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Monday, August 11, 2014


The Bay Area and San Francisco loved Robin Williams - judging from the good wishes coming from all over the Nation and the world.

Here was a man who made us laugh - and left a lasting legacy.

I was fortunate to meet Robin Williams several times at the Presidio of San Francisco. He had a large home near by - by the Cliff House.

Robin Williams was always fascinating to observe and he could mimic anyone in a second and transform himself into several personalities - an unique actor.

As most of us who knew him at the Presidio of San Francisco we knew he had a large home in the Cliff House area.

One of the U.S. Park Police - shared a room and did double service looking after the large home.

If I kept the count he married - three times - and his last wife - must be admired for enduring so much.

In the press release that his last wife put out she requested us all - who loved him - to remember the good things Robin Williams had to share with all of us.

Just recently I watched the movie August Rush - and even as I admired the young boy - who was playing an orphaned boy in the movie - I could inter-act the way Robin Williams who played the adult would - in a very challenging, role.

The enduring days in an orphanage - and how this young boy faced life - and some how managed to get into the Julliard Art College. The same institution Robin William went to and so did his buddy who he loved a lot - Christopher Reed who played - Superman.

Here was Robin Williams playing the role of someone that took run away kids - and sheltered them - used their talents - to collect and share their earnings. So that the run away kids and he could make a living - and yet be happy - sharing and living.

Even though in this role - he tried to be a little stern, a little mean to keep them together - all that we saw in the end was some - deep caring and loving. 

Everyone knew Robin Williams and as the Master of Ceremonies he was second to none.

His jokes and laughter one of a kind - they only make one of a kind -  one in each century - and Robin Williams gave us his very best - and leaves a very rich legacy.

In person he was simple - always trying to understand - beyond the beyond - there is a lot of history at the Presidio of San Francisco - and he was always inquiring - what most people did not bother to notice - less to ask.

Of course I knew a lot about the Presidio of San Francisco - George Lucas made a good deal - with the George Lucas Letterman Digital Center.  Arnold Palmer got a Golf Course and building 106 on the Main Post. The wheeling and dealing were intense - and some one wanted to know.

Robert Redford had its Film Center in one of the buildings that catered as the head quarters of Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

Some of us always wanted Robin Williams to have some building - may be form a Comedy School or a Comedy Club.

We had one of a kind buildings built - starting from 1976 to the the late 1980s at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Robin Williams always wanted to know and asked questions about the Native Americans and the El Polin Springs, about Building 50 and the Officer Club - its history.

The Presidio Chapel above and below it the Non-Commissioned Officers' Club - now called the Golden Gate Club and more.

He asked me about the Buffalo Soldiers all Black soldiers and I told him about the over 600 Buffalo Soldiers - buried at the Veterans Cemetery located in the middle of the Presido of San Francisco.

Robin Williams was very interested - and something was alwyas on his mind - I could see that twinkle in his eye - a powerful mind and a more powerful - imagination.

In person he was a kind man, a simple man, and what I saw in this man - was someone who was very observant.

I guess you have to be one - to be comical - to see things and people and issues - and quickly discern - and make a joke, see the bright side - the funny side - and his talent was one of a kind.

No one could make children laugh like Robin Williams - he was a child at heart and he will be remembered for his contribution to helping millions of children - who saw his films - and love him to this day - many grown up - and today - adults.

I am not one to watch the Comedy Shows - now and then - I liked Richard Pryor and the jokes he cracked - the faces he made - he was Black and he left a legacy as a comedian.

In league with him was Robin Williams - his jokes  - the ones I heard and laughed will remain with me for a long time.

May his soul rest in peace - and I want to thank Robin Williams for touching the hearts and lives of so many people.

Robin Williams always liked to help people - raise funds - and cheer people who needed - cheering.

We all remember Christopher Reed and his buddy Robin Williams from the days they roomed together and were in acting school. 

When Christopher Reed hurt his spine and was paralyzed - we all knew who stood by him for so long - that was the kind of buddy we all need - a friend in need is a friend in deed.

Rest in peace Robin Williams and thanks for cheering millions - you leave a legacy - difficult for one to step and fill your shoes.

May your soul rest in peace and may the world remember you - for sharing - making people happy - your jokes one of a kind - your kindness stands out - and humanity takes a bow - to an individual that contributed so much.  

We will always remember you - more when we watch you movies - the many recordings made - the world and our universe is a better place - because of Robin Williams. 

Here in San Francisco we all will miss him - we all will remember him - and now is our time to give back and make this world a better - place. Aho.