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Friday, August 8, 2014


Most of us do not take the time to understand the fundamentals - when it comes to land - housing, food, our forest, our rivers, education, health, transportation, our laws and our present ways of living - anything and everything that contributes to Quality of Life issues.

Most of us take these factors for granted and fail to understand that all of it was stolen, robbed from the Native Americans - the First People - by thieves, crooks, evil people who fostered greed - and do so - to this day.

Many of us have not been blessed to live on land - farm land - on land pristine - where there is NO too much interference from outside sources - including some governments - who are too dictatorial and in your face.

Here is America the paradox is that all of the land belongs to the Native Americans.

All of the land each and every square inch. We know that but we do not know that.Why?

Because most people are challenged - we know the land was stolen from the Native Americans -  who welcomed the strangers at first - but then bit the hand that fed them.

Spiritually when one is bankrupt - mostly what occurs is that people behave without morals, less ethics, shallow, and robbing and stealing come easy. The wild west was just that and more.

America known to the Native Americans as Turtle Island is vast - and we have a population of a little over 318,000,000. 

For sure not like the huge population that China, India, Indonesia, and some other countries have.

Our land mass is large - about 3.71 square miles - rich is resources of all kind, forests one of kind, lakes, rivers, mountains, all that God made for us to live by - and leave more for those that come after us.

Greed was not ever contemplated - and Greed is what rules - in today's  world. We can keep silent - or we can speak up - better still we can act - and make good things - happen.

In the Unites States and closer to home in this digital world - people are asking questions. 

Why cannot we accommodate everyone - and permit human beings that live here in the United States - closer to home California and  even closer, San Francisco - to have the basic requirements that all decent human being - aspire to and are eager to have.

A roof over one's head, food, clean drinking water, clothing, a job that provides most of the basic things, good education, health care that you pay for - you get the picture.

After all we stole the land - right off the back - some one got the land for free.

Just like someone saw the forests and stole it - sold the lumber and made tons of money.

Just like some laid claim to vast acres of land - to raise cattle and farm - you get the picture.

Live near the Lakes and the Oceans and stole the resources - more than they wanted - to sell and make millions.

None of those that are now billionaires - even old money - made their money the right way - they made it the wrong way - stealing, and deceiving - you have just to do the research - not even Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. Never mind Warren Buffet give some his share - and people think - all is good - it is not.

For sure - others saw the wild buffalo roaming - and killed them - not so much for their flesh but for the skin of the Buffalo.

Then left the flesh - piled up as high as they could - to rot. The stench could be smelled - miles away. All this in the United States of America - once named Turtle Island - by the Native Americans.

The atrocities committed by those that practice greed - in the name of Capitalism or what they purport to be Capitalism is mind boggling. Again the land belongs to the Native Americans and it was stolen.

18 treaties signed by the United States Government and the California tribes were never ratified. People do not know this - and we must not be afraid to speak up. The thieves that build on top of the land stole it - and that is the truth - even as we live in the year - 2014.

Let us not get too deep - but deep enough to comprehend and fathom - if we know a little about the Native Americans - and while we are talking about the Native Americans - the indigenous people of the world.

In the United States for fifteen thousands of years - and for thousands of years all over the world - the indigenous people who live off the land - never, ever took more than they wanted.

You can research and find out if this is the Truth. I have travelled a lot - and I have studied - what one cannot find in books - and we know the history written - is written many a time - for a purpose that does not serve the right - but patronizes the wrong.

After the Industrial Revolution and you know who fostered that revolution. Those who came out with this sordid progress - decided to do things - big time - and in doing so - they screwed things - big time.

Things related to pollution from the coal mines and the power plants.

Think about large corporations -  big time -  it started some where - grabbing land and producing grain and other foods products that became detrimental to health.

The same with any large production - where no one cared to take care of the waste - dumped them on the land and polluted the watershed. Dumped them in the rivers, the lakes, the oceans. Today in the year 2014 - we realize those mistakes - but to clean up the mess - will take many more years.

The same with packaged food and fast food - laden with preservatives that are advertised as all natural. Only those educated on issues - know what is good to eat and what is not.

Spewing particulates in the air - and pretending that we can do somethings about the Carbon Footprint - when our Nation - is the first to adhere to conventions - and what to cap the Carbon Footprint. When will we learn - especially those that are not indigenous to this Earth?

Now, let me talk about housing and closer to home housing in San Francisco. For years we had the Academy of Art University gobble up - rental housing - and convert them to dormitories - with the San Francisco Planning Department fast asleep at the cockpit.

Thousands of units once rental - now cater to students - who live in dormitories.

Try getting those rental units back. You never will. Thugs get away with murder in broad daylight.

The SF Planning has for the last 30 years favored developers - who build - hundreds of units - mostly market priced - high end - while so called affordable were build off site.

More on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - and many a time on land that are named and deemed - brownfield.

For example once the sites had petroleum tanks - they were not removed - meaning abated and mitigated - the land was capped - and on top on this cap - housing where people are prone to adversely impacts.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard today is toxic and a Superfund site - that keeps registering high levels of radioactive elements. 

That soil is Class One - that must be removed and dispatched to certain sites - mostly outside San Francisco - in fact outside California. Yet Class One soil - land in our landfills - and on sites - where the soil is meant to be processed and cleaned but is not.

Yet, our City and County wants to build 30,000 units for mostly rich people - on contaminated sites - prone to liquefaction and flooding - over the next 10 years - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Today only the rich can afford to rent in San Francisco.

A one bed room apartment goes for over $3500. Two bed room for over $5000.

Parents who have children cannot make ends meet.

In the last 5 years over 40,000 families have left San Francisco. We have a population of a little over 805,000.

Our San Francisco Planning keeps - bringing in new Commissioners on the Planning Commission - who have no history of San Francisco. 

Ignorant to the core - and the Mayor, Edwin Lee and others think they can hoodwink the public at large - one of them Christine Johnson - a transplant from some where - most probably the East Coast and most likely - New York.

The hearing where people who rent - sub-lease their units - to  tourist and others.

In many case those living in these units - adversely impacting the neighbors - making noise, are filthy. These type of people - adversely impact the neighborhood - and change the character of the neighbor for the worse.

David Chiu was has some legislation that is half baked - and is trying to get some attention - as he tries to win his seat - and move to Sacramento.

In the interim - he does not give a hoot - what harm he does to San Francisco. He is a transplant from Taiwan, the East Coast - and has NO clue about the history of San Francisco.

It is the same with Jane Kim and Scott Wiener - two despicable San Francisco Board of Supervisors - that fail to understand San Francisco. Both favor developers - have raked in the the money to fill their campaign coffers.

Now and then they come up with legislation - purporting to help San Francisco with housing and transportation - mostly fluff  - that goes no where. Both transplants from New York. 

This is not the Bronx and San Francisco must not embrace the sordid ways on Manhattan.

If it does - fostering the GREED - we all will not be able to live here anymore.

This land - every square inch belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

In the interim - we must be careful who we vote in - for sure get rid of David Chiu, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, and Scott Wiener and throw in the heifer London Breed - for good measure. 

They all talk a lot - care little what the constituents say - make a salary of over $150,000 with benefits - and think no end of themselves. They all must be booted out of office.

We have many astute Independent  Candidates - and we have people who can back them up.

The most important fact that counts - too many independents - are voting for the Democrats in San Francisco - who are not worth the salt.

Sordid and corrupt SF Board of Supervisors such as - Scott Wiener, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, and David Chiu.