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Sunday, August 3, 2014


The first people of San Francisco are the Muwekma Ohlone.

You perhaps have heard the word "Ohlone" - meaning people from the West Coast - the West Coast of California - and stalled.

It is time the Muwekma Ohlone are full recognized - and that this land is taken care off - the skyscrapers - ruining out skyline - is a disgrace to the human race. More to the Muwekma Ohlone - I represent them on things pertaining to infrastructure, base closure, and other matters where the whites - have failed to maintained  standards - contaminated what was once - pristine. 

You perhaps have heard the word "California" - California named after a mythical queen - black and beautiful - after which Spanish named this State.

California has seen waves of traders and invaders - the Vikings, the Russians, the Spanish, the Mexicans, the English, and of course the Americans.

California has always had tons of resources - and each time the "strangers" found gold, saw the giant Sequois and Redwood trees, when they found water - they damned the water.

The land they tilled and bombarded it with fertilizers and other harmful chemicals - polluting our land, our water, and our air.

Here is San Francisco there is NOT one monument in the year 2014 to honor the Muwekma Ohlone. Why?

The simply answer is that our City and County of San Francisco is "spiritually bankrupt" - lacking the knowledge of its own history.

Uncouth morass - and for this this City and County will be brought to its knees.

Even at the San Francisco Airport - we do not have one single mural - one single piece of art - dedicated to the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco.

Much before the "strangers" came to San Francisco - this land that we see - was pristine. The land, the many rivers and streams, the air, the watershed.

There was an abundance of Abalone, fish of all kinds, berries, birds - the fauna and flora soothing to the human being.

In short the land - we know now as San Francisco - the bay area - flourished with abundance and so did our Bay which was much larger than we see it today.

There were 58 hills - some small and other large - and on many of the hills - in small numbers or clans lived the Ohlone and other clans - each had a name - and all related to one another.

There were Sacred Shellmounds - large mounds - this man made mounds made from large shells.

The largest intact Shellmound - near by is the San Bruno Shellmound - there is a village - that one can see - you do have to trek up the mountain. San Bruno borders San Francisco - to the South.

Most of the the shells from the Abalone - year after year - when some member died - created layers that grew to the large Shellmounds.

Rituals one of a kind were held. The clans would gather round the mound and mourn - and as part of the mourning - they feasted with Abalone and other foods.

They also offered gifts - the best they had to offer - they kept is real, simple and from the heart. They do to this day - some of us that know this and witness this - have connected the dots.

To the First People these Shellmound are Sacred - to the stranger - he has named them "middens". 

He always has his own take on anything - he assumes best. Loop up in your dictionary - the meaning of - "middens".

Always thinking he knows better - and has not pondered a bit - to witness how he has contaminated and destroyed what was once - pristine and wholesome.

From what was once pristine - he has created a "concrete jungle" - where people in live in dense building - without any care to improve their being, lacking spirituality - and favoring a mundane - existence.

It is foolish to build so many skyscrapers in San Francisco. 

We have already ruined the Bay - which is now one eight it was.

This expansion was stopped by three White women - who used their "status" and the connections of their white husbands - to save the Bay - all documented.

Today, the Bay is contaminated and not a word by our City and County of San Francisco.

We have over 10,000 toxic hot spots - all over San Francisco - you can get the Maher Map that reveals the hot spots. You can see it on the Internet.

You all can see - how our City and County is playing with the health of the thousands of  constituents and tax payers of San Francisco. We have a population of about 805,000.

Our coastline is prone to liquefaction - large areas - from Hunters Point to Geneva Avenue.

All land that is contaminated and prone to liquefaction - from poor land fill - that has come to haunt us.

Over 1700 housing units are going to be built at the Old Schlage Company site - Malia Cohen - is in favor of such a project - so are others who have NO clue about contamination.

The on which the 1700 units are planned to be built contaminated.
Millions of vehicles spewing particulates in close proximity to the site. A rail line and rail traffic running in very close proximity. All factor that defy - Quality of Life issues.

The most important factors to note - the land is very prone to liquefaction.

The air in the area is of poor quality - from the neighboring petroleum tanks, other services that look you in eye, and of course the land  - contaminated with "chrome residue' and other chemicals - from the many years of operation - by the Schlage Lock Company. Go figure.

Over 300,000 tons of Methane gas spews in this area - one ton of Methane gas - equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Millions of vehicle spew particulates - and all over San Francisco - more people and especially children - suffer from respiratory diseases. No one cares.

San Francisco does not have a Toxicologist on its payroll.

Barbara Gracia and others - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

We have no front line policy makers - worth the salt - to stop the violence and killing - much of it stemming - from the contamination and pollution of the land and air - and other elements that were once - pristine.

It has so called experts who speak from both sides of the mouth.

Our San Francisco Planning Department has failed to incorporate laws such as the Native American Graves Protection Repatriation Act (NAGPRA).

We have laws on our books -  such as the Precautionary Principle - but we will do anything and everything to avoid - bring up the subject when it comes as to who - really owns this land - all of it - we call San Francisco.

It belongs to the Ohlone people - in San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone - own this fact - and stop running away from it. The First People of San Francisco.

You give a thief a foot and he will take a yard - try giving him a yard he will take a mile.

There is a God and all that happens - does not happen in a vacuum. Aho.