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Sunday, August 10, 2014


This world is very complicated - and only those that are fully educated on issues - can comprehend some.

The test comes with an understanding - that has to be stellar and astute - on many levels - centered in spirituality - to leave a legacy.

It is sad to to say - with a very, very heavy heart - that President Barrack Hussein Obama - had ample time - but FAILED  - miserably with his foreign policy - and some what with his domestic - policy.

The Iraq fiasco will come to haunt President Barrack Hussein Obama for the rest of his life.

Over shadowing this fiasco - the pandemonium reigning in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, the current Middle-East crisis, Iran, Russia, China - some in greater measure and some in smaller - measure.

Of course we cannot blame President Barrack Hussein Obama - for all of the woes - many of them were inherited from the days of President George W. Bush Jr.

Earlier Presidents - including Bill Clinton. In the end the President - who is the Commander in Chief - bears the burden - the buck stops at his table.

The world's economy is in a flux.

You would not know that if you follow Wall Street and the many ploys and machinations - still going on.

In recent weeks Wall Street - is spiraling - that game is for those who take the Bull by the horns - and win some and loose more. Time will tell.

Our Nation - the United States of America is still struggling from the woes of the spiraling of our economy in 2008. 

Millions lost their savings - and no one has come to their rescue. The blamed the individual, the seniors for investing in the large financial institutions - run by crooks of the worst order. Few of them who were found guilty - were sent to the - gallows.

Today these same vermin are back at their game - using all sorts of ploys - to trap other to invest - the economy is shallow - propped by - "printed money" - available to those who once lived in the Ghettos and loaned money - hurt innocent people the world over - and still are the surge of the world.

America proclaims we are a Superpower.

We must not drop bombs costing thousands of dollars - fire missiles from miles away and hit targets - costing millions of dollars - aid Israel and give them billions.

Fail to give those suffering in the Gaza Strip in a larger measure -  give some measly millions - to help those suffering more - for over 60 years who are named - Palestinians - who irk out a living in slums for over 60 years. Their home land stolen - and constantly bombarded, their borders restricted, the Palestinians treated like dirt - this is WRONG - every human being has dignity - and it is time for Israel to comprehend this fact. Sooner not later.

Russia, China, India, Brazil, Argentina, many of the wealthy Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubia, Quatar - others like Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa, Ghana, Costa Rica,Greece, France, German, Spain, Japan and more - all in a flux - in this present - economy.

So far the dollar has been propped up artificially - and each and every day - we the United States of America - pay our debts to China.

The trillions we owe the Chinese - mind boggling - and our President Barrack Hussein Obama - has chosen to deal with this matter - some what - in a nonchalant - manner.

There has been a pattern that no one really is paying attention to. The War Machine and those entities that make - billions - using War to amass great wealth.

It is is easy to track these monsters that prey on encouraging war - wasting billions of our tax payer money. Trying investigating Dick Cheney.

The Christians in Iraq have suffered a lot and have been for the last 15 years plus.

They have fled to Syria only to be persecuted and killed - thousands of them.

We have remained silent - and on occasion 60 Minutes a well know television show and others - have spoken to the TRUTH.

It is the same now putting the Kurds being put in harms way.

The Yazidis who go back to the times of Babylonia - and a faith that comes close to the Parsis - who fled Iran and are now established in India.

Followers of Zoroastrianism - in contemporary time Zubin Mehta the famous conductor - professed to be one.  

The American people are fined tuned - their hearts in the right place. In this land that belongs to the Native American - where the ongoing injustice - stares us all in the face - each and every day.

So when a word like "genocide" is uttered we think of the  " Trails of Tears and the Native Ameircans" here at home. Many know about this history - and those that do not - shame on them.

The Jews and the holocaust, the atrocities in Cambodia, in Rwanda, in Darfur, in Bosnia, in Iraq, in Syria, in Argentina, in Armenia when the Turks killed so many, in Russia involving Stalin - most of this atrocities committed in - my life time.

It is one thing to read about this sordid history - and it is another to visit these places - and see things for ourselves.

Of course President Bill Clinton did not step up when things went South in Rwanda - we must remember that. Nor will Hillary Clinton admit she did nothing much - but yet has deep intentions to run for President of the United States - keep on dreaming!

There are other places that have chosen to kill and adversely impact others - fellow human beings they do not like - who are in the minority - in Malawi, in Morocco, Burma, Pakistan, China, India, Russia - the list in long - and it does not help to delve deep - but it matters - when it comes to humanity and doing something from the - heart.

The United Nations formed after World War II.

San Francisco could have had the United Nations here - one prime location the Presidio of San Francisco. We still have the United Nations Plaza.

The Rockerfellers - money mongers - took it to New York and the rest is history.

We still have Russia, China, Britain, France, and the United States - having a bigger say at the deliberations - at the United Nations.

We do not ponder much today - to think about this - but this VETO power - goes a long way to show - how far we have come - moving forward or backwards - in recent world affairs.

The people of the United States are noble and are respected the world over. 

I can testify to that - but not our United States politicians - who have FAILED miserably - no one - worth the salt - respects them.

Lightly put they are the scum of the Earth - we have two from California Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - one worse than the other.

As to Brother Barrack Hussein Obama - all I have to say - is God have mercy on your soul. You truly need this vacation at Marta's Vineyard more praying in a chapel than on the Golf Course.

You know more than most do - but you have not used your power to defend those that most need help - most.

When it comes to our children in Gaza, our children in Syria, our children in Iraq, our children in Dafur, in Rwanda, in Cambodia, in Argentina, in Bosnia - in other places - those who perpetrated those crimes with intent - will be judged by God.

We are a God fearing Nation - we respect everyone Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Jains,  people of all faiths, and guess what those that do not believe in God - but care for humanity in a larger - measure - too. 

Kudos the constituent of the United States of America - for sharing and caring - and standing up tall and protesting the war in Vietnam, the present atrocities in Gaza, speaking with one voice on Iraq and the crimes committed there - and there will be more.

God Bless America - its people - God bless the United States of America.

As to the drab, shallow, spineless, immoral, unethical politicians - what can I say.

They still have time to repent - and change their ways. Hell is for some they say - and hell was created for them - some say. Aho.