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Saturday, August 2, 2014


I am physically challenged - having been inflicted with polio when I was two years old. I know what is means to be physically challenged - and how to make ends meet. I deal with people in authority on equal terms, and that includes our stupid politicians.

Some  have underestimated me and tried to bully me and discriminate against me. In the end they find out who understands issues better - who is educated on issues - and who is the flake and who spews diatribe.

As the Project Manager one of many duties I carried out - linked to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - working for the Department of the Interior - I was in charge of all of the ADA issues at the Presidio of San Francisco - a Federal entity.

All this before the City and County of San Francisco had a full time ADA person on board working for the City and  County of San Francisco.

More having a staff that knew what they were doing because at that time they had no clue. Even today - we do not have a Disability Commission in San Francisco - we have a Disability Committee.

This committee has NO clout - and the Mayor's Office is busy addressing hundreds of  mundane things - putting our Seniors, our constituents with disabilities, those that need help most like our blind - in adverse situations - more into harms way.

You would think some one from the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) would not put the Seniors those that have challenges in harms way.

But they do - impede and make it very difficult to have access to our MUNI buses. GOOGLE buses and other buses take the spots that MUNI must occupy - and the blind, those challenged are forced to go into the traffic to board MUNI buses - this is uncalled for.

 These impediments are put in the way of those that need help more - by the MUNI planner who did not take the community that needs help most into consideration. What a crying shame.

Preference are given to the "techies" for a measly $4 per each stop these bus make - forcing those that need easy access to go to the street - to alight the buses - putting their lives in harms way. This is totally uncalled for and must be looked into - and measure implemented - or else a Federal Complaint will be filed - and the City and County of San Francisco - will lose millions of dollars.

If the Federal Government is made aware of this fact - and anyone can file a complaint - San Francisco and the MTA can and will loose millions in funding that the MTA gets now.

The City and MUNI must provide services to those in wheel chairs, the physically and mental challenged.

Those that need help - but have been looked upon with disdain - for no reason - expect that those that must carry out their duty - and do due diligence have been pussyfooting - about.

MTA Director - Ed Reiskin interested in over $500 million in Bond Measures - this should not happen.

John Haley trying to buy new Light rail Trains, when the software and other amenities are lacking. These morons  spewing diatribe at the many long winded meetings MTA meetings.

Talk, talk, and more talk and very little concrete - action - worth the salt.

Let there be less talk and more walk.

You would think in San Francisco - the City named after Saint Francis of Assisi -  would be compassionate - reigning in those circles - that could help the Seniors that form about 51% of our population. The statistics are there - even the blind have access to them - but not our so called - policy makers. Dumber than dumb.

That more compassion would be shown to those that are blind.

That more compassion would be show to those in wheel chairs.

More compassion to the senors who have contributed so much to our City and County of San Francisco.

Ms Hale for example - to her dying day - worked hard for the seniors and those that needed help.

We know these facts - but we prefer to take the easy route - make promises - and fail to keep any of them - that is the politicians I am referring to.

That more compassion would be shown to those Seniors and others that are inflicted with some pain or issues that makes them walk slowly and find it difficult to alight the steps of the buses.

On the contrary these policy makers - want the bus stops spread further away - and then to add fuel to fire - occupy MUNI stops with buses from tech companies.

Companies that are rude and crude - bland and do not contribute to the culture of our City and County of San Francisco.

So, I want to know who is advising the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin Lee -  on this subject about those that need help most - that pay their taxes - as do I.

Mayor Edwin Lee has said nothing much about our seniors and housing, transportation and their needs. Has done nothing much to cater to the population that forms 51% plus of the population of San Francisco that is about 805,000.

Mayor Edwin Lee must have a Press Conference - sans the cutting of ribbons - and folks like Jane Kim and others who do nothing but pander.

Let the Mayor of San Francisco gather all those that support him a this Press Conference. Let us see what the City has to say - really!

On a scale of 1-10 on this matter - the City gets - 5 that is minus five.

What has the present Director of Disabilities have to say?

What has the City Attorney Dennis Herrera to say? 

What has the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and more Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, London Breed - have to say?

Riding MUNI now - the only seats where - those who use wheel chairs -  notices are posted - that these seats are "dangerous" to use. 

The seats are folded up - and deprive other of five seats on each bus when wheel chairs users do not use this space. 10 passengers going one direction and then returning back - in bound and out bound. Who is monitoring this situation - the madness has been going on for months!

I doubt Ed Reiskin knows about this fact?

I doubt if Mayor Edwin Lee - who does no take MUNI know about this?

I doubt if Scott Wiener who has all these ideas about improving MUNI knows about this? 

