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Sunday, January 26, 2014


We all know that once San Francisco enjoyed many Quality of Life issues - that today have gone out the door - and into oblivion.

The City and more the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - have been asleep at the wheel - and look the other way, with disdain - when it comes to the poor, the indigent, those that have fallen on bad times - more  those that have been tolerant. But no more  a saturation point has been reached - and when this happen - there is no know what will happen.

San Franciscans once treasured their neighborhoods - no more - the main neighborhood fairs, the many competitions in sports, the many sports arenas available for all to meet, the stellar advocates and neighborhood leaders - inculcated and contributed the best these leaders had to offer - with everyone participating and giving their best.

The Mission, Japan Town, the Fillmore, the Portola District,  the Marina, the Excelsior,  China Town,  Forest Hill, those in the Avenues, the Castro and more - all had unique contributions to offer.

More - where those that desired could travel freely and enjoy the ambiance of the moment.

We all know once each Supervisor represented the entire San Francisco - things were better then the mess - we have now.

Then came the 11 Districts - giving opportunities for each District to elected a Representative - who was supposed to Represent the constituents of the District they represented - but this never happened.

More so in District 10 with the advent of a new political animal  known as Sophie Maxwell- who represented herself and now the despicable Malia Cohen - who is despicable.

These types of politicians - do not represent the people - they represent themselves - and the paradox is both of them - are Black - House Negroes that have forgotten the past - from slavery to now.

None of them learned anything from Frederick Douglass, Mary Pleasant closer to home, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or for that matter any decent Black that contributed so much to this City and County of San Francisco and the Nation.

Blacks who do not represent - do not leave a legacy - and when they pass away - most anyone worth noting - have nothing to say and with that - most nothing to remember.

It is a shame that San Francisco where Blacks owned newspapers, churches, a library, school, ware houses and more - played a key role in the affairs of this City and County of San Francisco - since its inception more in 1800s.

Today the Blacks are reduced to a mere 4% of our population in San Francisco - Blacks once thrived and had a good representation of over 25% of the population. What has happened the world wants to know?

From the inception of the creation of our City and County of San Francisco - whose boundaries once stretched from San Francisco to Palo Alto - San Francisco controlled too much land.

Millions of acres of land - in and around our clean water pipe lines - that run for thousands of miles - from Yosemite to San Francisco and beyond.

The rich made their home in San Francisco - and they were able through the Raker Act - to take control of the Hetch Hetchy Valley.

Flood the Hetch Hetchy Valley - so that we could have - clean drinking water.

Those Congressmen and Senators of the time - who lived in San Francisco were so powerful and had so much money - they could buy anything. 

All of them were White - barons who made their money with assets from the Gold mines, the railway, other businesses that the newly built railway - afforded them - opportunities, galore.

San Francisco named after Saint Francis of Assisi - has always embraced everyone. Our City has always been a City of compassion.

However, discrimination toward Blacks and the Asians - has always existed - and even today - it rises its ugly head.

But when Blacks who take the responsibility to represent - such as Malia Cohen and London Breed - FAIL to represent - they tarnish the good name and legacy of those Blacks that went before them. They are sell outs - and a shame to anything - decent.

Thousands of acres in the Southeast Sector - from Potrero Hill, to Huntersview, to Oakdale Public Housing, to Alice Griffith known better as Double Rock, to hundreds of acres at Sunnydale are now prime targets - for development without any meaningful discussion, input, and outreach to the constituents of the area - where the developers plan to develop.

The crooked developers have gathered and divided the land - hundreds of acres of land in San Francisco - the last frontier - the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - among themselves.

Leading and at the fore - Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers, others - one worse than the other.

You think the "techies" are bad - wait until you see Lennar - the Rogue Developer play hell with thousands of people - without giving people notice and evicting thousands.

Gentrification will be in play - as it has never, even been seen before. That is why now is the time for all of us to be united to fight not only the "techies" - but these developers who have been given a "carte blanche" - authority to do as the, please.

Once we had the Human Rights Commission that started in the early 1960s in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Now, it is know as the Human Rights Commission. Until about a year ago - the Human Rights Commission - had a Commission - this Commission is no more. And with that policy matters are out the door.

The substitute for compliance is now the Contract Monitoring Division or Department - it meets, decides, and pushes the envelop.

There is no enforcement - there are NO compliance officers - to visit the many sites where the developers are committing their dirty - deeds - and have it all.

We have a cancer in our City where affordable housing and rental units - have been taken off the market.

We have been asleep while I have been speaking and writing about these matters - all these many years.

The Academy of Art University has bought buildings all these many years and converted rental units - protected by "Rent Control" - with the SF Planning Department allowing them - illegally - converting thousand of rental units - into dormitories.

John Rahaim the SF Planning Director keeps reminding us after four years - that his Department - is still working on this situation. We are talking hundreds if not thousands of rental units - taken off the market. 

We have the Ellis Act evictions that everyone knows about - but no one did anything.

Then when things got really out of hand - many died of stress - hundreds left San Francisco.

While all the time the City turned its back - we tried to do something - but, there is only so much one can do under the law.

The crooks and those greedy apartment owners have lied, hoodwinked, and today we are dealing with a "cancer" that is growing.

In the interim we have the rich and the middle class is no more.

If you have children - forget it - you are forced to leave the City unless you are a home owner and have millions of dollars - to buy a home - or thousands of dollars to put as a down payment to make reasonable - mortgage.

Ten of thousands of decent families - father, mother, children - have left our City and County of San Francisco - never, to be seen again.

San Franciscans are decent and there is only so much we can take.

The recent protest are not a JOKE - when so many people were "hurting" - we had to do what we did not want to do - we had to force ourselves and take our cause to the streets and protest.

Protests will grow and the situation where a one bed room is rented for average $3000 is a situation - totally out of control.

All the more for our City to preserve our Public Housing - with over 80% should be set aside for low income and no income.

This is the only way - those that have suffered so much all these many years - can be compensated.

I know City Officials who make over $120,000 and others who make over $150,000 with benefits - cannot feel the pain of the people - enough is enough.

We the people want to know who is making the "Land Use" decisions.

Adversely impacting so many people - decent San Franciscans - who are forced to leave the City and County of San Francisco - never to be seen - again.

Who are these crooks who are making Land Use decisions - and do they really have the decent San Franciscans in mind? There is more to come and it will not be pretty. Aho.

Some elements that can be used to make better "Land Use" decisions:

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