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Monday, August 4, 2014


Scott Wiener and Jane Kim can FOOL themselves and those that pander to them - but, for sure NOT the constituents of San Francisco.

More those San Franciscans that pay taxes.

Jane Kim has been trying at this late hour to take on the developers - and in doing so - take on Mayor Ed Lee - and that simply does not work.

The City and County has decided to side with the "developers" - with an increase in "Market Rate Housing" - ploys and machinations that rake in millions - that fill - campaign coffers. 

Within the San Francisco Planning Department - there are "teams" - and for a fee - those developers that want their projects - fast tracked - can get them on a platter.

You have to pay to play in this corrupt City and County of San Francisco.

Ever asked yourself what is Dean Macris the former Director of SF Planing - still doing - hovering around - and messing with issues at SF City Hall - more with SF Planning on Mission Street?

Now, Scott Wiener thinks he can be the next Mayor of San Francisco. He can keep on dreaming - we need to check mate this clown.

Scott Wiener pretends that he knows a lot about transportation and MUNI - is well versed about our local transportation system. He wants the tax payers to vote for the Bond Measure - some $500 million. We should NOT.

Joined by the heifer London Breed - who thinks she knows something about transportation.

London Breed - running her mouth - but no one worth the salt is paying attention to her. 

London Breed has no clue about transportation issues - much as she had no clue what she was doing - selling out the community - when she was put on the now defunct - SF Redevelopment Commission.

These so called SF Supervisors want to represent - but they are not educated on issues. Arrogant and ignorant to the core.

With Scott Wiener if he does not get his way - as any "bitch" does - he will get confrontational - and this attitude and mentality will bring him down.

No one respects Scott in District 8 that he supposedly represents - and no one respect London Breed - in District 5.

The SF Board of Supervisors - pretend to legislate - and each and every time they bring about some legislation to the fore - it is defective.

The legislation contains general statements - and with the general statements come  with vagueness; lack of standards - exposing barriers that the better legislators - have already put in place.

No one can legislate at this late hour to stop all Market Rate development. We may want it - but we cannot arbitrarily - wish something - that does not meet the legalities - in place.

Of course Jane Kim would not know that - the pander that she is.

Again and again I have mentioned the last 3 Housing Element documents - brought about every 5 years - have gone to the Courts for adjudication.

Within these documents the need for so called affordable housing - low income housing - no income housing - and a myriad of other pertinent issues like transportation, education, safety, childcare, senior housing and senior living care facilities - are laid out.

The Association of the Bay Area Government (ABAG) - also has its mandates - none of which are studied by our shallow, inept, lacking standards, not educated on issues SF Supervisors - more those that open their mouth and shove their foot in like Malia Cohen.

The SF Housing Element, the ABAG reports - other reports are all there on the Internet to be read and studied.

You can also requests them from the SF Planning - go to the Main Library and read them.

But, no one wants to do the research, no one wants to do their home work.

Again and again - the land that belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - is compromised - more by NOT paying attention to Quality of Life issues.

This is not New York - where millions live - and the standard of living is compromised.

A rat race - millions moving - to and fro - the hustle and bustle - is not what we seek in San Francisco.

Nor do we seek to be like Manhattan - New York is for a certain type of animal - but we human beings - living in San Francisco - must stop this rat race mentality and development - that makes no sense - and compromises our way of living.

All over San Francisco today because of our San Francisco Board of Supervisor - who do not have a viable and sustainable plan - we the tax payers are suffering - first we must unite - and secondly we must remove the so called representatives - from office - a prevailing cancer.

Part of the cancer David Chiu, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener and London Breed. 

Believe me this a clarion call - these scumbags have ruined our City and County of San Francisco.

The Mayor should know better - listening to Willie L. Brown Jr. the former "thug mayor" - does not help.

Willie is Willie - and as he grows older - he is afraid that with his impending blindness - the future will not be bright.

Willie is raking all the money he can rake. In Macau with his gambling operations.

Here at home acting as a consultant. At this late date he has agreed to register as a consultant - which says a lot - he is now a marked person by Law Enforcement.

What Willie did - way back in 1996 when he was Mayor of San Francisco was bring the City Administrator's Office under his jurisdiction by introducing a Charter amendment.

With one strike -  he left the the Legislative Branch alone but strengthened the Executive Branch.

The office of the City Administrator once had clout and was independent -  was now under the Executive Branch - under Willie's back and call.

The Contracting Monitoring Division comes under Mayor of San Francisco - even though superficially it comes under the City Administrator.

The developers are having a ' hay day" - making hay while the sun shines.

The Human Rights Commission is there - but has no clout.

Most decisions are executed by the Contract Monitoring Division (CMD).

The tax payers do not know what I am talking about - even the contractors - are wondering what is happening to our City and enforcement. There is none - or to put it mildly - minimal.

More workers come from outside San Francisco - and work.

We have "local hire" ordinances in place - but no enforcement.

And while John Avalos may say something about the "local hire" legislation - he has failed to maintained a decorum and has less respect - pussyfooting on his job - compromising himself and his legislation.

It is the same with Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, David Chiu and Malia Cohen - panderers who do not have the best interest of the San Franciscans and the tax payers.

We must wake up - we have the ability to bring about change - and those who are now just pondering - must act with fortitude and with a laser beam focus - to bring about drastic - change.

This is after all San Francisco - not Manhattan. 

Read some pertinent information on infrastructure that our SF Board of Supervisors - fail to read - less comprehend: