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Sunday, August 10, 2014


I sincerely want to thank the United States Air Force and all those who helped in the coordination of the air-drops - bringing water and food - and other essentials to those who need them badly - on the Kurdish border.

The Yazidis will be forever grateful - and it is proper that some of us that know them better - thank the United States government.

More, the United States Air Force in particular -  from the the bottom of our heart and on behalf of the Yazidis.

High up the mountains - a terrain very difficult to tackle - and our United States Air men did it - as they always do - when human beings are in need - all over the world.

God bless them and God bless their families.

An advantage was that our air men had some experience - patrolling those very skies - creating "no fly zone" when Saddam Hussein was in charge of Iraq.

Some of us remember their role - even though that was long time ago.

Our children and elders must not be put in harms way.

What is horrifying is that rebels - the so called renegade ISIS forces - who in the name of the Muslim religion and belonging to a fanatic Sunni sect - use their false beliefs to hurt innocent people, carry on barbaric practices - " genocide".

Now is the time for all decent Muslims to condemn such deeds - much like what happened in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Syria and now near the city to Erbil in the district of Gwer.

The leaders from every faith must speak up - Pope Francisco and the leaders of the Muslim countries. We must not tolerate such barbaric deeds in the year 2014.

To target the innocent Christians and the Yazidis in today's world - killing the men and raping the women.

Killing the children and placing their chopped off heads on poles - is barbaric.

Now, is the time for the Muslim World and all other Faiths to speak in one voice - to end this blatant - nonsense.

The Kurdish Peshmerga forces are well trained - but they are NOT well equipped, militarily.

They will be soon - and as far as the Kurdish border and the cities withing the Kurdish homeland are concerned - that can be taken care of.

The Peshmerga force just need the required military equipment to replace the antiquated military equipment mostly Russians, and other equipment that cannot with stand the U.S. tanks and missiles that were stolen by ISIS from the Iraqi army.

Given the tool the Peshmerga and the other Kurdish forces can take care of business.

As to the ISIS forces none of their stolen American Tanks and other equipment if spotted in any open terrain - can remain intact.

Our United States Airforce will be take care off those situations.

Our Air men can seek these tanks and other armed vehicles most trucks out - heating seeking technology that is working now and has already put the sufficient fright - within the ISIS - cowards of a kind.

There is no way the ISIS forces can create a Caliphate - a region of their own - where these barbarians think they can control people.

Such primitive beliefs belie their ignorance - and they should be dealt with severely and put on notice. Any one that aids and abets the renegades will be attended to. 

No one should be converted to any religion or faith at the point of a gun. Such primitive things happened year ago - in the era of the Crusaders and when the barbarians knew little - and used such tactics.

Killing children and raping women.

Taking women as slaves and raping them.

Killing Yazidi men - lining them up and shooting them at point blank range.

We already have senior military advisers in Erbil and they were stunned when the town of Sinjar fell to the ISIS forces.

The domino affect was that thousands of people sought refuge in other near by places - creating the present - pandemonium.

Hopefully our Senior Military advisers and our Special Forces - acting as advisers will put this matter back on track.

The good news is that now heavy equipment will be provided to the Kurdish military - the obsolete arms they had before - were no match - when the ISIS force were using captured U.S. military tanks stolen from the Iraqi forces - mostly Sunni as are the the ISIS forces.

The Shias the other Muslim sect that the Sunnis despise - have suffered also.

The mosques - houses of worship blown and many Shia men and women and children killed.

The true Muslim faith does not tolerate such type of behavior - but these fanatics - are out to create a ruthless domain of their own - called the Caliphate - as was in the early days after the death of Mohammed the Prophet.

Times are changed and we are civilized - we do not tolerate barbarians - we deal with them - and must now - take them out - as we should have a long time ago.

The Iranians are watching and the will NOT tolerate their members of their faith killed and tortured.

The Iranians are Shia -  the on going killing, maiming, chopping the heads of innocent children - this one fact alone - is sufficient to unite the world against such barbaric - atrocities - committed by ISIS - purporting to form their own Islamic State - of Idiots and Stupidos.

The Iraqi government that our United States government left to rule Iraq has proved to be dysfunctional to say the least. 

Now is not the time to put the Iraqi leadership down - they have some in the ranks that can deliver. The present leadership must change - even the Iranians have said that. Malaki must go.

Recent assessments have shocked our Military Advisers - that is why we are in the air - to take out those elements that deter progress.

We the United States are now back in in the Iraq arena - and for a longer duration.

Truly we got us in this mess George W. Bush Junior - that good for nothing - person.

We have a dam near Mosul that the fanatics have taken charge off,

This is a great concern - if this dam among other dams are compromised - thousands will die - and what is more there will be no drinking water and electricity.

During the Iraq war one region that was stable was the area where the Kurds protected their homeland - aided by the United States.

The United States used the Kurds as a buffer and have very good relations with the Kurds. Even today the Kurds have very high regard for the Americans.

In the interim the world is watching and as things happen - other Nations that have worked with the United States - will provide succor and bring about some stability where now there is utter pandemonium.

The Yazidis are not Muslims - they practice an ancient faith - going back thousands of years - that most Muslims do not agree with.

In today world - we need tolerance.

The Prophet Mohammed would not tolerate the evil deeds - killing innocent people, beheading children, and so on and so forth - perpetrated by the ISIS forces who are fanatics.

The world is watching and we hope and pray that those now trapped on the mountains some 20,000 plus will be rescued. 

The Peshmerga Forces and some Kurdish military are making their way - while the ISIS forces are near by - shelling them.

How the ISIS forces have been able to take control in Sinjar and Zummar is astounding and baffling.

Taking control of small towns - and coming so close to Erbil.

The situation is in a flux - and the paradox is that the ISIS do not have large numbers - but they have a way of intimidating, others.

In a week or two the reports coming in - will declare ISIS losses - there is no doubt the behavior of the ISIS - has triggered an ire and disgust for these barbarians - never mind their taunts that they will come to America.

If they do they will repent - in the meantime - any one that kills innocent children, the elders, those that cannot defend themselves - must be dealt with consequences - and that is in order.

Again Kudos to our United States military the best in the world.

We must NOT pander nor be afraid of the cowards. We can and must defeat these cowards who kill innocent - children.