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Thursday, January 16, 2014


San Francisco is a Racist City - more when it comes to people of color, poor people who live in Public Housing - known also as State House in many parts of the world.

It is simply wrong for any City more a City and County of San Francisco - with a budget of over $9 billion - to target the poor, the indigent, the seniors, those that cannot defend themselves and throw them on to the streets - to die a slow, death.

More to face inclement weather - left to the whims of those that take advantage of the poor.

More, the poor children and infants too - while our City and County of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi - pretends to be compassionate - while look the other way and doing nothing. Yes, nothing at all.

The people is District 10 do not trust Supervisor Malia Cohen - as all she thinks about; is herself.

Malia Cohen continues to rake in the thousands - trying to win her seat for District 10 - for a second term - when from day one - she has been a misfit.

Grinning like a jackass - opening her mouth, and shoving her dirty foot - each and every time - she says, something. 

Malia Cohen is despicable and has done nothing for the indigent, the poor, single mothers, our seniors - and more because she a Black - she should have done more - but she is a House Negro - and pathetic. A chronic - sellout.

Public Housing is the domain of poor people and in the Bayview Hunters Point - up on the Hill - at Potrero Hill, at the Oakdale Housing Project, the Sunnydale Housing Project - all Public Housing - crooks are coming in with concepts - to build mixed housing and take advantage of poor people.

Promising the poor this, that, and the other - and when the times come to select - mandate that these poor people have good credit - when most to them do to even have a credit card. It is a shame that we in this City and County of San Francisco - treat our poor, those that cannot defend themselves - with utter and abject - disdain.

We the COMMONS must united and fight these forces.

Evil forces - that have no business to come into our living rooms - and without our permission rearrange our furniture. These scum bags the likes of the John Stewart Company.

Hundreds of poor people have been evicted - thrown out into the streets - so that these large Property Managers, the likes of the John Stewart Company can tear down once sound housing units - big room where a large "king bed " could fit - with ample space to walk around. Large room built for families. Now, the units are built for those that do not want children - and more like to shack up with their dogs.

The likes of Scott Weiner favor such accommodation.

Now, these big developers, huge Property Managers, all  crooks of the worst order - are building smaller rooms - so small that if you place a "queen bed" - there is NO room to walk around.

Small cramped up spaces - where these corrupt folks - cheat, deceive, hoodwink, confuse, steal, rob, and do great disservice to the poor and those that need help most.

At Hunterview the Phase I housing units - had windows that were leaking, the heat and ventilation not working, people complaining - and no one taking the time to fix the problem. This nonsense must stop.

There is no where in any White community a rogue large Property Manager would be permitted to get another large site and project to build homes - after screwing up the first time around.

But, here in San Francisco - racist San Francisco - anything does and the John Stewart Company must be investigated for blatant corruption. The first time around the John Stewart Company screwed up - big time.

Buying out Malia Cohen, David Chu, and Scott Weiner - three corrupt individuals who were charged and put on notice by the Ethics Commission - linked to a Parkmerced Project.

But, these so called representatives, scum bags - have no shame and for money they have sold their soul. They have no morals, less ethics, and for sure no standards. They are evil and have not helped those that pay their taxes. We pay their salaries and these scum bags - must remember that - fact.

The John Stewart Company is despicable - and cannot be permitted to get in access of $45 million - to control large areas of Public Housing at Hunters Point at Middle Point.

We the people, we the COMMONS - do not want this rogue large Property Manager in our community. Aho.