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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We all remember the Civil Rights Movement - those of us that were old enough to comprehend - the deeds and more the acts of Dr Martin Luther King Jr and others - whose hearts were in the right place.

There is force that comes with fortitude and humility - seeing is believing - there is a lot that non-violence has changed - in recent history - those that participate in such rallies - know better - those that believe in violence - miss out.

Frederick Douglass a Black (1818-1898) a self-educated man - who debated with President Abraham Lincoln - and proved to be a better man - in debating him and as a Black man.

Frederick Douglas and other set the tone - but, alas today it is the bling and the lack of discipline - that takes us all over the place - with no focus on what has to be attained - for the common good of all.

The on going protests and lack of a plan to first understand the situation.

Secondly to act with good faith.

Thirdly to cast aside all bias - is plaguing all our Cities - Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, towns like Furguson - cities and towns in California and all over this Nation.

Ferguson, Missouri has 53 Law Enforcement Officers - a population of about 20,000 - the majority of the population are minorities.

The Ferguson, Missouri Police Station brags it has but 3 minorities on its force. Wow!

The latest two killed, two buildings burnt, people tear-gassed - and so on and so forth. The world is watching - and the Nation is waiting - Waiting for Godot!

This lack of comprehension - more cultural competency says it all. 

The Ferguson Law Enforcement has long conducted itself as arrogant - but this time - there was a perfect storm - that busted their hidden agenda.

The Ferguson Law Enforcement - has rallied all the wrong reasons - to truly show case - the signs of the times. Para-military tactics - used on the battle field - and should not be used - in our neighborhoods.

This happened in the Bayview in the 1960s - tanks and the National Guard on Third Street. The Bayview Opera House was shelled - it happened - but few remember that sordid - episode.
A Black youth was killed and that triggered the protests.

Police Stations all over our Nation have received donations of military tanks and other equipment - encouraging the many Police Station - to conduct themselves as a para- military organization.

In many cases shoot and kill first - and then ask questions.
The Main Media has been slow to expose the many cases - but as I said when there is a - "perfect storm" - all hell breaks loose.

We saw this closer to home with Oscar Grant's case - and the truth be told - we in San Francisco first dared to go to Oakland - to unite those Blacks in Oakland - to take our common cause in unity to a better place.

We had leaders who could meet with the District Attorney which led to his resignation. Few know this fact - but it all stems from articulate leaders whose heart is in the right place.

We reported on Oscar Grant and I too wrote and published on Indymedia - few remember what really made the Oscar Grant Movement - the stellar movement - it has come to be known.

You cannot deal with the "forces to be"  - who despise a certain segment of the population - in this case - the minorities - by barking up the tree - throwing bottles at the tanks coming towards you.

Those who "drive these tanks will shoot and kill and ask questions afterwards".

All over the Nation more since the spiraling of our economy in the year 2008 - and before that - Blacks are the most impacted.

Black youth are traumatized - rejected - spoken ill off - and it does not help with the sagging trousers and the Ebonics of sorts - that prevent Blacks - the youth and young adults - from getting a job.

It is about opportunities - and when it comes to Blacks - you can huff and puff - if the opportunities do not come your way - if hurdles are put in your way - few have the skills, the talent, to circumvent and beat the enemy - at their own game.

I have.

Here is San Francisco a few of us - have put ourselves on the front line - and voiced our opinion.

We use to attend the many SF Police Commissions - to understand the "criminality and mentality of those that think and act different". We spoke and articulated - and left a legacy that we know better. In my case it helped having worked for a Federal Agency in Law Enforcement.

We paid our dues and pay our dues until today in San Francisco.

The NAACP with Amos Brown has been of no help. He talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

The lackeys who surrounded him on worse than the other.

It is the same when clowns like Jessie Jackson and AL Sharpton - who went to Ferguson, Missouri.

Both talk the talk - but failed to resolve the situation at hand.

We lack charismatic leaders more Black charismatic leaders who belong to some sound organization.

We have many Black leaders who belong to putrid organizations.

Much like the ones we have in San Francisco who are sell outs - and naming them will do injustice to this article.

Notice not one statement from the local NACCP - from those leaders who want to rake in millions - pastors all - the Tabernacle Group.

The daily protests in Ferguson, Missouri serve no purpose - because unruly forces have embedded themselves - with guns and and other tools - detrimental to the purpose - to those that think they can conduct a - " a peaceful march".

We had the same problem in Oakland - when the so called "anarchists"  uninvited and despicable - undoing the good that we had in mind.

Looting and breaking windows, defacing walls and creating havoc. As I said despicable and unruly - a disgrace to the human race. Many of them filthy - having not bathe for months. Lice in their hair - and mostly White youth - lost and confounded.

In Ferguson, Missouri we have the same issue throwing bottles, and Molotov bombs - these tools cause divisiveness - break the unity of the purpose - and serve no purpose.

