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Friday, January 10, 2014


All over San Francisco there is turmoil while politicians look at you in the eye and lie.

The divisiveness has reached a point - where daily I get over 100 emails and calls - asking me - what should the constituents do - just to remain in San Francisco. Well you can vote - and time to boot off the idiots is now - who are NOT doing their job.

We have so called representatives like Scott Weiner from District 8, Jane Kim from District 6, London Breed from District 5, Malia Cohen from District 10 - others selling out - our values - and favoring Big Development - and encouraging the displacement of straight families in the thousands.

Malia Cohen from day one had and has nothing to offer - except, pussyfooting around and making a fool of herself. She worked hard without having one single community meeting to place a Wellness Center on a site that stinks and is contaminated.

Has traffic problems - very poor transportation - she dared to change the zoning - from industrial to accommodate clinics and hospital services - all that without one single meaningful community meeting.

All to get some money - some $300,000 from the 49ers of which she, Malia will get  a cut. And her partner in crime one Dr Nadine Burke - who received $4 million from California Pacific Medical Center - to build this dubious Wellness Center.

Both these despicable women have show very poor judgement and are despicable. The time will come and it come soon.

Our City and County of San Francisco has embraced all - folks like Nadine Burke from Jamaica - others like Malia Cohen - who resided in District 9 - moved to District 10 at Executive Park to run for District 10. Won her race by a narrow margin - some 23 contestants - only to lose her condominium for which she paid $580,000. Moved after being elected to District 9 and when some one revealed the truth - moved to Potrero Hill - which is in District 10 to carry out her sordid - deed. Inept, shallow, spineless - and she wants to run for a second term.

This is the same woman who voted against having a shelter - linked to the stellar operation of Mother Brown - who continues to help the poor and those in need - that Malia Cohen and others like her - care little about.

The very straight families that once embraced the ones who have now turned their backs and bite the hand that fed them.

These so called representatives are elected by us - and each and every one of them must be booted out.

They have no morals, less ethics, have been called out - and their time has expired - we gave them a chance and they must be booted out.

Do not attend the hearings at City Hall - where ploys and machinations are used to placate the populace.

In the first place -  minions like Jane Kim, Scott Weiner, Malia Cohen, London Breed, and Mark Farrell have no business causing all this divisiveness - linked to housing, education, health and safety, and plain all round Quality of Life issues.

Recently the San Francisco targeted Dr Rajiv Bhatia who headed the Department of Environment within the San Francisco Health Department. After over 20 years of service - he was ganged upon and has left the City and County of San Francisco.

Making room for Barbara Gracia to carry out all sorts of nefarious activities - giving Developers - "carte blanche" - amenities and permits to break most of the environmental laws and adversely impact all San Franciscans.

Disregard the "Precautionary Principle" - and allow deviant entities to build inferior housing on "brown field" sites - slapping the tax payer - and turning her back on all the "right things" we fought for all these many, years. Shame of you Barbara Gracia who does not favor straight families and their inherent - stellar values.

Lennar Urban and Kofi Bonnar is bragging that it will do this and that and the other.

Lennar Urban the Rogue Developer that slowly killed our children, our elders, others - by exposing them to Asbestos structures, removing batteries from equipment that was suppose to record the Asbestos Structures.

Lennar Urban was fined $515,000 and Lennar is a snake that since 1998 has not done - one single thing - right.

I remember when they hired Roy Willis to buy people off - folks  that Lennar used like a "dirty rag' and has dumped them. We will name names - at the appropriate time.

Lennar Urban now is proposing to build homes at Alice Griffith also known as Double Rock after all this time. 

The most contaminated site that will take at least $500 million to clean up.

"Still babies" have been born at Alice Griffith - the contamination all these years have cause endless - chronic diseases - and respiratory diseases have been very, very high.

