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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


From day one Malia Cohen - the District 10 Supervisor - in San Francisco had no clue about representation - at this late date - nearing the end of her first term - she is still pussyfooting around.

Recently we had two killings - in broad daylight - so where is Malia Cohen so called TASK FORCE?

The constituents came out and spoke out - and no one must witness and bear - the constant Black on Black killing.

If affect more other segments of the community the more Asians, the Latinos, the Whites, others - who cannot make sense of this madness.

Blacks barking up the tree - all these many years - with over 400 Blacks killed and more - the past 8 years. No one in the Black community - dealing with the situation - with a heart.

First there was  Sophie Maxwell the sell out  - who was the District 10 Supervisor and now with another Black Supervisor - who is a worse - sell out - Malia Cohen. 

So what can we do?

There is only one answer - booth the sell out - out.

We need a new leader and we do not want the Democratic Machine - flooding the coming elections - with candidates - to spread thin the votes - and bring disgrace - once again to the Bayview Hunters Point.

The last time around 23 candidates ran - and with Rank Choice Voting as a tool - Malia Cohen won - by a very, very narrow margin. A few hundred votes.

The result her whole term can be summed up by one word - pandemonium. An utter failure and one that must not be repeated.
Malia Cohen must go - and go now.

The Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point - the sell outs have done a lot of damage - ruined a lot that was good - and today - the divisiveness - has reach saturation point.

The Latinos and Asians are now invading the Bayview Hunters Point - the demographics have drastically changed.

The old ways - when the Blacks would huff and puff - and bark up the tree - and threaten - are a thing of the past.

We see this at the Southeast Community Facility Commission - the Blacks on that commission - are just puppets - none of them have anything - viable and sustainable to contribute.

At this late date - the " sell outs " in the community - and doing the bidding of the corrupt San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).

The SFPUCt wants to undo the good that the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building was set to attain.

Primarily the main objective was to " educate" - and provide stellar educational opportunities - to our youth, young adults - and that has NOT happened.

The killings and shootings in the year 2014 in San Francisco and the Southeast Sector - the Black on Black killings and shootings - is because of poor leadership in the Black community.

What Malia Cohen, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Doris Vincent, Lola Whittle, Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson - too many others to name - good for nothing Blacks want - is money - none of them are on the front-line address the adverse impacts.

The only questions that spews from their dirty, filthy mouth - is what is in it for me? 

Yes, these good for nothing vermin - have ruined our community - and many of us - have watched the scum of the earth - fought them - and will continue to fight them.

All of them played a part with Lennar a Rogue Developer - who harmed our children, our elders, others with compromised - health problems in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - the last frontier.

The above support Lennar - who continues to bombard Parcel A and the surrounding area - with Asbestos friables.

I get the readings - and some are very high - and the workers and others - and not wearing masks. No one in their right mind is doing anything.

Not the San Francisco Health Department and Barbara Gracia, not the Bay Area Air Quality District and Jack Broadbent, not Amy Brownell who works for the Division of Environment within the SF Health Department. 

San Francisco with a $9 Billion budget does not have a Toxicologist - we do not have a Blue Print - to address the many with high levels of radioactive elements - at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - adversely impacting and affecting - innocent - people.

We said the same at Treasure Island only for innocent people to be exposed again and again and again by high levels or radioactive elements.

Hunters Point is worse - Depleted Uranium was first tested there.

At this late date - the United States Navy wants to provide a list of testing - we have the empirical data - and we know that Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is on the Superfund List.

There has been no leadership from Nancy Pelosi and less from Diane Feinstein. 

There has been no leadership at all from the San Francisco Health Department.

The SF Health Department Commission, the SF Planning Commission, the SF Board of Supervisors - all rubber stamping and approving anything that involves development.

Why would anyone want to build thousands of homes - on contaminated land, toxic land - more prone to liquefaction and flood. More with high levels of radioactive elements?

Bayview Hunters Point needs sound leadership - not a fake - laughing jackass - like  Malia Cohen - who reacts always - after the fact - and is a disgrace to the human race.

She has NO compassion when Bayview Hunters Point has the highers rate of constituents suffering from respiratory diseases.

Highest rate of case resulting all all sorts of cancer.

Unique tumors, our children are stressed and hyper because of the toxic enviroment.

Our youth and young adults experience excruciating pain - and taking all sorts of drugs to address the pain and on going suffering.

The many dysfunctional families, a very high rate of single mothers - doing what it takes to make a living.

The Blacks see other ethnic groups - working - buying homes, have children well dressed and going to school. And they cannot figure out why? They have been led to think - that everything will be given to them on a platter? Not all of them - but surely those that have reached a stage - where without help they cannot make it.

One single bedroom is going for $3500 in San Francisco. If you do not have a roof under your head - you have no life. No job, no stability, nothing - those that live on the streets - die slowly - our SF City knows this - but you all can witness - what really is done about this situation. The paradox most of the poor - in the Bayview - are Blacks - desperate and dying - and Malia Cohen has no heart.

Recently when the community want Mother Brown's to accept a grant to create 100 beds for the indigent the poor - guess who opposed the project - Malia Cohen!

You do not see other segments of the population but Blacks - siting from morning until evening whiling their time.

Go to Third and Palou and watch the manner - how mostly Blacks are asking for trouble. Where is the Black leadership?

The living dead - dysfunctional - and spiritually bankrupt - how can we truly bring progress among the Blacks?

The documents prepared by Blacks in San Francisco to address and rescue and find solutions - the Unfinished Agenda, the Our Migration documents - are there collecting dust - on the shelves.

The Black leadership - including the NAACP - they talk the talk - but fail - to walk the walk.

To make things even worse - and bring attention to a already worse situation - the killings and shootings - the mayhem and maiming - more Blacks on drugs - slowly killing themselves.

God have mercy - God help this community.

No sane person can witness what is truly happening in the Bayview Hunters Point - right now - today.