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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Never trust the politician - more folks like Senator Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. One a Senator and the other a Congress person - both have failed San Franciscans - miserably.

The same holds good for our local buffoons - more politicians - not worth the salt - District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen. Jane Kim, Scott Wiener and David Chiu.

None of the above have done anything viable and sustainable - and when confronted with situations that need fixing - they make shallow promises - while spewing diatribe - every opportunity they get.

Many of them have curtailed - "public comment" they fear hearing the truth.

We have advocates that are astute, stellar, far more knowledgeable than these political buffoons - who cannot and must not be trusted.

Now is the time for action - and the best action is our vote.

Register to vote - if you have not - and vote these charlatans out - we must stop these buffoons - from making any headway.

Jane Kim has awoken up after all these years - and now wants to address - so called "affordable housing".

What was she doing when again and again the "Housing Element" called for affordable housing - and housing for "low income" and "no income" - and she made not efforts - when the time was right?.

Jane Kim did what she could to give "TWITTER" tax breaks.

TWITTER has NOT given opportunities to people of color - accept give some bread crumbs - in some quarters - making a mockery of the extensive tax breaks - given to TWITTER - by the City and County of San Francisco.

Our City and County of San Francisco - both the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch have given unfettered license to the San Francisco Planning Department to work hand in hand with some - very corrupt - developers.

Developers who have free rein to build - market rate units - many being sold for over $1.5 million and some for as high as $5 million.

It  is a shame that - such blatant corruption in going on - in our City and County of San Francisco.

Our neighborhood are being destroyed. Some funny zombies invading our neighborhood, The have nothing to offer the to culture - they bring their ill gotten - blood money - touting the money from the digital world - that plays some role but is not worth the salt.

The "techies" have no soul - and if you have no "soul" - that is nothing the "techies" can offer viable and sustainable. Time will tell.

In the interim 3 Housing Elements - one each created every 5 years - have gone to the Courts.

Each of these Housing Elements -  with intent - our San Francisco Planning Department has helped inundate and incorporate - misinformation.

Information that has NOT been vetted - and information that adversely impacts the constituents of San Francisco.

This information trigger many factors that adversely impacts - people who work hard - live pay check to pay check - they increase rents - where many pay as much as 60% of what they make.

The foundation for the worst type of gentrification has been laid in our City and County of San Francisco. Shame on the politicians and those who encourage such - morbid and sordid - actions.

Blessed are the poor - for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

In recent years the San Francisco Planning Commission has become a joke. 

Now more with the appointment of Christine Johnson - who is propped up - by someone who is every corrupt and in this case it is not the Mayor - but one from whom he takes his instructions -he is a former mayor - and I call him the "thug" mayor.

It does not help - to place and anoint - any person - who is NOT qualified and less who rubber stamps - actions -  adversely impacting the constituents of San Francisco.

More those who are seniors, those that are mentally and physically challenged - those that need help - the many single mothers - and the many grandmothers raising children - stepping up and doing what is right.

The recent Earth Quakes some close up and others in all parts of the World - is a wake up call to us in San Francisco. 

The many skyscrapers - the dot our skyline - are the signs of the times. Many of them will come toppling down.

Many will come toppling down - if the Big One strikes - more because most of the tallest buildings - are built on land that is prone to liquefaction and severe flooding.

The voters were right - when they voted against - the Washington 8 in close proximity to the Ferry Building.

Those in favor of this project - were sent a very strong message by the tax payers and legal voters of San Francisco. We vote you in - your promise us - to do this and that. All we see and witness - is the worst type of buffoonery.

It is the same with what is going on in and around Pier 70 - that project has not done the needful - when it comes to abatement and mitigation.

Over a millions tons of coal tar, three contaminated sites linked ammonia spills, other very toxic contamination - from the activities when the ships were built - as part of the World War II efforts.

Of course Joe Boss would not know that - and less the San Francisco Port Commission that rubber stamps - most everything.

Politicians like Willie L. Brown jr - the former "thug mayor" of San Francisco - does not help. 

He has his dens - all over the place - fully paid for and given to him on a platter. The Saint Regis, the Four Seasons - other dens that will be kept - confidential - for now.

Investments in Macao with the gambling operations - partnering with WYNN and others - that most do not know about - and there is more.

It does not help when Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi - rake in millions - and own huge mansions closer to San Francisco - and more in the Napa Valley and else where.

It is the same with Diane Feinstein and Richard Blum - who have so much money - that power had gone up their head.

Richard Blum trying to acquire City College, the many Post Offices - his wife facilitating " a sole bid in his favor" using undue influence.

Our Post Offices are unique and many of them Land Mark buildings. Who ever thought that Richard a scum bag - could facilitate something good and viable and take us to a better place?

Our politicians stink - and both in the Congress and the Senate - their poll ratings - are the lowest ever.

It is the same - right here in San Francisco - the likes of Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, David Chiu - they all must be booted off.

Fake politicians we have them - dime a dozen in San Francisco.

This land is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and I represent the Mukwekma Ohlone on matters linked to Base Closure, Land Use, Infrastructure and government.

I paid my dues working for the Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco. I know a crook and can smell a crook - from a far - the likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, and David Chiu.

Our City and County of San Francisco has failed us miserably - and I have brought several issues - with solutions - to their attention. 

Now is the time for those in the Mission, the Western Addition, the Bayview Hunters Point, the Excelsior, other decent areas with decent constituents.

More - all constituents of San Francisco - all registered voters - to boot the fake politicians - who have been selling us out.

We can do it and we must do it - that time has come - and this is the final - clarion call.