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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Barbara Gracia is the Director of the San Francisco Health Department.

Barbara Gracia has a proven track - treating African Americans with disdain. More African American care givers - well versed with mental issues - who have been caring for African Americans for many years.

I personally know them, have met them - and am disgusted why our City leaders - are looking the other way - and not doing what they are supposed to do.

Again and again this issue where African Americans have been discriminated, put down, harassed, looked over and deprived of upward mobility - has been brought to my attention.

In view of what is happening in Fergurson, Missouri - the same thing is happening - here in San Francisco.

Only here the many sell outs who happen to be African American - are aiding and abetting the system. All this will change - as quickly as a blink of an eye. Mind my words.

Once 25% of the population of San Francisco was African American - now we are down to 4% and spiraling.

This is alarming; considering unlike other cities - San Francisco had African Americans who contributed to this great City and Count of San Francisco - since its inception of its early days.

We just have to read our history the famous Abolitionists, Bath Houses, Newspapers, Churches, Businesses, the Buffalo Soldiers, the famous Porters, the list goes on and on.

While we must not be foolish to think that discrimination was not used as tool by folks,before - mostly White folks in those times - today, it is worse than ever. Today it is in your face - and African Americans are bought and paid - to aid and abet.

Barbara Gracia is fully aware of the discrimination going on at Evans Street SF Health Department office - opposite the Main Post Office.

Here the White Supervisor in open defiance - has been treating the African American employees with disdain - stressing them out - and some African Americans have left.

I am requesting the Mayor Edwin Lee and the City Administrator to look into this nonsense. Stressing the employees so much that they are forced - to leave their jobs.

The paradox both at Evans Street and at Polk Street the African American are Culturally Competent as medical providers, nurses, social workers and what have you.

This aspect must be noted - and these wannabee mostly Whites who have an attitude are put on notice.

You do not want us to protest in front of the San Francisco Health Department - where Barbara Gracia makes her abode?

Bring some protesters before the San Francisco Health Commission - only for you all to say you did not know what is happening?.

It is a crime for the Supervisors who refuse to provide clinical support and mentorship at the many clinics that service African Americans - more the youth and young adults.

All this at the Community Justice Court (CJC/DPH) at the many other sites - mostly Whites arrogant and biased - hold African Americans to a different standard of performance than members of other ethnic backgrounds.

This nonsense must stop - people are angry - and this City and County does not want to deal with the IRE of the constituents - who pay taxes and the salaries of these Whites who discriminated and mostly do not live in San Francisco. Pompous fools who are bringing disgrace to San Francisco and decent San Franciscans.

We are fully aware that some evil people are placed in positions to adversely impact African Americans.

Backed by others who are fostering - the worse type of gentrification.

We, the constituents of San Francisco -once had to deal with another Director, from the SF Department of Health - Mitch Katz.

Thank God that clown left San Francisco - and now we have to deal with Barbara Gracia - who says yes to your face - and stabs you in the back.

There is not one single African American organization to take this case of these workers - to a better place for adjudication and a proven solution.

All African American and all certified - who daily are targeted - treated to different standards - there is no body -no single entity to make whole the African American employees - who service the mentally challenged and work very hard. 

This is a stressful job, and added to that the many qualified African Americans - but face discrimination all this in the year, 2014. many of the African Americans - have left in disgust.

The on going violence, the killings, the shootings in San Francisco can be attributed to lack of proper services - that our African American youth and young adults - need and fail to receive - in the mental and psychological - arena. 

We have the empirical data - we know what is happening on the 7th floor at the San Francisco General Hospital. We know what is happening in our County Jails.

At the San Francisco, County Jails the truth be told - the Sheriffs do a good job - more under Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Our District Attorney George Gascon, our Public Defender Jeff Adachi, and our Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr must step up and find our a lasting - solution.

Barbara Gracia must step down - if she does not comprehend what really is happening in San Francisco - with those mentally challenged - the present pandemonium - with a over $ 1.5 Billion dollar budget - and millions wasted.

Receiving millions of dollars after conducting surveys in the Bayview - using those funds in the millions - elsewhere - and creating blatant confusion, terror, and pandemonium - where there should have been some solace.

This Summer the killings, shooting and mayhem was terrible in the Bayview Hunters Point - missing in action Malia Cohen - the despicable District 10 Supervisor.

Our SF Board of Supervisors more London Breed and Malia Cohen have no clue what is happening - to the African American community.

How would they - when all they do is pussyfoot around. Malia Cohen - for sure does not know what is happening at Evans Street - she does not care to look into this situation.

The killings, shooting, mayhem,terror in the streets - in the Bayview and in the Southeast Sector - is increasing - and those that attempt to work - and service the mentally challenged, others who are suffering from the traumatic consequences.

Still others who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, other kinds of psychological adverse impacts - cannot get the need help. Those certified, those who put their lives on the line - all African Americans, and all culturally competent - do not have a safe working environment.

Discriminated, bullied, harassed by their mostly White supervisors.
Are these the old days of slavery? With some House Negroes still worshiping the Masta?

Those who are put in charge do not have a Blue Print that is viable and sustainable. These African American care givers, and mental specialists - have been working hard for years - only to be stabbed in the back.

The NAACP and Amos Brown has no clue what is happening.

The Black Chamber too - patting itself on the back - while ignoring Quality of Life issues.

The many African American pastors - themselves need some mental care - they speak from mouth sides of their mouth. The Tabernacle Group of construction experts. The shepherds are not looking after the sheep.

The African American organizations, the African American sell outs - the poverty pimps ones - better get their act together and do something.  You all sell outs - talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

As for Barbara Gracia - time for your to bid adieu - you have brought disgrace - and you will not be remembered for any legacy - worth the salt.

The Mayor Edwin Lee who is Chinese American and the City Administrator who is African American - better deal with this on going - debacle and bring some hope.

Right now tears of blood are shed, the stress is unbearable, the angry make led to some going "postal" - there is pandemonium, hurt, trials and tribulations - in the workplace - never seen before.

Wake up San Francisco - this is your clarion call. Aho.