The result those that want to protest as citizens using this right cannot attain their goals.

To protest right you must have stellar organization. We went to Sacramento and Law Enforcement tried to intimidate us - helicopters in the air, snipers places on roof tops - I happened to know the Chief of Security - took him aside and explained our situation.

The Law Enforcement on horses - spoke to them - respectfully are soon they came to know us. We were disciplined and we won big time - Gavin Newsom want to be the next Governor of California - ask him - we had him withdraw his candidacy - today he plays second fiddle to Governor Jerry Brown - a trained Jesuit much like myself.

Innocent people lose their lives - and those that are confused and confounded - now become angry - adding fuel to fire. Before you know it - there is mayhem and confusion of the worst - order.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

In the Bayview we have the same issue - the few that have a plan to unite the minorities - using cultural competency - fall prey to stupidity and idiocy that defies any logic - from the sell out who rake in the money - and divide the community.

Go on television shows and radio shows - and spew diatribe. These mostly Blacks are a JOKE - and the sooner they act for good - and stay away from the hot air talk - the better.

Here comes a military tank - with all the power to destroy - and here the fools pelt stones, bottles, and dare take those " that do not care kill, shoot and ask questions - later" - think about it.

The under laying factors lack of education, lack of character, lack of leadership - that is ridden in some segment of the community - they want everything on a platter, lack good habits, hygiene, can articulate - want everything but do not want to work hard to get it.

How did the Ferguson, Missouri really being to get fueled?

The main reason the release of the video showing this young man - stealing some cigars - for all the world to see.

Pushing and abusing the store attendant - decent people do not endorse such behavior.

Imagine if all the stores were visited by such characters - helping themselves and walking outout with paying.

Law Enforcement will not cooperate in a place like Ferguson, Missiouri - the rednecks do not give a damn.

So, if you are a minority - do not ask for trouble - do not try to create such a scenario.

The scenario created in the store - was also enacted outside - only this time there was a redneck with a gun - and the man who tried to say something - no one know what - met the ire of the redneck - who shot and killed - Mike Brown - a young adult - and the rest is history.

The matter will go to court - and play out for years - and then one day that will me some adjudication - that will NOT be accepted - " no law enforcement officer" will be judged in a manner to penalize her or him. We saw it before and will know what will happen.

This is not like the Oscar Grant situation - we fought for it - right from the start with the right logic.

We articulated our case, we had numerous meetings at the Third Baptist Church by 24th Street in Oakland - the pastor of the church graciously affording us the best hospitality. We did it to educate the public - and even at the Church we had some folks like to infiltrate and we had to weed them out.

We were humble, we prayed, we were strong in unity - and we did not act like fools.

When we saw that the "anarchists"  were trying to use us as a platform to carry out divisive actions - we chose not to associated ourselves with them.

The Oscar Grant case was moved to Los Angeles and many went to support the family. The case took a months - and in the end the Officer was not penalized. To this day people are angry and rightly so.

The young adult Oscar Grant who handcuffed and shot to death. God have mercy of his soul - and help us better understand the plight of the minorities in America - in such a situation.

Calling the National Guard only exacerbates the situation - we had this in Oakland for a minute - the then Jerry Brown the Mayor of Oakland - chose such tactics to round up some young adults - " calling them gangs" - there was some mention in the Main Media - but not anything substantial.

As citizens our strength is in our education.

Our character and our discipline to maintain our senses, focus - laser beam focus - and stick to our objectives - commands given by the inner circle.

Our ability to articulate the situation at hand - and have relationships with those that count.

We do not pander - we state the facts and be a viable and sustainable part of the process at hand. All the time we are in the cockpit - and if can make the enemy run in circles - more power to you.

In San Francisco our Mayor Edwin Lee will have to face a similar situation - we keep warning him - and he keeps twitching his moustache in vain.

Our Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr has a lot of experience with the "Anarchists" - more as the Field Commander - he understand more about "cultural competency". Things are changing rapidly in San Francisco - and the old drab methods - will not work.

We the minorities cannot depend on the NAACP and a sell out like Amos Brown.

The other so called African American organizations - one worse than the other.

When those decent who want to protests - protest -  the sell  out who dare come to the fore - will be warned - and they better deed to the advice.

In the interim some of us are educating the people - to be educated.

Learn, study, practice, ask from those those that know - learn about what can be attained through "unity". 

Sell outs are for themselves - and in the African American community in San Francisco - you find them - dime a dozen.

We must watch and learn from Ferguson, Missouri - those incidents will visit us shortly - and when they do - we must have a model - stakeholders at bay - to bring about a meaningful - resolution.

The Elders will agree with me.

The young Turks may not.

All will agree with me - that a loss of someone innocent - the result of  shooting first and killing - asking questions later - is not what we want in our - civilized and well mannered - community.

The signs of the times are here. God help us - and God Bless America!