And his side kick the heifer - London Breed.

London Breed- who now purports to know something about MUNI - when she know nothing much.

On housing the Seniors, the physically and mentally challenged, the blind have been totally - ignored and shafted - big time.

Soon we plan protests - and I will be in charge - and it will not be pretty. 

This idiots who are in charge of housing - are not available to talk to - you meet them and ask them - how to schedule a meeting - and they say - contact my secretary.

I wonder who these SF City officials think they are?

With the techies bidding for housing - a single one bed room now rents for over $3500.

The Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin Lee must think hard - and do something - to bring about some succor to those that need help most - from the senior, the challenged community.

51% percent of population in San Francisco are Seniors - and among them over 45% have some serious disability - and no one cares.

Least of all Barbara Gracia and the SF Health Department.

I  talk often to the City Departments heads and most of them do not consider me to be - in the "physically challenged group" - but I am - and I have never begged for help - for myself.

It is time the Mayor appoint a Commission on Disability - that has clout - and do something - instead of catering to the filthy rich - and wasting his time - cutting ribbons and all the fun fare - that takes him no where.

No one can fool all the people all the time and that is what is happening in San Francisco.

The neighborhoods are changing - with strange folks that roam the neighborhood - aimlessly - they are the "techies" - that have nothing to offer - to enrich the neighborhood.

Those that worked hard in the service industry and other industries - formerly called "blue collar jobs" cannot afford the rents - and are leaving San Francisco - in the droves.

It is these folks that built the neighborhoods.

TWITTER got a break - and Jane Kim and others - thought they could bluff the constituents of San Francisco - so what happened?

Jane Kim a transplant from New York - much like Scott Wiener have hidden agendas - weasels that cannot be trusted.

These two know nothing about the First People of San Francisco - and care less.

They know little about culture and the contribution of the many ethnic groups - that today contribute to the history, food, dance, music, talents of all sorts - and they keep on trying to say something that sounds good - but is very difficult to implement.

They are aiming to be the Mayor of San Francisco - and we must know better - and stop this cancer - from controlling our City and County of San Francisco.

Be aware of the Zionists and the Pacific Heights Mafia and how they can destroy -  all that is good.

Three Housing Elements - three documents created by those in charge of such policies incorporated in these document - brought forth every five years - have gone to the Courts - for adjudication.

Why because with intent - the SF Planners, others - incorporated - faulty information.

Faulty information about affordable housing - and plans to build low income and low income housing, moderated housing, and so on and so forth.

Other vital needs like transportation, safety, schools, hospitals, childcare, recreational facilities, senior housing, and so on and so forth.

The SF Supervisors and the SF Planning and others - have been brought before the SF Ethics Commission - again and again - the above entities have been warned, put on notice to correct their actions - but these vermin continue to defy decency, morals, ethics, and standards.

We have heads of departments with loose morals, we have Supervisors too "on heat" - much like dogs are - and no one worth the salt - is doing anything about this rampant situation - bringing disgrace to our City and County of San Francisco. 

Horny City officials making in to the news - in all quarters - nothing new some say - other shake their heads - in bewilderment.

We have one head from an Enterprise Department - screwing with a sub-ordinate - putting his family and wife who holds an important position in our City - in a position that is terrible to say the least.

What is happening to our City?

With all that is going on - no wonder no one thinks about the citizens who pay the taxes - the constituents who want the best and get the worst.

Everyone in the City who is on the City's payroll  is busy - pussyfooting - more those who must deliver and do not.

Really what is happening to the City and County of San Francisco - over 40% of the those condominiums that sell for over $2 million plus are empty. Who are these for?

These rich folks mostly from other countries - vying for the EB-5 visas - other ploys and machinations.

Do you think they will contribute to the culture of San Francisco? Come on give me a break!

Heard of Sodom and Gomorrah - that is San Francisco - for all the world to see.

The present drought - we are not taking it - very serious.

The Big One - the Earthquake - God forbid when it strikes.

The poor thrown to the wind - to face inclement weather.

Millions requested as part of Bond Measure - without any meaningful dialog.

STOP voting on BOND MEASURES linked to MUNI.

Congestion on our streets - and the homeless begging - the tourists - wondering what is wrong with San Francisco?

The SF City policy makers - have not said anything much at the many City committees - less in Room 250 - spoken about that segment of the population that need help - most.

Our seniors, the mentally challenged, the blind - the physically challenged - who will support them and more - deliver.

Others who are weak to walk and climb out of their bed - their immune system compromised.

Many are so stressed - we have an increase in stroke cases and hospitalization - and there is more for those that do not think and less know. 

The statistics are there in areas that those that must care and do something - avoid - avoid like a plague.