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Friday, January 24, 2014


From the days of the before and aftermath of the 1906 Earthquake - San Franciscans always have had a soft corner for our San Francisco Fire Department.

All San Francisco fire fighters who put in long hours and who do their best to serve and save lives. Those of us who care appreciate their services and value this asset more in times of many emergencies.

Unlike our politicians the likes of London Breed and Malia Cohen - Dumb and Dumber - who talk from both sides of their mouth. Many constituents know that most politicians care more about themselves - and when they have their hearings - it is more to project the politicians to further their private - agenda.

At a recent hearing under the Chair of London Breed - spurred by the inept, ignorant, and arrogant Malia Cohen - these two inept Supervisors who have failed to represent their constituency dared to point fingers - and create divisiveness - trying to take on the San Francisco Fire Department - and discuss some assumption that were far off left field.

When it comes to those that work hard to save lives we must always be careful how we proceed to investigate -  those that we need to be on our side - specially in times of emergencies. Those unsound of mind would not comprehend this - specially, we they have no clue about serving and representing the constituents of San Francisco.

Be very careful that you know what you are talking about, be careful not to venture into dangerous territory.

Those prying into the affairs of others must first understand if they follow the standards, if they are moral, ethical, have standards.

Judging from the actions and representation of Malia Cohen and London Breed - one is worse than the other.

Those that dare investigate should first understand the facts; what I call empirical data - understand the salient processes - all this takes years to understand and an even long period to fathom.

Of course London Breed (Dumb) and Malia Cohen (Dumber) dared to challenge the authorities and when they got a mouthful - then started beating around the bush - making a fool of themselves.

The San Francisco Fire Department has a recent history of Over Time - but no one is breaking the law.  It is a matter of understand the process in place - and there is a time and place for that discussion.

The SF Board of Supervisors take every opportunity to take a holiday - if Monday is a public holiday often time they take the whole week off. It is a given if Monday is a holiday - on Tuesday the entire SF Board - does not meet. Who gives them the liberty to give themselves a holiday - is anyone guess.

There use to be a time when these scum bags were paid about $38,000 - now they are paid in access of $120,00 with benefits. The present SF Board of Supervisors - have failed San Francisco - and the time has come to rein them in - boot them off.

There is a cap of how much Over Time (OT) any fireman or fire woman can work. If that cap is reached - others who have not reached the cap - are mandated to fill in the gaps and work.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors are not aware of this fact - and recently when this known fact was brought to their attention - they saw the light at the end of the tunnel - and had to revisit all the many - stupid remarks they have been making under false - assumptions.

Any one knowing anything about the San Francisco Fire Department - more so - under of Chief Joanne Hayes-White of the San Francisco Fire Department who is woman - knows that she has excelled in most areas. 

That she has personally taken measures to hire women, more minorities, and that drastic changes are being made - to address examinations and focus on general recruitment - and implementing  them with time lines and goals.

The last time any recruitment was done was in 2009 - so we can huff and puff - but that was the last time any recruiting was done.

The examinations were held way back in 2009. Be it that 234 got through - and that 15 candidates chose to file a court case - based on "age discrimination" - and that this case is still under litigation.

So idiots no money has been paid out - you know the law David Chui - but you know less when you do not fully understand adjudication and want to project you own biased views.

After adjudication there can be appeals - a whole lot of other legal stuff - one judgement does not suffice - to pay those that some judge favored in making some decision.

Several appeals make follow - and the first adjudication may be declared null and void.

London Breed took the wrong clue at one time when mention was made about the Pacific Asian American element in the hiring. 

Challenging the Human Resources head - on matters that were mundane, trivial, and silly - and bringing up the fact that London Breed was once a SF Fire Department Commissioner and lousy at that. No one gives a rat ass if you London Breed was a Fire Commissioner - you learned nothing. You learned nothing much - as a Commissioner on the San Francisco Redevelopment Commission.

Even as London Breed was lousy - when she was on the SF Redevelopment Commission.

When Lennar bombarded and adversely impacted many - this heifer did nothing - much as she does today - speak from both sides of her filthy mouth.

London Breed the heifer was on the SF Redevelopment Commission - and did not lift a finger to help our children, our seniors, others that were adversely impacted - when Lennar the Rogue Developer - bombarded our community with Asbestos Dust.  Committed other crimes and was fined $515,000 by the Bay Area Air Quality Management Board.

This one hearing on the SF Fire Department  revealed to all that these two Black Supervisors are pathetic to say the least - Malia Cohen and London Breed.

Want to aim at being the next Mayor of San Francisco? Dream on.

Both Malia Cohen and London Breed have sufficient issues in their districts - District 5 which comes under the jurisdiction of London Breed.

District 10 which comes under the jurisdiction of Malia Cohen. From both Districts - I get a lot of complaints that these two - heifers do not do their job. But they have the audacity to take on the San Francisco Fire Department. Wrong decision!

Both do not represent - and both are sell outs.

Blacks in both Districts are dwindling - please look closer to your nose - stop taking on issues that are beyond you two - dumb and dumber.

Can you imagine in District 5 the Marcus Garvey Cooperatives is going to be operated by the John Stewart Company and many evicted. 

That the cooperative once meant for Black - where Black invested - is now the domain and control of others?

That Blacks who once had a plan for the Cooperatives and home ownership - are now at the mercy of the City and County of San Francisco because of lack of representation.

The Mayor's Office of Housing - and of course the monster of them all - the John Stewart Company - one of the largest Property Manager in San Francisco is poised to continue the GENTRIFICATION going all on all over the City and  County of San Francisco.

In District 10 recently we had Malia Cohen opposing Mother Brown - who has been help the poor, the indigent, those that need help. We the people stood up and we the people - won.

Malia Cohen went the SF Planning Department - without having one single meeting in the community - in District 10 - and rezoned over 20 Blocks - in an industrial area - to accommodate a  Wellness Center - at 3450 Third Street. A project she raked money from - make no bones about this crooked woman who has been called upon by the Ethics Commission.

The Wellness Center at 3450 Third - operated by her partner in crime a Jamaican - Nadine Burke.

A Wellness Center being operated in an area that is contaminated and in an area that does not have sound transportation. Our Children will be adversely harm - and it is simply wrong to treat our children and single parents - with disdain.   

There are certain issues that we have to be very careful - when we dare to address the issues and more to bring it into the open.

The hearing on the SF Fire Department was ripe with false statements, assumptions ( for which Malia Cohen is famous) - she thinks she can take on anything - but she is a seasoned - moron.

The final report on the SF Fire Department and the issues mention in the agenda at the hearing - some how was distributed but the parties who were on the forefront to speak on the issues - did not receive the final copy.

This included the SF Fire Department. So, the entire hearing was clouded with toxicity, animosity, and no desire to establish a path of those truly concerned - to have a holistic and wholesome - solution.

It did not make sense for David Chiu to bark from time to time - trying to impress us that he is a Civil Rights lawyer - he was not a good one at that and he is not a good politician - if I may say so.

Good riddance of very bad rubbish - as he terms out. He and David Campos - can have their dog eat dog fight - and both fade away - as they stay away from San Francisco - City Hall.

Our SF Fire Department have serious issues to deal with - an increase of high rise buildings - but no sound fire fighting equipment to deal with the rise rises building and impending emergencies and fires.

Congestion on our roads - making is difficult to reach the sites that are on fire. 

We presuppose the SF Fire Department can do anything and everything - but no one cares to conduct an investigation in latest technology, best practices, and the stellar service by most San Francisco Fire Fighters. Time will tell. Aho.