliet Ellis - who has NO clue about her responsibilities - and less about conservation - apart from the mundane and sexy public advertisements - that are a waste of money.

San Franciscans pay their water bill and their sewer bill - and in the years to come - these rates will increase - but those who come out with these gimmicks - have NO recourse for the rate payers - none what so ever. This will change - when matter are taken up for adjudication.

The Hetch Hetchy water belongs to the Piutes and the Miwoks - it was stolen from them.

Much like all the land we see in San Francisco was stolen from the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone - that I represent.

Crooks who have no conscience do not comprehend - the harm they have done - damming the water at Hetch Hetchy - and destroying the once beautiful and "wonder of the world "- the Hetch Hetchy Valley.

John Muir fought those that wanted to destroy the Hetch Hetchy Valley -  it meant so much to him.

After years of fighting for what he believed - John Muir became despondent - and eventually - died - he passed away. May his soul rest in peace - and he will be forever remember - as a man who spoke the Truth.

For years now I have been speaking out - and bringing to the attention of the SF Public Utilities Commission and those in charge of clean drinking water - about how millions of gallons of water - are wasted.

Our aged clean drinking water pipes most over 80 years old - are leaking - and in places thousands of gallons spewing into the ground - undetected. 

Out of the billions wasted according to a recent report - regional wide - San Francisco share is over 8.1 percent. 

This is a large percentage - because, we have failed to address the wastage - wasting precious clean drinking water - the best in the world.

Those responsible nonchalant - and also talking the talk but failing to walk the walk.

We all experienced a severe drought in the year before and following 2009 - and we in San Francisco did our best to conserve water as I said. 

But not the big corporations, those that have large swimming pools, others including the Santa Clara Water Department  - that was caught - watering its lawns and wasting - clean drinking water.

The SF Public Utilities Commission can do a better job - but does not because it has taken for granted - the amount of water the Hetch Hetchy dam holds.

In recent years the snow does not have the content of moisture - that it should - and borrings taken - reveal that climate change and other changes - are upon us.

The Raiker Act was created primarily to bring clean drinking water and hydro-electricity to San Francisco.

We do not know this fact but we should. More - that we are called the City and County of San Francisco.

Our great City of San Francisco - had full jurisdictions - of all the counties - stretching from San Francisco to Santa Clara at one time.

In years gone by Santa Clara, San Mateo, South San Francisco, Burlingame, Brisbane, Daly City and other counties ceded from San Francisco.

San Francisco still has some understanding - when it comes to water, electricity, and other emergency needs - and all that is good - but there is better and best.

Hetch Hetchy water was never meant to be given to large corporations - these Corporation may pay us.

These Corporation also waste a lot of water - IBM other such companies in the past and now - that use millions of gallons of water as a coolant - in their sordid - operations.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has a nonchalant attitude - favoring those who make deals - behind close doors - we know this and we are watching these deliberations - like a hawk.

We easily could have brought all our hydro-electricity generated at Hetch Hetchy to San Francisco - we prefer to sell it to Tulare and other entities.

SFPUC - making some money - and not revealing the line item funds the SF Public Utilities Commission - receives.

It is the same with SF Public Utilities Commission getting money from the Silva Quarries near Sunol - millions of dollars - and the rate payers - have no clue about this deal.

Also, from leasing millions of acres to farmers, and others ranchers - and we constituents from San Francisco are kept in the dark.

Time for the External Affairs Department to step up and reveal the truth - but how can the head Juliet Ellis reveal anything - when she is as dumb as they come?

The SF Public Utilities Commission in recent months is claiming to have NO money.

They want a Bond Measure put up - so that the SFPUC can garner more money to waste - I say NO to any more Bond Measure.

SFPUC need to put a cap on salaries - a cap of no more than $150,000 benefits included. This one act will fave - millions of dollars. Idiots being paid - for not doing their job. Most pussyfooting on their jobs. We have the empirical data.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has failed us on the $4.6 Billion dollar Bond Measure - linked to the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP).

It has failed us when it comes to the replacement of the clean drinking water pipes.

It has failed us on the replacement of the sewer pipes - promising us some goals and failing us - and all this without any repercussions.

More, those that make over $200,000 in salaries - must fully understand that you work for San Franciscans - and this is not business as usual - spewing diatribe - not doing your jobs - and trying to fool us - San Franciscans.

No one can fool all the people - all the time.

We have proprietary data and information and technology - that can address real time leakage of the many old pipes - linked to leaking clean water pipes.

The same with sewer pipes.

We also have technology that can treat the raw sewage and leave no sludge - the technology - is there.

Those charged with dealing with the disgesters at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant and others - are beating around the bush - always trying to fleece those tax payers - who are promised some and get nothing in return. Time will tell.

It is over 18 months and we have heard nothing much about the digesters - that treated the saw sewage - we the constituents want to know - what the hell is happening.

In conclusion someone must be responsible for the millions of gallons of clean drinking water that daily is wasted - spewing from the old pipes - most of them 80 years old.