The empirical data is there for all the world to see. Accept the sell outs - those working at the YMCA on Lane Street in the Bayview - destroying the community and having NO standards. The RICO Act must be used - and the nefarious activities - shut down.

Lennar Urban is proposing to keep the people on site - while doing the work at Alice Griffith.

 Much as the John Stewart Company did at Huntersview - in that case - more people got sick and continue to get sick.

Of course what will Barbara Gracia say - nothing. She is on the take and has screwed up our City's Standards when it comes to our health.

Be it at San Francisco General Hospital, Laguna Honda, our health clinic in the Bayview Hunters Point - people are suffering because of inferior health systems and very poor - delivery.

We have over 38 cranes in the air - 38 developments that Jane Kim is proud off - bragging she is at the ribbon cutting at this and that site - while the Tenderloin and the San Francisco, downtown is a mess.

The congestion is a mess - and the American Korean a transplant from New York -  much like Scott Weiner - is busy raking in the money. The constituents who listen to her - must be fully aware of this demonic person who can smile to your face and stab you in the back.

There is over $100 million is Community Benefits that Jane Kim has access to - buying favors - and keep the community in check.

More the American Phillipino Community - that has been pandering to Jane Kim - but, in recent months - have learned their lesson. Where is the beef? Where are the career jobs? Why are so many people losing their rental units?

Jane Kim will use you like a "dirty rag" and before you know it - you will lie in the dumpster of disgrace.

All the heads of the community services in San Francisco are NOT straight.

And it is amazing how Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company, TNDC and other so called Property Managers and folks that offer housing - are raking in the millions - the City and County looking the other side.

If you do good work you get no funding.

Let us see how long this City will continue to treat some of us who have curtailed the Violence, brought about some equity, and continue to monitor the situation at hand.

We have grass roots support - and have risen to the occasion - and as I said - we are monitoring the situation - like a hawk.

It is easy to talk the talk - but difficult to walk the walk.

Cut all the ribbons you want, grease your balls, but all the smiling and all the twitching of the hair above your lips - will not bring hope to those that are suffering and desperate.

Poor people who worked hard and are displaced from the rental units, and the straight families who now are leaving San Francisco - in the thousands and in droves. Go figure.

Lennar Urban opposed me with Propostion G - Jim Queen and I were the proponents of Proposition F - much as the ZIONISTS tried to oppose us - we won.

We made Lennar Urban spend $10 million - while we expanded about $5 thousand. After all these years with Communist Chinese money - some $300 million - Lennar Urban the snake - has risen its ugly head. Time will tell.

These developers are parasites - and we must fight them and sign the petition to put the measure on the ballot - and expose 8 Washington and height limits.

Keep our Waterfront clear on all encumbrances - ugly tall buildings - and that includes the Warriors' Stadium - that will cause congestion - and adversely impact thousands.

San Francisco is attracting another type of species - much like the period did - only this time - these jerks are lost - have no culture, less values - and will stare at you - with a glance that reminds you of the zombies of yore.

Most of the "techies" use San Francisco to crash - that most of these "techies" - should not be tolerated. 

We should have nipped the bud a log time ago - but our San Francisco Planning Department, our Municipal Transportation Agency, our SF Health Department, our SF Police Department - where taken for a wild ride.

These entities still cannot put down their foot - and mandate what the "techies" - ought to do and regulate their behavior.

Our City and County of San Francisco have laws - that these "techies" are violating - each and every day.

In the mean time - just drive around and see if you can go from point A to B - and arrive in some decent time at your chosen destination.

This is just within the City and County of San Francisco. Now join in the traffic to cross the Bay Bridge - and see things for yourself.

A single bedroom is now going for $3000 - enough is enough.

Our Representative must be booted off - we need Ordinances and sound local legislation - that keeps in check the many previous - violations - mitigate the harm done by the Academy of Art University for example.

Public land should afford low and no income housing -  to that segment of the population completely left out.

That is what we proposed with Proposition F - go figure.