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Saturday, August 9, 2014


For the longest time our indigenous people have been second guessing - and we must NOT - because the clarion call now comes from the First People of California to UNITE and bring about change all over California - in a real and practical manner.

We must remember that the First People - the Native Americans fundamentally that the only owners of all the land - every square inch in California was stolen.

18 treaties signed by the Native Americans that I want to call the First People - treaties signed by the First People and the government of the United States Government.

Anyway you look at it - going back 13,000 years - the land belongs to the First People. All of it was stolen - every square inch.

Closer to home and San Francisco - it a shame our Mayor Edwin Lee, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have failed to understand and less honor - the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

We mean business and we must act now.

The majority of us who are indigenous must remember - we have rights - far superior right than the sell outs - those that pander - have no morals, less ethics, have no standards - are shallow and more spineless.

In the Mission, in the Avenues, in the Western Addition, South of Market Area, at the Presidio of San Francisco, in the Bayview Hunters Point area - we have sufficient support - to start a revolution.

We must serve the people - those that need help most - and we must find leaders - to take on the reins - now. We can do it.

Those Black sell outs who do not do the bidding of the people must step aside. There is an on going problems - people taking money to sell out their community. Such vermin must get out the way. We know who they are - so weeding them out - is not a problem.

We must not waste time with sell outs - they must be booted out - as I said. In one case we are talking about Malia Cohen from District 10 - there are others - all whom I have named, before.

In the Western Addition - London Breed, in District 8 Scott Wiener, in District 3 - David Chiu - and in District 6 - Jane Kim.

In the Mission we have the right leaders with roots deep into the indigenous traditions - qualified, motivated, to lead and we must take the reins now - and take our people to a better place.

Good leaders know the way, sow show the way and go the way.

The many Latinos can be united on many fronts - be it immigration, education, health, transportation, safety you name it.

The First People - the Native American have been closer to this segment of the population and those that are closer to the Native Americans -  must now stand together and vote for the right candidate.

What is important register to vote - and what is most important - vote rightly.

In the Western Addition, South of Market Area, the Presidio of San Francisco, the Bayview Hunters Point - Middle Market, the Tenderloin, in the other areas District 11, 6, 7, 3, 2, 1, and the other Districts - we have independent thinking constituents - who can and will vote for the right candidate.

We know in San Francisco "Independent Voters" are in the majority - so what prevents us - from uniting and doing the right thing.

The Asians too better come on board - for the longest time they have been following the leaders - beholden to the MACHINE.

The MACHINE - the clowns Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, the local Democratic Party - have let San Franciscans down. 

A bunch of clowns sitting together and creating a SLATE and the sheep - voting for these - good for nothing - buffoons. All this nonsense must be put to an end. NOW.

In this digital work - with little money - we can spread the right information - the blogs are just propping up - here and there - expressing - frustration - but there is NO viable and sustaninable action.

The time for action in now.

Believe me if we - agree on the right candidates - from the San Francisco Mayor to the many Districts with the right San Francisco Supervisors - we can get it right.

We vote right and organize right - we can put the right candidates in place - with a platform - that serves the people who are suffering so much to much. Suffering that is too much to endure.

In the last five years 50,000 San Francisco families have left San Francisco. Families that contributed so much to San Francisco.

We must find a common denominator - and that can be found easily and understood - by understanding - who really owns the land in the Bay Area and California. The indigenous people - so why are they now NOT in the cockpit?

The strangers - greedy to the hilt - corrupt to the core - have no intention to preserve, protect, and serve the community - as we in he know with proven experience - who serve others in humility - know.

The inspiration for the sustainable, viable, and practical movement - must come from the area closer to Mission Dolores - where many Native Americans - laid their lives.

Much like the Mau Mau movement spurred the liberation struggle all over the world. All you need is a core group, with core values embedded in our Constitution to do the right things for those that are decent, live by the rules, work hard, are citizens of the United States and others are here - indigenous and welcomed - and we must move - forward.

Mistreated at the hands of those who came in good faith - the strangers are a shame and disgrace to the human race.

More the Zionists who are here but there heart far away.

Here in the United States to rake in the money - any which way they can - and we must put an end to that nonsense.

The First People - their heart in the right place - did what they did before and today stand alone lacking qualified support.

We all who share their core values - traditional values -  must stand united and support them with results.

For over 15,000 years they kept Turtle Island - know today as the United States of America - pristine. In the last 200 years - some strangers have created a Concrete Jungle.

Polluted and contaminated the Earth - and today want to deal with the Carbon Footprint - that they created and spread around the entire Earth. Go figure.

That tryst - that fateful era - that sordid embrace that was fake - from the day the strangers set their foot on this land - Turtle Island - it must now be exposed.

Those on the right path - led by indigenous - the Great Spirit that see all - principles and simplicity that have stood their ground and served most that abide by them - must reign.

Our Founding Fathers learned a lot and incorporated a lot - in the Constitution - the governing rules and mandates of our Nation.

It is left to us to do the research - to understand more - what we have failed to comprehend - we have listened to the lies and been brain washed - especially those that are in the dark and are not educated on issues.

The Six Nation and Iroquois - other Native American leaders - served our Nation well - only to be betrayed.

Does it make sense for example that those that this land belongs to - get no recognition - that those that get some recognition - are placed on RESERVATIONS. 

Does the above statement make any sense.

We purport to be a Superpower - who claim to be democratic, sovereign, right and practice  justice for all - and yet do not represent well.

More enslave the First People - the Native American Tribes - that we all hold to be the true and only rightful owners of the United States of America - known as Turtle Island.

It is easy to govern San Francisco - with justly  and fairly - we have the training and know the ins and outs of this sordid regime.

We understand the rules and regulations - ordinances and permits - that make sense and serve all - but those in power today - circumvent it all - to foster the worst corruption and put those who are decent and have no power - mostly the poor in harms way.

Over 10,000 people live in sub-human conditions in San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the United States - we have a population of about 805,000.

We have 29,000 city employees - for every 9 constituents we have one SF City employee - what is happening to San Francisco?

As it stands today we have the filthy rich - and the very poor.

Not one road, not a monument to honor the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone - and the paradox is these crooks in power stole it - but what is worse - cannot admit they are liars, thieves, and good for nothing - spiritually, bankrupt.

This great divide - the filthy rich and the very poor - must be halted.

Those that come into power - must undo the injustices - and those that have failed - must be sent to jail - for a long, long, long time.

The facts are there, the empirical data is there.

The proof is there - and to top it all - Law Enforcement is fully aware of what they ought to know -  sufficient proof and evidence - to lock these crooked political folks for a long, long, time.

Today in San Francisco - ordinance, laws, regulations are circumvented - to serve the crooked.

People  in authority paid - the rule of the day - in the den on the crooked - you have to pay to play.

This is not what Democracy is all about - where the people who pay their taxes -  work hard, abide by the laws - are adversely impacted.

Our Unity must be one that brings about drastic change - for this Nation to see and follow. San Francisco can do it and lead.

We can do it - and we must do it. Aho.